Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just saying Hi and catching you up............

Here's our lil darling playing with Grampy.  He is a fun guy!

Just wanted to say Hello......
Sweet Friends

So how has your week been going?
Going well I hope!

Mine has been going along well.  Didn't do
too much yesterday cause I was a bit tired
and out of it from the weekend,  but that was
 a good tired. Got to see all the kids this 
weekend and of course, the baby too.  She
 is getting to be such a riot.  She just had us 
laughing hysterically the other night,  trying to
 stick her tongue out and make noise....we
call that giving someone a raspberry.  She
is getting the hang of it pretty quick, and
starting to sit up some now too.

 I am watching my Grampy make silly
faces at me,  and loving every minute of it.

Can you tell.............

Here I am with Mommy and Daddy, Mommy is trying to show me
 how to work this toy, but I saw the camera ......
They can never catch me doing whatever it is they are wanting 
a picture of,  Cause I am slick...............I spot the camera and
 then I just stare at the camera...........lol  of course, because
I think it is seriously.... very interesting!

It is looking more like Dee and Jerry might
be moving.  One of the stipulations that had
with the Co. was that they wanted to sell
their house first cause they don't want him
to be up their working and her down here
trying to sell the house,  or to get stuck and
not make what they should off the house.
So the Co. agreed to that!  
We thought that was a very wise decision.
Cause we have seen people do that and
it really is not great for a marriage.

Now the next step is selling the house,
they also are making this a little harder
than usual,  cause they want to give the
Lord room to work,  cause they want to
make sure this is the direction they are
suppose to go in................
We are praying that it sells quickly if they
are meant to go,  and if they aren't that
nothing happens,  so it might be a few
months before we  know for sure.

Went out today to Hobby Lobby and
Ross, Goodwill and WallyWorld.  It was
rather disappointing.......didn't see any
thing I really liked, accept I bought a
package of card embellishments.
That was about it.  Did buy some more
receiving blankets and a couple of 
onesies and diapers for our lil sweetie.
Cause she will be with us tomorrow.
She will like these new colorful
blankies...........she has a love affair
with her blankies,  so cute!

Speaking of receiving blankets did you
see Princess Kate and Prince William
with their new bundle of Joy, as they were
about to leave the hospital.  She looked
amazing,  and you could really see the
joy on their faces.  I simply adore this
couple,  and wish them all the best.  I
think they are gonna be great parents,
and I hear she doesn't even want to
use a nanny.  She would probably much
rather have her family help out I would
think,  since they seem to be so close.
She reminds me so much of Princess
Diana, she even wore a polka dot dress
like his Mom did.  So Sweet!
I loved how she looked as an expectant
Mom as well,  so classy,  and I think she
was born for this role as a Princess,  she 
is so comfortable in it. I think she is simply
a delightful young woman,  and conducts
herself like a lady.  

Just saw this picture and had to add it.....
Aren' t they  just adorable.............someone with sour
grapes said of course, she looks good she has a
 hairdresser,  well, that hairdresser didn't  put that big
smile of joy or glow on her face....................lol

Well, it is beddie bye time.........

So have a good day tomorrow.

Hugs and Blessings Galore,


  1. Happy Wednesday sweet friend!
    Missing you! We have to get together next week for sure!!

    I am agreeing in prayer with you regarding Dee and Jerry's possible move. It's so great that they're giving it time to see God's hand!

    Talk to you soon. Busy day today with grocery shopping, making pumpkins,running around with my mother in law, and tacos and Master Chef with the whole fam here tonight! Have a blast with Brooklyn today!


  2. My week's been busy too! Monday was my day to take my friend to the Doctor. We went by the Humane Society for her to drop off food donations. Then we went to the shoe store for specialties. Oh my! Have my feet been feeling better with each day. I don't want to go anywhere (even at home) without wearing my new shoes. It is really helping my left knee and right foot! We then went to Sam's. (Boy, was I tired after that walk!) Finishing up going to a place to eat! What a long afternoon, shoo!

    I spent this morning at the Nissan place having my truck serviced. Tomorrow, Sarah to the vet. Friday I get my hair done. What a busy week, ha!

    I surely hate to think Jerry and DeeAnna have to sell their house after all the work they have put into its décor! I will surely miss them when they go :-(

    It is so amazing to see all of the things that sweetie pie is learning! I bet she is going to just love her new blankets! I just love the pictures you take of her!

    I'm looking forward to your Thankful Thursday Post! I love you all, Love, Susan.

  3. I really enjoyed watching all the the "baby" festivities. Like you, I really liked Diana and she actually had William and Harry at the same time mine were born. When my daughter was young and my hair was a little longer and highlighted, she would see magazine covers with Diana on them and say "Mommy"! I was flattered, I'm not sure Diana would have been:)

    It did seem full circle yesterday and I thought it was just nice to have good news on the television all day, instead of the constant bad news.

    I hope things work out for your kids. We never got to live close to my parents because of my husband's job and our moves. I'm sure it will be hard but that is such a wonderful community to move to if they go.

  4. Hi Nellie! Your granddaughter is one cute baby! You can see that she is well loved and will be well cared for and that is what God requires from us as parents and grandparents, whether the baby is royal or otherwise. She is your little princess as much as Kate and William love their new little prince! I hope that they will be a happy family. You know if she came out of the hospital looking slovenly there would have been a backlash about that but here she is looking like a princess and there is criticism? People don;t seem to know what to do with themselves,it seems.


  5. I always love to see pictures of Brooklyn. I save them to my picture file!
    Love to you all, Susan

  6. Nellie

    Love the pictures of Brooklyn and hear accomplishments. She is a cutie and I see how much joy she is bringing your family

    I enjoyed seeing the new Royal baby. I loved Princess Diana and hope they raise the little Prince with some freedoms.

    I hope everything is working out well for your daughter and son in law.

    Blessings & Love


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