Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Impromptu 50th Birthday Celebration for a friend

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a nice Tuesday.

Mine has been nice with a lil busy
mixed in, but a fun busy.

We put some memory foam toppers
on our bed and clean sheets and then
I remembered (out of sight, out of 
mind these days) the quilt set we got
while in Charleston earlier this month.
  So we put that on as well,  and......
We love it.
 but will know for sure
once we sleep with it, hoping it is
not too hot, cause it does have 30%
polyester, but it really brightens up
our bedroom. Wasn't sure if I was
gonna like it with our yellow walls
but it looks fine, cause there is just
enough yellow and yellow green
and lime green, to make it work.
So that will be a future post once
I do some wall rearranging and
new vignettes in there. We have
been purging our closets as well.

Told you last Thursday that we
had the fun opportunity to open
our home to help our friend
celebrate her 50th birthday.
For a number of reason she did
not want a lot of fan fair, so her
fiancee' wanted to do something
to celebrate, so it was simple and
 easy with just a few people and
it turned out great. He did all the
planning and she was very sur-
prised (they brought her blind-
folded) and really enjoyed it, as 
did all of us, so thought I would
 just show you a few pics of her cake
 and the table......from Friday night.

Here is her lovely cake her fiancee'
had made.  She is Italian and very
proud of her Italian heritage, so he
found someone who did this lovely
Italian fondant cake, and that says
Happy Birthday in Italian, of course.

The top was made into the
Italian flag, so much prettier
than it even looks here, and
tasted yummy too.

I love how the Lord works things out.
This was all very impromptu and last
minute and I didn't really know what
 the cake would look like, but I happened
 to have these pretty plates and napkins
 already, so decided to use those and I also
 had some hot pink faux azaleas that I
 hadn't used either so just swapped my
 light pink hydrangeas for the hot pink 
azaleas and we were ready to go.........
and I couldn't believe it..... when I 
saw the cake.....it was all perfectly
coordinated with everything I had
put on the table. Personally,  I think
that was a God thing!!

some close up shots

We did put out a few snacks
but we decided to put them
 over on the breakfast bar,
so it didn't take away from
her pretty cake.

Her fiancee' bought this really
cool candle thing.  It is like a
closed flower with 1 candle
sticking out and when you
light that, it lights all the other
candles and completely opens
the flower while playing music.
Very cool.idea...unfortunately 
the music didn't play, but the 
candle display was great.....

None of us thought to take
a pic of it tho.....

                                                With a colored pencil affect

 A few shots just for the fun
of it.............

With a posterized affect

Had a good weekend as well,
and hope you did too.

Thanks for coming.....

Love, Hugs and
last week of June 


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  1. What a surprise! I am sure you all had a great time! Congratulations to them! Love you, Susan


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