Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Thankful Thursday October 4, 2018, Scenes from Fall's Past #3

In God we make our boast all day long,
 and we will praise your name forever.
Psalm 44:8  NIV

October Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how are ya??  I would actually
love for someone to answer that
question one day!!  lol

We are feeling pretty good over
here, still a lil tired and very happy
there is nothing we have to do today
 that we don't want to.... Love that!

Pictures today are from Fall decor 
past here at Cozy Place.  This was
our white Fall living room a few
years back.

So on with my Thankfuls.....

Thankful for a fun night with friends,
they treated us to pizza at a place we
 haven't been to in years, (and the pizza
 was really great), then we invited them
 back to our house for dessert and game 
of "Phase 10" that lasted  until 2 a.m.
A very fun evening...

Thankful for a fun evening on Sunday
with our daughter-in-love and lil darling,
as our son had to leave to go out of
town for work the next morning, so he
could return by Monday evening.

Thankful that lil darling had a Fall
break from school this week. 
 A total surprise for us....which
worked out great, since we had
planned to spend the day out on
Tuesday.  Which meant no pre-
viewing  schoolwork ahead 
of time.

#4 and 5
Thankful to have gotten our Van 
serviced and in good shape for 
another 6 months or so. 
Thankful my hubby was happy as 
we got to see Jumangi and part of
Jurrasic Park, I think it was, they
would not be my pick for sure, lol.
We saw them at the dealership for
free while we were waiting to get
 our vans serviced.

Thankful for a fun day out after 
getting the car done.  We made a
 day of it....first to planet smoothie
for our favorite Chocolate Elvis,
then to a store we discovered
earlier this year or the end of
last year called "Adjectives".
It is a very cool store, with
lots of antiques and vintage
things and hand made things
as well as furniture. Joanna
Gaines would love this store,
for sure. Then we went to
Sams and to dinner at Long
horn......we made a day of it,
and it was a very nice day

Thankful that we and lil darling got to
just play today, but we were all a lil 
bit tireder than usual.....but we
 managed to have some fun anyway.
Thank heavens, that she still likes
to take I don't think
we would have made it today

Thankful for our nice comfy cozy bed
we get to climb into every evening.
Can't imagine not having a bed to
sleep in........another thing we in
America take for granted
 many times.

Thankful my Jacket came in and seems to
fit but it doesn't match the dress I wanted
it to go with,  but thinking I might be able
to pair it with something else once I get
a chance to spend some time trying 
things on.

Thankful to see our lil brown
bunny this morning....lil darling
named him Brownie. We hadn't
seen him for a few days, and we
 have seen several cats in our yard
lately, and were concerned one 
of them might have gotten him.
Something has been turning our
garbage can over and making a big 
mess twice now, the 1st time we
 thought it might be a raccoon, but 
the 2nd time my husband was
 wondering if it was something 
else for a couple of reasons,
now I am wondering if it might 
be feral cats, as we saw one come
 around our house on the side
 where the garbage can sits.

Thankful for our first bike ride
that provided us with a bit of
cool air in the breeze, which
is a reminder to us Floridians
that Fall is coming soon.

Thankful for a really good heart
warming movie called "The color
of rain" on the Hallmark chanel.
It was based on a true story and
I always love that in a movie.

Well, there you have it.....
another week at Cozy Place.

Glad you could stop by.

Have a lovely Friday and
weekend, and don't forget

Love and Blessings,


sistersusiesays said...

#1. I can certainly see why you are tired, 2 A.M.! I know if I sit up to 12-1:00 A.M. watching TV, I really feel it the next day!
#2. They are really enjoyable to be with! I know they enjoyed being with you too!
#3. What a great surprise!
#4. & #5. I know what you mean. D. Nissan has movies too, besides free snacks on the table as well!
#6. Isn't retirement just fabulous!!!!
#7. They do need naps still. It was a shame naps were no more in school due to so much academics having to be taught the last few years I was teaching kindergarten.
#8. Amen, praise the LORD. It is so cozy I sometimes don't want to get up in the morning, ha!
#9. If not, maybe you can buy another great item to go with it!
#10. That's amazing a cat can turn over that big green can! I have the larger county can, maybe yours is the smaller county can. I keep mine in the garage until I take it out for pick up. Boddy (on his dock) saw a manatee and her baby this passed week come right up to the dock he was sitting on.
#11. Yes, Fall, come quickly, ha!
#12. A great "old" western with Joel McCrea is "Stars in My Crown." A pastor leading a new community in the old west! It's great to see the old movies that inspired the Word of GOD.
Love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Susan,
Well....Thanks for answering my

Yea, that definitely helped with our tiredness but so did just having a lot of activity this
week, some of which I didn't mention.

Yea, we definitely have NO complaints with has been awesome. We are busy
but busy doing things we want to do and that we feel are really important.

We have the large can too, but it sits in sand so it makes it a lil sidehilly sometimes.
If it was cats I think it would have been a we used to see about 5 feral cats all over one of our neighbors garbage when they put it out to the curb.
We have rearranged it cause it happened again and now we are wondering if it is might be
a raccoon, they are so smart, so guess we will see what happens. lol

Well, thanks for coming by hon

Love ya, Nellie

OUr is too stinky to put in the garage as well as takes up too much room.

Sue said...

Loved all your beautiful fall decorations, Nellie, and your thankful thoughts, I haven't ridden my bike in a while, just walking when I can the mosquitos are so plentiful, and huge. ~smile~
Your Lil darling certainly brings you so much joy, I am so thankful for the years we had with ours, and have so many memories tucked away in our hearts.
Thank you for visiting and for your sweet and kind thoughts.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sue,
Always lovely to hear from you hon. Thanks for your sweet comments and your visit.

We actually just started riding our bikes about the last month, it has been years really,
cause I took a bad spill on mine about -6 yrs. ago, flew over the handlebars and thankfully
landed in the grass that was soft from rain, think it scared hubby so much that anytime
I mentioned bikes he just never said a word. lol If it were not for that grass I could
have really been hurt God was good. We have been walking in the mall the last
month or so as well, on Thursday we get lil darling from School, so we go walk at the mall
first, cause it is soooooooo hot here and we have no desire to walk outdoors yet. lol

Yes, we really are enjoying her so much, but also know she is growing up so fast, and hope
we can continue to maintain that same good relationship with her as she does.

Hope this new storm Michael hasn't caused yall any more problems where you are....I so feel
for those on the coast who were hit by Florence and now Michael, I can't even imagine,
and the one in the panhandle of Florida, Mexico Beach was just completely devastated.
So very us lots to pray for doesn't it.

Well, you take care, and hope all is well with you hon,
Blessings, Nellie