Friday, April 3, 2020

Thankful Thursday April 2, 2020, Spring table from the past

 Light shines on the righteous and joy 
on the upright in heart. 
 Rejoice in the LORD, 
you who are
 righteous, and praise his holy name.
Psalm 97:11-12 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you and yours doing well
and in good spirits.

Sorry I am so late, for some reason today
did not seem like Friday, and we were
working outside and it just dawned on
me a few hours ago that I hadn't finished
 my Thankful Thursday Post.  So here
I am doing it

Pictures today are from a Spring 
Table from the past...............I think it 
was a Birthday table for my 
Sister-in-law Susan.

Well, on with my Thankfuls....

Thankful that the idea came t
last Friday for us to get our Card
 business open now, (even tho we 
still have some things to do), so that 
this can be a help to others during this
 time of isolation where we can't get
 out as we would like. Have been 
praying and asking what can we do
 to help, (since we are high risk age)
 and think this was God's answer to us.
A way to spread some cheer and
So we are not only opening we are
making 5 cards available to each 
person for FREE for the month
 of April.

Thankful that hubby and I could
 put just a few finishing touches
 on our card shop so that it is
fully useable right now,  and we
can add the other things that we
desire to put on there as we go,
which will be normal anyway,
as I will continually be putting
new cards on.

Thankful that my hubby had the
skills to make our website and
has done a beautiful job on it.

Thankful for a nice time with
my family celebrating my 68th
birthday on Sunday with a nice
dinner they made for me.
That number shocks me cause
in my mind I don't feel that age,
sometimes my body does tho,
lol, my mind wants to go and
do many things that my body
just can't keep up with.  lol
Not complaining, just saying,
it is what it is....but think the
Lord helps me do pretty 
well considering.

Thankful for all the sweet
cards and gifts and singing phone
calls and face book messages I
received for my birthday and
and didn't even realize until I was
 typing this, that our Shop Opening
was also a birthday present.
Probably because it is like a pinch
me moment -  it has taken so long
and so many set backs and ups
and downs.

Thankful that we had had a
sleepover with lil darling and
had her all day on Monday.
As Mommy is working all
week since they are taking
turns in the office.  So this
is her week.

Thankful that we opened our
Greeting Card Shop on Monday
night and hoping and praying it
 will be helpful to many people.
In case you would like to check
us out...Please go to

Thankful for rain last night.
We just started praying for it
yesterday hoping it might in
some way help get rid of this
virus....but know it will get
rid of pollen which is causing
 many people allergies which
also makes you sneeze and
cough and touch your face
So rain is a good thing right
now for sure.

Thankful for a few nice cool
mornings again and being able
to work outside and sit out on
the porch.

Thankful that everyone we know
and love is safe and having no
 problems from this virus.

Thankful for a sweet surprise
Easter card in the mail from a
sweet lady at our church, and she
had included 2 pretty lil crosses
she for me and one
for lil darling.

Thankful always for God's word
and how it keeps us grounded in
the truth, which keeps us peaceful
at times like this.

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this
week.  This was the birthday and
Card Shop edition.  lol

Thanks for stopping in'

 Stay Safe
 keep Your Light shining

Love Hugs, Prayers and


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  1. #1. What a lovely jester to help those "stay at home" people!
    #2. What a wonderful project for the both of you to work with!
    #3. He definitely is a genius with computers! I surely appreciate the new sharing app he did on mine so he can help me without me having to come to your house! WOW!
    #4. Isn't that so true! I don't feel the age (other than getting up sometimes, the knees ha!)
    #5. This computer age is a blessing! Especially now in the "stay at home" need.
    #6. She is so blessed to have you as grandparents! We lived so far away from ours, we saw our grandmom briefly once a year (if that!)
    #7. I will definitely check it out when I leave your blog!
    #8. Yea for the rain. I have had to really pay attention to keep my hands away from my face!
    #9. Amen for the cooler weather! I can't believe we had a few days in the 90's already!!!
    #10. Praise the LORD for their safety and GOD's protective shield over them!
    #11. I can't believe I totally forgot about Easter!!! I guess my mind has been on....
    #12. YES! I have been reading the LORD's promises and Love for us.
    I love your candle light picture! I saved it to my picture file!!!
    Love you, Susan

  2. Such a beautiful tablescape and so many wonderful things to be thankful for right now! Loved your list so much and I hope your birthday was a special one. Hugs, CoCo


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