Thursday, July 4, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - July 4, 2013

Every good and perfect gift is from above, 
coming down from the Father
 of the heavenly lights, who does not 
change like shifting shadows
James 1:17

Happy Fourth Of July
Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a fun day
of celebration in whatever way
makes you happy.

We are having a quiet but fun day, just the 2
 of us are at Dee and Jerry's, babysitting Rosie
  So we slept in, since we were awake until 3 a.m, 
(#12 will explain that) then went in the pool, and
 got some sun, before it clouded up,  ran to
 McDonalds and got some chicken sandwiches
  and are now watching the Waltons's on the
 Hallmark channel. 
 Definitely a different 4th of July, but we are
enjoying the change of envirionment again.

This post was all done before I got here
 accept for this opening and, and #12 on list.

I am thankful
for the retreat and relaxation we had at my
daughters last week,  and also for the fun
time we had with her.  That was our 
This was our unexpected surprise and
opportunity that I mentioned in my post
last Thursday.

I am thankful
that we discovered the Fresh Market store
and more gluten free products, and it will
also make for a nice outing for hubby and I.

I am thankful
that altho hubbies boss was in town last week
that they did not wind up working as late as
they usually do, especially since we were 
staying at Dee's.  The latest was l hour,
so that was great!  Fortunately,  he only
comes about once a
So we really can't complain,  but it was
just another blessing.

All these pic are of the berries and grapes I told you about last week
on my thankful thursday post.

I am thankful
for the new book I got a few weeks ago,
I am over half way finished with it,  and have
gotten a lot of great wisdom from it.

I am thankful
for a new couple we got in our Sunday School
class last week.  They are really sweet people.

I am thankful
we were able to get our yard mowed cause
it was really long again,  and in much need
of mowing but it has just been raining,
raining, raining and continues to rain.
Here that might be stopping on Thursday,
so will see..........................

Grapes on the grapevines

I am thankful
for having some nice mornings to walk 
outside even tho it was pretty warm it was
still not too bad,  cause I enjoy walking
outside for exercise.

I am thankful
for some great scallops we marinaded
and then grilled,  they were scrumptious.
I really love scallops.....think they are my
fav seafood.

I am thankful
that I discovered a new and easy way of opening t
he last of the pistachio nuts, you know the ones that
 are hardly open that you throw back into the bowl until
 the end.  lol
Well, usually I try the nutcrackers, but they don't work
 all that well, and it is hard work.  There was only a
 few left in the bowl so I  went to the drawer looking
 for my nut crackers,  but didn't see then but my eyes 
landed on the garlic press...........hmmm, wonder if that
 could work! 
Tried it and sure enough it worked great.  but you just
 need to put a lil pressure or you will totally obliterate it.
Made me happy cause I am a pistachio lover for sure.

See the red in the trees those are all berries

I am thankful
for the freedoms we have long enjoyed in this nation, 
and altho we seem to be losing a lot of them rather
 quickly, we still have plenty to be thankful for......

I am thankful
that none of the these losses I mentioned above
has taken God by surprise and that He knows
what is happening and is actually in control of
it whether it looks like it or not.  Such a comfort
to my heart ........

Acorns on the oak trees

I am thankful
that Dee finally made it to meet Jerry in
Atlanta.  She was suppose to be flying into
South Carolina,  and she had a time cause
first of all she had a bad headache and wasn't
 feeling well, then her flight was moved back twice
 before she ever left here, then she got into Atlanta
 and was suppose to change planes and fly on to SC,
 and the flight was moved from 10:00 to 12:30,  so
 come 12:30 she found out  when she went to board
 that her her ticket had been cancelled by accident,  
and no one with the airlines would try and help her,
so she was stuck in Atlanta airport all by herself,
 and Jerry had to drive there from SC,  to get her
so that finally happened at 3 a.m this morning.
So to say the least we were very thankful when
he got there, as we were not too thrilled to know 
she was sitting there all by herself so late at
 night,  and without a lot of employees around.  

and our lil darling...................
She is continually blooming!  lol

Have a Wonderful Day 

Thanks for stoppin by.............

Love,  Hugs and
God Bless America,



  1. #1. Relaxation is so great! I thank the LORD every day that I was able to retire after working since I was 16 in high school, through college, and straight out of college until 3 years ago!
    #2. I'm in the mode of not knowing what I want to eat. I don't have an appetite much anymore.
    #3. Thank the LORD for His blessings!
    #4. I use 7 different books in my devotion time! By that time (of two to three hours)my eyes are just "read out!"
    #5. I miss the people in my class that are gone for the summer!
    #6. I so much appreciate all of the rain too, but how the grass does grow. Since George has passed away, I don't know how much longer his brother-in-law will be mowing mine. I guess until they clean out the back garage. Then I will be back on my Craftsman's doing it myself again!
    #7. I love the cool breeze and wind just before the rain comes!
    #8. I just had my first BBQ pork ribs since I don't remember when!
    #9. That sounds better than the pliers that I used!
    #10. Enjoy while we still can and the LORD will carry us through.
    #11. Ephesians 1:4, "Before the world was I knew you." GOD already knows every single human being He will ever create and every detail of their life! Our future is His history!
    #12. They need to place a complaint (as well as getting a refund for what part of the flight the airline cancelled that she had already paid for!) Praise the LORD for His protection over her!
    Beautiful Brooklyn!
    Love to you all, Susan

  2. Hi Nellie

    You sweet little Brooklyn is so cute.

    Thanks for the tip on the nuts. I will have to pass it on to Marvin and see how well it work for him.

    We are alone for the 4th too. Jeremy and his family left this morning. We are going to grill some steaks later this evening.

    Thank you for also postings all your blessings! I learn so much from you.

    Blessings & Love

  3. Your Lil' Darlin is precious! Love early morning walks, late evening walks too! Great idea with the garlic smart!
    Blessings Sweet Nellie and Happy 4th of July!!!

  4. Sounds like a great list of things to be thankful. Glad you had time with the baby. She looks so big! We're doing good. I have photos on FB on my personal page of hubby and some things he's been up to in Afghanistan. I hope to get a post done for the blog next week. We had a very quiet 4th, didn't go anywhere and my girl worked all day and she is at a fireworks display now. Michael and I watched our neighborhood put on their usual friendly "competition." It was nice.

  5. Hey Gal! We had a fun fourth! Mal, Jeff and Caroline were here. Me, Maddy and Jeff went to watch fireworks at Gemini Springs...they were awesome! The finale was one of the best I've seen! We grilled and just relaxed...I have really not lifted one finger except on dinner! Oh and of course I loved all over little C!! She is so much fun!

    So glad you guys are having a good time!! The pool sounds especially wonderful! Sure miss swimming!

    Hugs to you!
    Talk to you soon!

  6. We've had quite a lot of rain too - too many weeds as a result - but I am thankful for my garden.
    Love walks in the evening and early in the morning too - I love our country - and the blessing of those who risked all they had for our Independence! - garlic pres and pistachios - too cool! There's always so many things - big and small to be thankful for - glad I stopped by is one of them :)

  7. It sounds as if you had a nice and different 4th. We didn't think we had plans but a morning phone call from a friend and we went to her family cookout. It was fun, not too big or fancy, perfect. We could see the fireworks from her yard so we didn't have to fight the crowds. I am glad your daughter did okay with her airline issues. I think airports are safe, but it would still be a long wait alone.

    My fav seafood is crab legs...mmm! We actually had a few days of sunshine over the weekend. It was wonderful. The rain is on the way back today, but we certainly enjoyed the sun while we had it!

    Love that sweet baby!


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