Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - Pink, green and white table

Hello Sweet Friends,

So how is your week a going???
Well,  I hope!!

It's a nice sunny/cloudy day here, and hubby is over helping
 some friends out,  as they are about to move away, and
 have more than enough to do to get ready.  I wanted to go
too but needed to get my hair done and some other things
as we are be treated to dinner out with Dee and Jerry
 tonight. So Sweet!  So looking forward to it!!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday,  but I was so tired I never
finished.  I started the woman's day book,  but saw no
one was coming by hardly anyway, so decided to just
wait for today.  I will give you a few excerpts from it!

About our Weekend.....Friday I got the table
 all done for my sister-in-laws birthday celebration for 
Sunday, then we watched a movie in the evening, which
 I will tell you about later,  Saturday we ran to Walmart,
 did some cleaning and cooking for Sunday's dinner, 
Sunday went to church and I missed service again, because 
I ran into a friend, who was trying to console a crying, 
 discouraged single Mom friend,  with whomI have spent
 many hours  and who really needed a listening ear, 
encouragement and prayer.  So we both missed service,
 but I believe that is where God wanted us to be, 
 since she walked away smiling!  

Then we ran to get our chocolate elvis for our lunch,
 and came home to finish getting things ready before everyone 
arrived for the Birthday Celebration.  We all had a good time, 
 but bless Susan's heart we could tell she was not feeling
 the greatest cause of trouble with her back and all, but we
 know she appreciated it and had the best time she could.

I also meant to take a pic of her,  since I am doing her
Birthday table for the post.  Once again got caught up
in the celebrating and forgot!!  lol

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately.....
"The widow's Might",  we got it from Netflix, and it is
only a 3 star movie,  but it was really good, and the 
thing we loved most is it was made by some kids who
were home schooled, and the story was basically true
as well.  I think we enjoyed all the special features as
much as the movie.  So we highly recommend it.

Well,  guess I had best get on with tablescape
Thursday.  Was trying to figure out what to do
and remembered I had this lovely rose wreath,
so decided to create a subtle elegant green,
pink and white table.  Hope you enjoy it!

Found a picture that looked like the roses in the
wreath and printed them to add just a touch of color,
as well as the thin green ribbon wrapped
 around the napkin.

This is from one end of the table 

Decided to add some hearts to the girls places. 

This is the same pic with a posterized affect!

Decided to add some hearts around the candle too!

Love this 2 toned ribbon!

From same end of the table as before.

Two overviews

These pinks candles are from yankee candle
and they have a lovely fragrance of  roses.
They are called "fresh cut Roses"  in case
you ever want to try them.  I usually get
some every spring!!

Like this shot cause you can see
the candle thru the glass!

I use the egg cups for butter, or
sometimes for candles.

This shot is from the opposite end of
the table.

This is from across the table looking out
of the dining room.

Well, folks...............
There you have it!! 

 Thanks so much for coming by, 
 loved having you visit!!

Don't forget to go by Susan's
at between naps on the porch
 to see all the pretty and exciting 
tablescapes. Just Click Here

Hope you have a 
Tremendously Blessed Thursday.

Love, Hugs,  and Sweet Blessings,


Donnie said...

What a beautiful tablescape and I'm glad you were where you were supposed to be with that mom. I'm sure your sil Susan appreciated what you did for her birthday. Hope things are looking up for you both too. Hugs.

Janet said...

Once again a beautiful tablescape. I love roses and you made them look so elegant.

I will have to check into that movie. I am always looking for a good movie that others recommend becasue sometimes the reviews are not accurate in my eyes.

Thanks for coming and visiting me and all the prayers and encouragement.

Blessings & Love

Debbie said...

Well, since I'm a HUGE pink lover, this one just tickles me pink. I loved that candle shot too. I love it when I can catch something through the glasses.

NanaNor's said...

Hi dear Nellie, I love your tablescape-especially the plates but the floral arrangement with all the candles looks so elegant. What a dear you were to bring comfort to that young mom-you sure are a treasure.
Hugs and blessings.

Patti said...

Totally beautiful and elegant!!! Pink, green, and white is my favorite color combination.

What a joy to be used of the Lord to encourage a hurting soul, huh? You are great at that!!!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Looks like everything is coming up rosey! this!
Sooo pretty, and the photo of the rose is such a great idea.

Beth said...

Your table looks really pretty, Nellie. Love your plates, tablecloth and napkins. Have a great week!
Blessings, Beth

Deb S. said...

Your colors are perfect! I did green and white. But your addition of pink hits the spot! I just love Yankee Candle!

BECKY said...

Hi Gal! Sure do love some of the shots you got! Your tablescapes just keep getting lovelier and lovelier! I know Susan was blessed by her party even though her back was bothering her!

So glad you got to minister to someone in need. You have such a loving caring way about you!

Give you a call tomorrow~miss you!

Rebecca said...

One of these days, I'm going to become motivated enough to "do" my table up differently. About the only thing I change is the centerpiece - and sometimes the tablecloth.... Yours was very soft and muted this time. It looks soothing and comforting. I'm sure the conversation and food was similarly comforting!

Glad you found a good movie to watch. It sounds interesting.

"Chocolate Elvis"???? You must have talked about this in a previous post that I missed!

Bonnie said...

Nellie this is such a pretty table. I find myself working on one this week too. We are having our annual crab feed here with friends on Friday night, I am trying to figure it all out. Let's hope Jim hears something soon! Nice you could help that lady out at church that was having a tough time. You are very good at that!

Hope you had a nice dinner out with the kids!

Love, B

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh how pretty your rose tablescape is! I love the soft colors. Glad that your sister had a nice celebration.

Sister Susie said...

Believe me! The table was just gorgeous in person. The light gray and white striped tablecloth with the pink hearts scatter all around was really beautiful!

I'm sure you had a great dinner and time with DeeAnna and Jerry!

I'm so glad my back is feeling so much better! It surely makes a difference in how I'm able to function.

I came back to school to find birthday flowers, gift bags, and birthday cards, cards, cards! The team even had a huge cake (chocolate) from Publix! (Not just for me alone, but for Sharon too; another K teacher!)

I'm taking in Bagel King bagels and spreads tomorrow to thank them for all they did to get things going for the subs when I was out!

I love you all very much,

Marigene said...

Nellie, what a wonderfully elegant table.

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I love your tablescape! It is so soft and pretty! You did a wonderful job of creating just the right mood! Our family is leaving for a Spring Break vacation to your state on March 28 and I cannot wait! We will be joining my parents in Cocoa Beach...and doing Disney and Universal Studios. First time for our children! Have a lovely weekend! Angie xo

Custom Comforts said...

I love your beautiful white plates!!! They are so elegant and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Anonymous said...

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