Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Think you can't have open shelving in your kitchen?? Maybe you can!!

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you enjoying
Spring still...

We are enjoying it from inside
as it is pretty hot here in Florida
already.....think it is gonna be a
very long hot Summer....

I had been seeing all these
white kitchens and kitchens
with open shelving here in
blogland for years and just
loved the look. As much as
I love the white kitchens,
with white cabinets, it was 
not likely to happen for
 us, and actually not very
 practical for us as it would
means more upkeep to keep
them clean, and at 67 and 71
yrs. old, we are looking for
less upkeep not more!  lol
So I sorta felt stuck in a
rut and like there was just
nothing new I could do.

Then while I was visiting my
daughter in February we were
looking online for something
 else and we accidentally came
on an idea that might give me
some open shelving for my

and when I saw it I thought that
would look great in this one sort
of nook area where I then had an
ironing board chair.
Then the more I thought about it
the more I thought do I really
want to add anymore Oak to
our kitchen, as I had just gotten
new stools for our breakfast bar
and Chairs for my kitchen and
replaced the Oak with White
last year.  So decided I think
a white ladder shelf would be
better, so I started looking at
Wally World again, and found
a solid white one and it was
like $200 less. So I asked for
it for my birthday back in
March, and we love it and
are so pleased with the how it
looks and the quality of the
shelf as well. It looks like it
was made for the space too.
So that quickly got me out
of that stuck feeling, and
was so refreshing, cause
when you have lived in the
same home for 38 yrs. you
gotta have some changes
at times.

So here it is.....

 The Shelf is not crooked,
it was the picture taker.  lol

Here is the side view,
thought I would show it
to you unstyled so you
could see what it really
looks like.  It is a very
quality piece of furniture
for the price....went to-
gether easily and had
all the parts it was sup-
posed to as well.

If you would like to check
it out for yourself here is
a link.  Click here to 
read details.

The picture below shows what
 sat in that space beforehand.
  Didn't think to take a before
 picture when it was actually
sitting in the kitchen.

This piece has served us
well for years and years,
It is an ironing board chair
and it was very handy hav-
ing it sit right there in the
kitchen, but since the kiddles
are all gone and they now
have steamers that work so
well,  it never gets used but
to hold my purse. So it was
time for it to go bye bye, 
we really love it's successor. 

So here it is..... 
once it was styled.

Here is the sideview, and it
doesn't stick out as far as
the ironing board chair did,
and you can see it goes
 nicely with my kitchen
table and chairs, and the
stools at the bar that you
can't see in this picture.

We only bought 2 new
things to go on the shelves.
The lil bunny on the bottom
shelf, and this adorable lil
fish teapot that hubby and I 
both got a laugh over.....
hubby liked her more than I
 did, mainly cause I thought
she was 2 dark a blue, so
 really got her for him but
 she has grown on me now, 
and I love her now,
She is so cute.

Every Home needs a
 touch of whimsy....lol

Love her eyelashes, blush and
 her kisser...........lol

We did this about 2 months ago,
so we are still loving it, and it
made me happy to have a nice
change in my kitchen with the
open shelving.....

Maybe if you are like me and
wanted the look of open shelving
this would work for you too.

Thanks for stopping in.....

Have a great week ahead,

Love, Hugs, and
end of May Blessings,


Wow, only 9 more days
and we will be in June.
Shew this month really
went by fast.............

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