Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Easter Table from the past and Special Announcement

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you healthy and doing
 well and weathering these storms of life.

We are doing well with all of those, thank-
fully. We have been busy busy since last
 week.  Working on something, and 
celebrating my 68th birthday and we had
 lil darling with us all day on Monday and 
we always enjoy the time we get with her.

I have an announcement to make that has 
been in the works for over 15 years, and
 it's what has kept us so busy busy since
 last week, and I can't hardly believe the 
time has finally arrived,

*** Due to the Corona virus.... 
We are thankful that the idea came
 to us to open our Greeting Card business now,
 (even tho we still have some things to do), it is
functional and we are hoping it will be a help to
others during this time of isolation where we can't 
get out as we would like. We have been praying and 
asking what can we do to help, (since we are in the 
 high risk category) and we truly feel this was God's
answer to us. A way to spread some cheer and
 encouragement, without leaving your home.
So we are not only Opening our shop,  we are 
making 5 cards available to each person
 for FREE for the month of April. 

So Please come check us out at

and come get your free Downloadable,
 Printable cards to warm the heart!
We have an assortment of Greeting cards
 for all Occasions and Holidays.

We would be thrilled if we can help
in this way!

We also have FREE printables
to enhance your decorating!

So on with our Easter Table
from the past.....

Just a simple centerpiece, with placemats,
bunny dish, nests and eggs...

Always love this fresh green and peach
in the Spring is just so lovely
and screams Spring to me.

Had some Easter towels and used
  them as place mats along with 
white corelleware.

Nice overview

Just made the birds nests out of gift bag
stuffing...and then added the eggs.

Then made these nest from the rice krispie
treat recipe,  but used chow mein noodles instead
of rice krispies and threw in some baby snacks, 
Gerbers yogurt puffs and cereal snacks.....
 thats where the color and lil flowers came in.

I made these for lil darling,
and yes, they were good......

I put peanut Easter M and M's in the
adult nests, that were made the same
as lil darlings,  and don't they look
so cute and festive.  You could also
put any type of candy eggs in them.

With Posterized Affect

Well, that's it for today, folks.....

Thank you for coming by to visit

Always happy to have you here.

Love, Hugs, and 
last day of March Blessings,



Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Nellie,
Love your past Easter Table. Congrats on your card business. Heading over to check it out.
Happy Wednesday. Stay Safe.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thanks Kris,
for coming by and for your sweet comments.We are very excited to be open finally....
and for such a time as this....
Hope all is well with you and you and yours stay safe too. Our Gov. has put us on a statewide
stay at home order.....I thought we were already under that but so many are not taking
it seriously unfortunately. I saw a graph from our Senator Scott today and it actually
showed a chart that showed the positive tests were going down what most of
us have been doing...staying home, washing hands etc, seems to be working. Just hope
it keeps going down. Praying for Terry and your kids to be safe as well hon.
Blessings, Nellie

عبده العمراوى said...
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