Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Birthday Table for 2014

Hello Sweet Friends,

How you been lately??  Hearing that there

is some warmer weather up north,  so know
most of you must be ecstatic about that, to
say the least!!  lol   Hope that means yall
had a great weekend,  and got out some.

We had a nice weekend even tho it did rain Friday and 
Saturday. My birthday was on Saturday....so Scott, Megan 
and the baby and Susan came over to celebrate with me.
We had a lovely dinner,  hubby made filet mignon and 
scallops, baked potatoes,  and Scott did a nice salad
and made a lovely viniagrette dressings and bread.
Hubby got a special cheesecake too.

Thought I would show you picture of my birthday table.

It was a joint effort  by hubby and I.............

It started with the tablecloth you see in my header
picture.......found it at Target while we were up in
Asheville,  and decided I couldn't wait to use it,  I
think it is so pretty and would love to make curtains
out of it for my family and dining room,  but then
realized it would class with my kitchen wallpaper, 
 (sigh) but oh well....................not really wanting
 to make over the whole house at this time.

Hubby and I began to  shop the house for things
 to use for a centerpiece. He spotted the tall 
arrangement with the white gerbera daisies in
 the guest bedroom, so thought, great idea, I can
 use that at the end of the table.

Then I spotted a shopping bag that was still out.... 
from that store in Asheville Altar'd state that I liked so much,
 and it matched and then found this lovely 3 tone candle 
in my bedroom that was from a friend.  So put
that all at the end to fill in the table.

In this picture you can hardly see the lil clear vases of pale 
yellow flowers,  and clear candle cups,  but they are there
and did show up fine when we were sitting there.  Am
really in love with these colors,  so fresh and springy.

A look down the table,  see they show up
more here! and even more in person.

I took this shot so you could see my new 
corner piece,  it was one of my birthday presents
 from hubby.  I had a wooden trellis that matched 
our oak with vines on it,  but this metal trellis
 looks so much more decorative and matches
our chandelier over the table.
Never thought to take a pic of that with it!  lol

I did the centerpieces........

Then hubby did the table setting..............
 He chose the dishes and the glassware.
Thought he made great choices.

This was my spot ....our birthday person
always gets to sit at the head of the table

A look down the table

already had the blue napkins, which was a
deciding factor in the purchase of the tablecloth.

A look from the opposite side of the table.

With an equalized affect

Looks like the blue hours

An  overview

Some of you already know this,  but I try to make our
centerpieces so you can see over them,  so it doesn't
impede conversation!  A very good idea by the way!!

Think white dishes will look equally as good on this
 tablecloth, cause it does have some white in it too.

See the candle glowing thru the drinking glass

Grabbed some smooth glass stones from
another candle decoration to add some color.

Think the tablecloth really livens things up!

Taken with the lights off!

With a  Watercolor affect.

Thanks so much for coming by.....
hope you enjoyed your visit!!

Would love to hear from you....

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Love,  Hugs and 
Fresh Springtime Blessings,



Elizabeth S said...

Hi Nellie! Happy Birthday to you and thank you for sharing it with all of us! :D I love your tablecloth and I especially love the idea of "shopping at home". I think it is so much fun gathering different things from around the house and re-grouping them again. It gives them new life and you a new way of enjoying them all over again. You and your hubby had lots to choose from and they all look so pretty on your new table cloth. Your white embossed dishes, tied everything together visually and it must have given you all much pleasure as you set the table. I am so happy that you were able to share your birthday with your family. Here's to another birthday Nellie. and may God bless you Abundantly all over, and then some!


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Nellie! Hope it was WONDERFUL! Beautiful table, love your table cloth and all the pretties on it!

Ann Krucek said...

Happy Birthday!! How nice of your husband to contribute to your choices for such a pretty table!!

Junkchiccottage said...

Happy Birthday Nellie. The table looked beautiful. So happy you could celebrate with your beautiful family.
Happy birthday to you and many happy wishes too.

Cheryl Lawson said...

Hi Nellie, Your table setting is beautiful. Love your blog!
Cheryl (new follower)

Sister Susie Says said...

It was a great dinner! Scott's home grown herbs tasted great in his homemade dressing! The cheese cake was yummy too!

OOOh, curtains made from that design would be beautiful! Your kitchen wallpaper is so pretty too. Could you use some dye to "paint" some of the kitchen color flowers onto the table clothe? That would probably be a huge project to take on.

I love the straight shot down the table with your new trellis in the background. I like the rounded top on it.

Jim did a great job setting the table! Your blue glasses are gorgeous. Love you all, Susan

Donna Heber said...

Hi Nellie,

Happy Birthday to you! You set a beautiful table and it sounds like the family made you a terrific meal! Wishing you another year of health and happiness.

Walking on Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday Nellie! What a beautiful table setting as usual! Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. I remembered it was your birthday on Saturday as it's the same day as my mom's birthday! Not sure if you saw on Facebook that my hubby is home finally! I'll be back to blogging regularly on Monday and have a post ready with a few photos of him coming home. :)

Highland Monkey's said...

For a centre piece we have the salt and pepper set! lol so you are proper posh. I do like the blue serviettes so pretty. Bet everything was super yummy.

Jennie Schumann said...

The tablecloth is beautiful and your collection of blue and green pieces really set off the colors. Your white dishes with the floral rims are also beautiful! Thanks for visiting me, and I hope you will come back.