Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blissful White Wednesday - Hope Chest coffee table vignette

 Hello Sweet Peas..............

Hope your day has been fun!!

My Wednesdays are always fun now,
as I get to watch our lil darling then.

She has learned to suck her bottom 
lip in and make a mmm sound!  So funny,
and really think she is gonna be crawling
very soon,  she is flipping over really well, 
and starting to get up on those
So more fun ahead!!

Thought I would just do a fun post 
I could join Becky for Blissful White Wednesday
This is just an existing vignette on the end of my
 hope chest coffee table in our white living room,
just played with it a bit............

                                                                With an equalized affect

With a posterized affect

Have a Great Rest of the Week,

Thanks for your visit,  
look forward to those comments.

Linking up to Becky over at Timewashed
Just click here.

Pearly White Blessings to you!


Karen said...

Hi Nellie,
You must be having so much fun with your little precious bundle of joy! I do love babies too! Your pearls and pretty shiny dish are lovely. White jugs - love them too! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am adding you to my favourites! Have a wonderful week!
Take care,

Rebecca said...

I can imagine how you enjoy your Wednesdays, Nellie! Have a good rest of the week...

(Mine has been full of lunch "dates" with friends, etc. Seems like they all fell in one week.)

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

What a blessing spending time with your sweet little one!

Junkchiccottage said...

Really pretty love the pearls. I bet watching your little granddaughter was the highlight of your day.

BECKY said...

Hey Gal!
Such a sweet vignette!! Glad you could link up!! I know you're having fun with that precious girl! I have had a blast this week with C & E!!

Would love to go out for a little while tomorrow together! I'll call you later today!

Cute blog background!!


sistersusiesays said...

Such pretty things! One day soon, your sweetie pie will be having to learn to not touch gramma's things, ha! Love you, Susan

Sonny G said...

what a sweet vignette.. enjoy every moment with that youngin'.. they grow so fast.

Janet said...


Wow I have been away too long. I can remember looking at this BLOG and loving the beautiful pearls. It just make everything look romantic.

Blessings & Love