Friday, June 29, 2018

Thankful Thursday June 28, 2018, Late Spring golf cart tour #2

For great is the LORD and
 most worthy of praise; 
he is to be feared above all gods.
1 Chronicles 16:25 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy!

Been a good week here, not a lot
going on but the regular routine,
and working on some changes in
our bedroom. Looking forward to
a fun weekend.....

Here are more of the latest pictures
 I took in Charleston in early June.

So on with my Thankfuls........

Thankful that our birthday surprise for our
friend last Friday night went well.  She was
really surprised and tho we were small in
number we were big on fun! Think we all
really enjoyed it.

Thankful that we found some stools for
our breakfast bar that we really like at
a great price and ordered them. Since
we have chairs there now, it will give
us an updated look so will be looking
forward to their arrival. They are un-
finished and natural, and one has 
arrived.....they are very sturdy and
 nicely prepared to be painted.....
we will be painting them white.....

Thankful for the fun of seeing
large Sandhill cranes in our front
yard on Sunday morning.  It has
been awhile since we have seen
any here.

Thankful we began work on purging
our closets on Tuesday and got quite
a lot done in an hour, so we will
 continue on till we get her done.
I worked in there for a short time on
Thursday, so making progress. Have 
been wanting to do this for ages but 
decided to wait as I thought it would
 be a good project for us once hubby
 retired and it

Thankful for our cell phone company
 (T-mobile) and that they are sending us 
cell power booster cause I was having
trouble with a lot of my texts not going 
like they should and having to resend
them many times.  It arrived today
Thurs. and did solve the problem

Thankful for seeing our lil brown
bunny numerous times this week 
in our backyard munching away.
and for seeing a huge box turtle
on Sunday as we were leaving
 for church but didn't have time to
 check him out, but got another
chance on Tuesday as we saw him
in our back yard, but didn't have
time to grab the camera as he was
scampering off into the woods.
  Love these wild life visits......

Thankful that a dear friend of ours, came 
thru hip replacement surgery well on
 Monday evening. He was a very high risk
 patient, due to heart issues and his BP
 plummeted on Tues.morning and gave us
 all a scare but has been stable the rest of 
the day. Thank the Lord! 
 Then amazingly they sent him home from 
the hospital on Wed. by around noon, and
 today he is doing well and did a great job
 with his physical therapy, and his therapist
said he is very strong but his blood pressure
 is still a bit erratic tho.  So if you feel so led
please pray for him, I know he and his
 family and we would appreciate it.  His 
name is Bill and he is a Pastor in 
Gainesville, Florida. Thanks! 

Thankful for our new memory foam
topper, it is very cozy and comfy.

Thankful for 4 more great Supreme
court rulings this week. It has been
a spectacular week for the Supreme
court, for sure.

Thankful that one lone congressman
 had the courage to ask for the removal
 of a supposed leader who is asking for
 people to harass anyone associated
 with the Trump cabinet and to tell
 them they are not welecome anytime 
they go someplace!
No one, and especially not someone
 who is suppose to be a leader in our
nation, and absolutely should know
 better, should ever get away with 
 asking anyone to harass anybody, at
 anytime, or anywhere or humiliate
them by refusing to serve them for no
 good reason other than hatred and being
mean spirited......that is just an accident
 waiting to happen and will only result in 
violence at some point.  It is just so wrong
and totally irresponsible for anyone to 
do anything like that............
In my 66 years of living I have never
heard of such crazy stuff that is going
on today........and it needs to stop.

Thankful my son got to go visit his 
sister, since he was near Charleston 
for work.

Thankful that we are having a sleep
over with lil darling tonight.  They
are always a fun time.

Well...........there you have it......
a snapshot of our week at Cozy Place

Happy you could make it over!

Hope you have a Dandy weekend
with your family and or/ friends.

Love, Hugs and Last of June

                              The Dedicated House


  1. #1. Great friends make for great get togethers!
    #2. Does it have you sitting higher than your chairs?
    #3. I see them everyday! If they are not in my back yard, they are in Lillian's front yard!
    #4. I need to do that with my filing cabinets!
    #5. Great! I have just started texting in the last 2 years or so.
    #6. I haven't seen bunnies in a long time. However, I do have those big land tortoises always scraping along side my bedroom wall. They get caught in the yard when I have gone out and left the gates open. When I come back, I close the gates and they get caught in the yard! I usually go out, pick them up (they weight a ton!), and put them in the back yard by the side gate. There is a big burrow of them in the back yard by Lillian's side of the fence.
    #7. I wished I had been sent home instead of staying at the rehab place.
    #8. I have had one of the memory foam pillows for a long time. I really like it!
    #9. AMEN! Praise the LORD!
    #10. That's some of the politicians nowadays thinking they "can't be touched." I think there are plenty more that have been in office for some time that need to be removed for the same attitudes. They are probably the ones encouraging the younger politicians to say things they know they wouldn't say!
    #11. Great, happy reunion for them!
    #12. I know she really enjoys it too! She's really growing up!
    Love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for coming by.

    No, the stools are exactly the same height as the chairs, they just tuck under the breakfast
    bar more and gives a visually more open look....which is a nice change.

    I have to say I was shocked at how quickly they sent him home, and thought he might need to
    go to rehab but Vicki said his Dr. and therapist said he was very strong. He has been walking with crutches for a few months before his surgery, as he was in so much pain so think that
    actually worked to his benefit as well.

    Well, have a great day,
    Love, Nellie


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