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Welcome to Thankful Thursday - July 25, 2013

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Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name;
make know among the nations what he has done.
Sing to him, sing praise to him,
tell of all his wonderful acts.
Psalm 105:1-2

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Late......seems to be my usual these 
days! Sorry about that, had it almost
finished last night,  but was just too
pooped to finish it.  So it's now or
never!  lol
So will let the list do the talking.

I am thankful
that hubby found Skinny PopCorn at Sam's Club this
 week,  so now we don't have to go to Fresh Market for it. 
 Cause we really love that stuff,  and it is much healthier for 
us than microwave popcorn and cheaper too.

I am thankful
for some new marriage DVD's that we found to use
for the next quarter in our Sunday School class.
By Jimmy Evans of  Marriage Today Ministries,
called "the Indestructible marriage".
  It is good information................

Can't believe they already arrived on Wed.

I am thankful
that we got to spend the night with Dee again, cause
we don't know how many more of these times we
will have.  I am taking her to the airport this after-
noon,  as she is flying out to meet Jerry again. He
 had to go up there to fill in for someone,  so good
chance for them to have another look around.


I am thankful
that Dee taught my hubby how to do my hair, and
thankful he was willing to learn  and actually he
 volunteered for the position.   lol
Not to mention..... he did a great job as well.

Some years back I had a pinched nerve in my

neck that was excruciatingly painful, so I could
not use my right arm, especially above my head,
 so for some time, until that nerve settled down,
 Hubby and Dee (she still lived at home then) kept
 me looking good.  They used to blow dry and
style my hair for me.  I used to tease them and
call hubby Edwardo my hairdresser and Dee
was Deenie Marie my hairdresser.  They were
so sweet to do that for me, and it was definitely
different to be taken care of that way,  but
they were both so happy to do it...which sure
made it easier to accept.  It is a terrible thing
to need help and feel like it is grudgingly given.
So their attitudes and help were such a blessing.

I am thankful
that Rosie (our grand daughter dog) had a 
thorough check up with blood work and all,
and that she is in great shape for a 10 year
old dog, no problems at all.
  She is a lil chijuajua............She had taken a
 couple of spills on the steps and they were 
worried their was something wrong with her,
(think it scared  Dee because our schnauzer 
we had when she was younger, had some
 strokes).  Thankfully, it turned out it was her
 nails, they were too long,  and she just couldn't
 get any traction on the wood stairs and the tile.
They trimmed her nails and she has had no
incidents since. Shew...........what a relief for
 Dee and Jerry, and for us.  Also good to
not have to worry about getting a Vet right
 away in case they do move.  She was so
thoughtful and didn't tell us anything about
it until she got the results,  cause she didn't
want to worry us unnecessarily.  She knows
how crazy we are about that lil dog.


I am thankful
my girl made it to Asheville and is doing
fine........nice weekend ahead of them.


I am thankful
to finally know where Sanford Int'l airport is a much smaller airport than
Orlando Int'l,  so was a nice place to fly
out of or to come into.........First time ever
to go there..........So now I know!!  lol


I am thankful
for Papa John's Hawaiian
was our din din tonight and it is really
delicious.  Have you ever had it?? It is 
Ham and Pineapple with your typical
sauce and crust.
A very nice change of pace.

I am thankful
that not too much damage was done
to my van tonight.  When I arrived home
it was raining and the wipers were on
and when I pulled into the garage,  I
didn't pull in as far as I thought,  so when
I closed the garage door it hit the van
not once but twice..........Most of it came
off but there were a few very small areas,
but it could have been way worse. 


I am thankful
we get to have Rosie until Sunday or
maybe Monday.

I am thankful
that Megan is feeling  better as she had a
 cist removed from her face on Tuesday, 
 so was not feeling real great.

I am so thankful
for this notebook thing hubby and I are
doing,  it has truly been such a blessing
to both of us...........cause you know. it
just seems like more of your heart comes
out on paper and thru a pen for some 
strange reason.  We highly recommend
that couples or even friends give it a try.
You will be very pleasantly surprised,
I think.......................

Well, there it is.........................
Hope you have some things to 
add to the list yourself............

Glad you could stop by and 
hope you will leave a comment
 so I know you were here.

Love,  Hugs,
and Joyful Blessings,



  1. I am trying to imagine my husband doing my hair...can't quite picture it. I'm sure if I couldn't use my arms, he would wash it, but that would be the end of it. Mine is easy. I wash it every morning, a little gel and blow dry, touch with the curling iron on top, a little styling wax and spray. Takes no time at all

    Every time you mention Asheville, it makes me want to go back. We didn't have nearly enough time there last spring.

    It has been beautiful here this week. Temps in the 70's and no rain, but it is coming later today. I think it is supposed to quit tomorrow and still be cool. I love it!

  2. I love the rows of flowers! It looks like it has a big dollop of whip cream on it, ha!
    #1. I always like the popcorn that had the cheddar cheese sprinkled on it. I can't find it anymore!
    #2. The LORD had your DVD's Heaven expressed, lol!
    #3. I'm so glad they can spend time together there now!
    #4. Hey, "Jimardo" could do that on the side and make money. Carl does hair at Melitta's shop. She gave me a little mini hair spray and conditioner along with 3 little packages of shampoo for my trip!
    #5. Great! I don't know how, but little dogs "don't seem to show their age!" Gracie is now 13 years old and she still goes out the door running and barking at the wind, ha! My dogs still have no traction on the floor! Xena is the only one that walks! Sarah used to go running down the hallway. The wall was always her "stop stick!"
    #6. It's always a relief, when you hear your loved ones make it to where they are going!
    #7. I bet the traffic was less too!
    That's probably the airport I hear all of the planes taking off from or going into. One of the runways goes over our area.
    #8. I have had it! It is really good!
    #9. Oh No! There is a product that you can wipe on, then off that fills in any scratches and you can't tell anything happened. I need to get some. I thought the bed cover was down low on my truck when I pulled into the garage with my garbage can on the tailgate, but it bumped up and I scratched the cover as it scraped on the door when I drove in!
    #10. She is a sweet dog! She is going to miss you if they leave!
    #11. Oh my! I hope it heals quickly!
    #12. That's how I kind of feel when I do your Thankful Thursdays and Bonnie's Woman's Day Book. It's always so heart warming to share.
    Pray for this young woman whose husband was killed in the Middle East. She had made a quilt out of his different uniforms and someone stole it! Pray it is returned.
    Love to you all, Susan.

  3. Hi Nellie!! So good to come by again. I pinched a nerve in my neck too a few years ago. When I tried to get up in the morning I almost passed out from the pain. I figured out really fast that my pillow was not hard enough. Since then I've had to sleep on something that feels like a brick and is shaped like a wave. :( I miss a soft pillow!
    Glad everything is going so well except for the possible move. But everything will turn out for the best.
    Love you lots!

  4. Hi Nellie,

    I have never heard of Skinny PopCorn! If I eat it will I get skinny ... lol. Glad to hear you trust your hubby to do your hair. I'm not so sure I would be able to do that. Have a great week.

  5. Hi Nellie

    I love your post. It is fun that your hubby learned to do your hair. I am not sure Marvin would want to take on the task of doing my hair. Your hubby is so sweet to do that for you.

    I am glad your van did get much damage. More than once I have caught myself shutting the garage door too early.

    Can you tell more about the Skinny popcorn. I love my popcorn.

    Blessings & Love


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