Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heart Healthy, Gluten Free Tropical Breakfast or dessert

 Afternoon Sweet Friends,

Hope your weekend was Grand or
 full of Grands or Grandies.........lol

We didn't get to see our grandy this weekend,
but we did have a Grand or Perfect Sunday.
and the rest of the weekend was pretty good
too............we just really loved our Sunday.
We got to encourage and minister to  some 
folks who really needed it, had the priviledge
of being in a wonderful Worship Service,
done by our Music Minister and choir, it was
just such a  wonderful worshipful service 
and just unexpected and different, so a nice
 change of pace, and you know how I like
 surprises. Course, we always enjoy the 
usual teaching by our sweet Pastor....but
 our Pastor is away for the month going
to school to get his Doctorate, so each of
our Pastors are filling in during his time of 
absence,  and that is fun for us too,  as we
get to hear from them too.  Then after
wards we went to Yomii for frozen yogurt.
Honestly, the day was not really too much
 different than usual........But....somehow
 it seemed like it, we just felt so good, and 
there was just nothing that went wrong all
day.....just one of those rare days that
seems like it is just this side of Heaven.

So we savor those Perfect or Grand Days!! 

I will tell you about my breakfast this morning, just 
really didn't know what I wanted so remembered we
 had some Vann's gluten free waffles, so thought yum, 
waffles with bananas and strawberries, but then de-
cided maybe I will save the banana for a smoothie
 later in the day,  so decided on strawberries and
mangos, so cut up the strawberries and drained a 
small container of diced mangos, then decided to 
put a lil coconut on it,  and some  sliced almonds,
 (I typically use pecans) and then some good ole 
whipped cream.  I ususally use fat free canned whip 
cream, but somehow I had regular whipped cream), 
 Anyway, It was a very refreshing and different
 Breakfast and  I enjoyed every biteful.  It would 
also make a lovely dessert, as well.


Vanns Gluten Free Waffles
(done in the toaster)

6-8 fresh strawberries (or as many as you want
of any of the ingredients really, accept if you
want it to be Heart Healthy go very easy on 
the coconut)

1 container of Del Monte Mangos

Shredded coconut

sliced almonds

Whipped Cream

and there you go!!  That's all
there is to it...........

If you have children I suspect they might like
this really well too.  a nice summer treat for
anyone to enjoy anytime............

Hungry Yet????

You have a Fun Filled Summer Day, 
and night, since this post is getting
closer to night time posting.  lol

 it is threatening rain here.

AGAIN???   Yes,  AGAIN........

It seems to really like us around here!

Thanks for coming by,

Strawberry and Mango
Blessings to ya!



  1. Nellie, thanks so much for your visit it has been a long time! Your breakfast looks absolutely scrumptious!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Yum! I love anything with fruit. We just got the first of the Illinois peaches over the weekend so I just finished dessert of a sliced peach with plain Greek yogurt and a little sprinkle of brown sugar on top. Almonds are my favorite, so I love that idea of using them on waffles!

    We had a nice weekend too. I got to meet my sister and her husband for lunch and that is always fun!

    I can't believe you have never seen a real lilac. I never realized they didn't grow in Florida. The smell is heavenly!

  3. Oh Nellie - this sounds soooo yummy! I would love to give this a try. I already have the waffles - just need to add the rest of the ingredients to my grocery list.

  4. Isn't it a blessing to have such a wonderful SONday?
    The fruit and waffles look yummy. I'll be right over!
    Wanted to say thanks for the Honey Mustard dressing recipe. It's just the right amount of sweet. I used 2 tablespoons honey like you did. my daughter and I loved it.
    Looking Up!

  5. The service was so great. I really enjoyed the song in psalms we sang as well as the choir's songs. It was really a worshipful time to our LORD!

    I wish you were a restaurant I could go to the drive through window, ha!

    I started my smoothie this morning that Alice shared with me. Almond milk, frozen fruit, a banana,(I put 2TBS of ground flaxseed in mine too.)

    I really enjoyed seeing our sweetheart, Brooklyn! Love to you all, Susan

  6. Looks so good Nellie and pretty healthy too!

  7. Hi Nellie, I love Van's waffles but usually just use Maple Syrup; if we have special guests I'll put fruit out but I usually save the fruit for yogurt at lunch. Thanks for sharing today; hope you are having a wonderful summer.
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. Nellie

    Oh yummy.....I want to go to the store and get everything and eat it NOW. I am hungry but a nice salad is waiting for me to eat tonight, Thanks for sharing that recipe.
    We need rain here. I want it to rain. It is so dry.
    I have started to enjoy each moment now. Sometimes it is so hard to stay in the day. I miss so many things if I don't stop and think about it.

    love & Blessings


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