Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kitchen counter rearrange - cost...... $13. for cannister set

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope everything is well with you 
and yours, and hope that you are 
enjoying your summer, as it sure
 is fading fast, can't believe Thurs-
day will be August 1st already.......
Wow! Where did the time go......

All is well here still........we are waiting to see if Dee
and Jerry's house will sell,  they are having an open
house on Saturday, so will see what happens.
That is how we sold our house so quickly when we
moved here years ago from Lauderdale. It was a
bad time to sell, so they said,  so I told our realtor
who was a friend as well,  that if you get someone
thru this house it will sell,  cause I know what the
rest of the houses in the neighborhood look like,
and they are in bad needed of updating and
renovating,  and we had done a lot of work in
ours.  so he quickly had an open house and the
first couple who came thru bought it,  and paid
full asking price,  because the 2nd couple who
came also wanted it.................so Open Houses
are a good thing, as Martha would say!

Last Friday I decided to do something I have
been wanting to do for months,  but either I had
the time and no energy or creativity,  or I had
the creativity or energy and no time.  lol
So finally,  I started the project on Friday and
pretty much finished it,  but have just been 
doing some tweaking here and there since.
I redecorated my counter tops with a whole
new look and hubby and I both really like it.
A much cleaner fresher look,  and seems
like we have more space on the counter 
tops, and it only cost me $13.00 for a new
glass canister set that we got months back,
think I might have told you about it but didn't 
show it to you I don't think....well, the rest of 
the story will be in pictures mostly...................

So come on in................

View from Family room

Remember you can click on any picture and it should enlarge
them all......................

 We will start at the counter top to the left -
This is the before pic


Decided I didn't want to use my cup rack, 
 so decided to just display them on a plate.
Had this lil vase with flowers on the sink edge
so decided they would look nice in the middle
 of the cups instead.

only thing that changed here is the towel and rug.
I had a colorful striped rug, and will probably put
it back, cause I imagine this white one is gonna
be a pain,  but the other one needed washing
anyway,  so figured now was a good time.



No Before Picture of the stove, forgot!

 So these are all After pictures

This is by the coffee pot

If you were going in a clockwise direction next would
 be our table and chairs,  but I am leaving that
for another post.........cause I did some playing
with the table............lol

Next is the other side of the kitchen..............

the canister set has been here since I got it a few months
ago,  but was waiting to move things around so I could
put it where it is now.

 Our pantry is on the left and that is an ironing board, chair and
ladder all made into one............on the right hand side.
There will be a white towel hanging on the oven soon.

Now I have a question since you have seen my kitchen

I would like to paint my stove hood so that it would make
a statement,  but can't decide what color to paint it........

This is a pretty good representation of the colors
in my wallpaper.......so what color would you
pick for the stove hood???

It really was morning when I started this!!
Sorry this is so long, but many times when I see
pictures of someones room,  you can't see a lot
of the detail even when you blow the pictures up
so I wanted to include that, cause if you are like
me that is a lil disappointing.................and it
even happens with magazines too.  I have also
been downloading pics in between other things
I was doing today too................

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the tour........
will post pictures of the table area sometime
soon,  was thinking tomorrow but probably
not, since I will be babysitting our lil darling!!

So probably next week........

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Take Care and Have a lovely evening.

Hugs and Happy Kitchen Blessings,


Sister Susie Says said...

Good afternoon! Your house is always open to your family and friends, ha!

You have been busy! I like how you have your white cups in a circle on the bottom of your rack. That looks really inviting to take one and get a cup of coffee!

I'm going to have to get a new kitchen facet soon. It is beginning to get a little corrosion (from age!) It's not leaking yet!

How did you get the plates and cup to stay on the wall. I've meant to ask each time I have visited!

Question: I would say the hood would look pretty if you could paint it the color the counter tops are. That would also pull the blue and a little white out of the wallpaper.
Love to you all, Susan

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

I love all of your kitchen vignettes Nellie, and your kitchen is so pretty! With all of your appliances being white with chrome trim I like your hood just as it is...sorry, no help here am I!? Your wall dishes behind your stove are so cute, did you make those?
Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!

Refresh Renew said...

The new arrangements look great and organized! I would keep your hood white or chrome. have a great week-aimee

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I love your kitchen, and I really like your wallpaper. It just looks so homey and inviting. Great new display. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Very pretty. You are so creative. I wish I could afford to fly you here to my house. We would have a good time. I could here us laughing now.

Blessings & Love

Shelia Williamson said...

Hi Nellie! OH, I love all of your kitchen vignettes! I too love to set up pretty spots in my kitchen. Now those plates and bowls on the wall behind your cooktop are just precious! I love those. Now your wallpaper. A few years ago I was going to wallpaper my kitchen and I had picked that same wallpaper. But my wall had too much texture and I couldn't do it. I love that wallpaper.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Anonymous said...

I've studied your kitchen photos and I'd have to say stick with a white vent hood. I think you'd be better to bring in the colors from your wallpaper by changing your tablecloth, rugs, and maybe a few dishes. If you have some blue, green, or burgundy dishes, rugs, or tablecloths that would give you some more color to go with your pretty white items. I love the mugs on the plate! Maybe change out your dish soap dispenser. I've seen some cute ones with fruit on them. Maybe some fruit themed dish towels.
Your kitchen is so clean! And it looks very welcoming. Enjoyed the tour.
I'm one of those people that can't seem to take a decent shot of a room. I'm going to try real hard this weekend after painting so you can see my kitchen. Maybe you could give me some pointers for good photos AND for my kitchen decor.

Miss Jane said...

Hi Nellie, many thanks for your visit at my blog.
I've enjoyed yours too! Nice photo e beautiful kitchen!
Greeting from Italy:)

Carol said...

Isn't it fun to create a totally new look by simply moving things around? I go from wanting lots of things on my counters for convenience to wanting them almost bare. My poor hubby never knows where to find things! I don't think I would paint the hood, but maybe you could build a wood cover that would match your cabinets -- just a thought!