Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thankful Thursday May 9, 2019, last of Easter #6

I will sing the LORD’s praise, 
for he has been good to me.
Psalm 13:6 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a good
week so far.

Our week has been good, so
far, no work on the shed or
the drainfield yet, but oh well, 
maybe next week. Did do a
number of cards this week 
and even learned some new
things on my card making
software, so that was fun.

Pictures today are the last of our
Easter decorations, know I am a
little late,  but figured I might
still get them

Thankful for a fun shopping
trip to Michaels for their 70%
off sale.  We found a number
of things to keep lil darling
busy and happy over the
summer, and was just fun to
look around and to get out of 
the house for awhile.

Thankful for a fun sleepover
with lil darling on Friday 

Thankful to have made 4 new
cards this week for our website.
It is still under construction.

Thankful for this Gorgeous
watercolor printable from Lucy
over at The Craftberry Bush 
blog, that you see here in the pic
 above and below. Think she did
 it 3-4 yrs. ago, but it has shown
 up in my house for Easter in 
various places every since. Be
 sure to visit her if you never have,
 she is a very talented, sweet and 
beautiful young wife and Mom.
 and you will not be disappointed
I promise!!
Visit her here.

Thankful for something fun
we have coming up soon. Will
have to tell you about it later.

Thankful they are here doing
our inspection for the drain
field permit. (Monday) Still
have heard nothing about it.
Can't believe they leave and
tell you nothing.

Thankful that some folks that
used to attend our church for
years, came back, it was great
to see them and talk with them,
and hope to have them over
sometime soon.


Thankful for the Mike Huckabee
 show every week on Sunday 
Evening.  We really enjoy watching
it as he has some very interesting
guests on his show, and we have
learned about some talented folks
and books......and you can hear
the truth there too.  Love that!!

Thankful that the Lord gave
 us a unique way to help a 
single Mom that we know
 who has just been over-
whelmed by circumstances
 lately. I came from a single 
parent home myself so know
 what my poor Mom went
 through, so it makes me very
happy to help a single Mom

Thankful that hubby and I
are really enjoying working
on our greeting card business.
It is so neat cause we both 
have gift and talents that are
needed to do it, and this will
be a new first for us.  We 
sorta feel like Moses when
the Lord called him, I think
he was in his 80's and God
used him more than ever
before.  We aren't quite in
our 80's but we are in our
late 60's and early 70's, so
we are excited about where
the Lord is taking us in this
journey.  It has been a long
time coming.

Thankful that all my Easter 
things are down and packed
away for next year, and you
probably are too.  lol

Thankful to read a story
online about a lil 8 yr.
old boy who saved his
Sister from a would be
kidnapper. As the man was
starting to drive away he
 jumped out of the car as 
the guy was driving off and
 his sister was trying to jump 
out too, but the kidnapper
 grabbed her hoodie but her 
brother pulled her out of 
the car to safety.

Well, that's it for this week
at Cozy Place.

Thanks for coming by
Hope you have a really
lovely Mother's Day

Love, Hugs and
Special Mother's Day Blessings,


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sistersusiesays said...

#1. I'm sure she will be looking forward to them!
#2. Grandmas and grandpas are so important. I didn't get to see mine much due to living so far away from my grandma. I never knew my grandfathers.
#3. Praise the LORD! I've been praying the LORD's blessings!
#4. It is beautiful!
#5. I know what it is, ha!
#6. Patience is a virtue! Now the LORD will bring something my way to wait upon Him!
#7. Thanks be to the LORD!
#8. He definitely is a servant of the LORD!
#9. You are a Godsend to her!
#10. Praise the LORD for the joyful things He brings our way!
#11. Good for you!!!
#12. Praise the LORD for watching over them both!
Love you, Susan

Jennifer@MyFlagstaffHome said...

Your Thankful Thursdays are always so inspiring to me, Nellie! Thanks so much for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home. --Jennifer

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