Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Company Chronicles

Good Morning Sweet Folks,

How are things in your corner of the
world today??  Hope there is something
fun and exciting happening for you!!

Well, our company left yesterday near noon,  and I 
have to say we were sorry to see them go...........
what a precious pair they are!!

Wanted to say thanks to all of you for leaving all
those encouraging comments, they meant so much,
and gave me warm fuzzies and smiles.

Our company was one of our previous Pastors and
his wife.  We were over helping friends that were in
the process of moving on Thurs. afternoon,  when on 
whim (so it seemed) they decided to drop by,  they were
 just coming into town planning to stay with another family
 from our church.  We were all so overjoyed to see them,
  as about a year and a half ago,  he had an aneurism and
almost died ( you might remember me asking you to pray
 for him if you have been following my blog for awhile). 

He is truly a walking miracle because you would never
know anything had happened to him,  he was just as spry 
 jovial and wonderful as ever.  He will be turning 78 in
 April,  and his wife 81 this month.  There were gazillions
of prayers going up for this couple as everyone loves
them so much.  He said the only thing different is he
doesn't have as much stamina as he used to,  which
at 78,  I would imagine most feel that way!!

Anyway, when we saw them over at our friends home,
hubby was asking them where they were staying, 
and he was saying I wish we had known you were 
coming we would have loved to have you stay with
us,  we have a spare bedroom yada yada.

So not long after we got home we got a call from
them, because the family they were going to stay
with wound up having an unexpected emergency
 with a parent in the hospital in bad shape in another
state,  and of course, they didn't want to be a burden 
to them,so they called us.................and we are so
 happy they did,  we had a truly wonderful time 
catching up and hearing the details of what went on
 during the time of the aneurism situation, we laughed, 
we cried, we ate, we shared stories and jokes, we
 loved on one another and  it truly was such a joyous
 time of fellowship,
Think we all felt like we had been to a retreat!!

And I felt like I got out of the boat, and walked on
the water, as my Pastor was saying on Sunday,
cause I did a spare of the moment hostess
situation,  which was way out of my comfort zone,
but my love for these lovely people over road
my discomfort or fears.
And everything turned out fine, I lived and loved
 through it hubby was a huge help,  and they were
 great house guests, and were so sweet to take us
 out to dinner on Sunday, and because of the way
 it happened we all felt it was a divine appointment.

Still can't say this would be my favorite way to 
entertain,  but at least now I know it is possible
 for it not to be a disaster, and am a little bit
 more flexible than I was before!!  lol

Yesterday was hubby's birthday and we were
so hoping we might hear about the job,  but
still nothing,  but who knows maybe this week
or maybe never!!  Whatever!!

We are going out to celebrate today,  cause
we were too pooped yesterday, so looking
forward to another good day.

Well, going back to bed for awhile,  I have
been awake since 4:40, so maybe I can get
comfortable now and catch and hour or so!!
Hope so anyway!!

Hopefully I will be around to visit some this
evening or tomorrow!

Have missed you guys,
Love, Hugs and Blessings Galore,


Rebecca said...

Oh, thanks for the report! I love the line, "Think we all felt like we had been to a retreat!!"

Happy birthday to your husband. May divine appointments continue to refresh and bless you this week.

Radiance and Whimz said...

I like that you considered it a "divine appointment"! I love when the Lord sends us those:) Praying about the job! :) Have a great week Nellie!

Donnie said...

Every one is brought into our lives for a reason and I'm so glad this wonderful couple was brought to you both. Happy Birthday to hubby. Still praying for God's will to be done about the job and I love your attitude. Take care.

BECKY said...

Love ya gal, and I know first hand that you are the hostess with the mostest!! I knew you would glide right through it and be a huge blessing to our friends!! Glad it was joyful all around...stretching can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but then we see the benefits, huh?

Love ya lots!

CAS said...

You seem like the type person who could make any and everyone feel totally comfortable & relaxed whether they were expected or not. I think sometimes (for me, it's always) we make ourselves crazy getting everything pristine for company instead of just relaxing and enjoying the anticipation of the company. Anyway, it sounds like you handled it beautifully.

I'm doing a bit of catch-up in blogland, so I just saw your lovely birthday table. That must have made her feel very special. I hope you have a great week.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby..
I know those folks were a joy to you and ya'll to them.. Though I am many miles away, you are always a blessing in my life.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to the Hubbie:) Hope you had a wonderful day together...and that he hears about the job soon. Would be nice to hear one way or the other -

Sounds like a wonderful time with your guests. I am just sure you are a wonderful hostess. You are so sweet and gracious on your blog...I just know you are at home as well! So nice that it worked out they could be there.

Have a great week, friend!

Sister Susie said...

Thanks for inviting me to visit. I surely enjoyed seeing them again. I haven't been blogging the last few days. I've been so tired, I have just sat down to relax and before I know it, it's time to go to bed, ha! I was able to sleep in the bed last night even though I did have some stiffness. I will probably sleep in my chair again tonight.
I love you all so much,

Entertaining Women said...

It always makes me smile to find those who are good stewards of the jewels, the gifts that our Father provides for us. You took such loving care of your friends, your treasures. Thanks for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

Cindy said...

How wonderful Nellie! What a great time you had and I'm sure they truly enjoyed their stay! You are such a blessing to all of us in blogland.
Happy belated birthday to your sweet hubby! I hope you have a restful week!

Marlis said...

What a blessing your were to your friends. Love your blog! Glad you stopped by so I could find yours. Be blessed.

Sue said...

God's planning and timing is perfect Nellie. I am so glad you had this time with them,. You have the gift of hospitality. I too have a dh who helps when we have company.Please wish your dh a Happy Birthday.
Enjoy your week.

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Nellie, wow, what a small world it is! I just love Pastor Roland and Joan too...of course they are the parents of our pastor! We usually go to the "early" service where Roland does the opening. You are so right, God did an amazing healing and spared his life.
I had missed this post...so glad you pointed it out to me. I would have felt a little out of my comfort zone in hosting too but obviously you did a fantastic job of making them feel so loved. I'll mention our relationship to Roland and Joan...I'm not sure he got the connection because I think he knows me by sight but not necessarily by name. We have about 3500 adults in our church! I know you blessed them with your hospitality! Such precious saints!