Monday, February 28, 2011

Help for Adversity - Part 7 - Romans 8:28

Happy Monday Sweet Friends,

Seems like forever since I have posted for some reason.

So how in the world are you anyway????
Doing well,  I sure hope!!!

We had a busy, yet very nice weekend, but I will wait
and tell you tomorrow and hopefully, it will keep this
post from being too long........... at least, I can try
anyway........can I help it that I am long winded!!  lol

Well,  today is tip 
and this truth from God's word has served us very well
for many many years now, and is a real must I feel.

Remember to read and to claim

Romans 8:28
"All things works together for good for those
that love the Lord and are called according
to his purpose"

Yes, repeat it out loud over and over again
when needed,

  and then ask God to help you
see the good that is coming out of the situation.
Look for that good, even in the smallest of things, 
because it is there!  We always learn so many
things in these situations.  We learn about God's
faithfulness,  how others come to help us, how 
much others care about us, how much faith
we have or don't have, and a myriad of other
things the Lord might want to teach us.

And.....He always has something to teach
us, and that will continue till our dying breath.  

A good example, the Lord brought to my mind 
happened 8 years ago.....

the last time my hubby was laid off..........
 for 10 mos. - and that we are quickly
 approaching now!!  lol
When he got the new job,  he had to take 
sizeable cut in pay,  he had to go from 37 
days of vacation to 10, and his commute time
 went from 20 mins to 50 minutes. 

Truthfully,at the
 time, none of that looked like a better blessing,
even tho, we were ecstatic that he had a job.
So we began to look for the blessing in the situation.
So.... we thought at least he was able to car pool
 with his christian friend, who attended our church
 and helped get him the job. That was a blessing
and then of course, having a job!!  But stay with

So the first blessing was the long ride he and his
 friend had into work was relation building,  and that
 they took turns driving, and that was good!

  Then, after he was there for a few years, he had
to have heart bypass surgery. This is when we 
really began to see that God works all things
 together for good for those of us....
 who love the Lord!

  Had he not been at that job,  he would not have
 gone to the Cardiologist he did, nor would  he have 
 wound up in the best hospital for that surgery, with
 the best Cardiac Surgeon in the area. Plus he would
 not have been able to work from home,  which 
helped immensely with his recovery which was
 6-8 weeks long, and of course, they aren't allowed
 to do much physically,  especially not allowed to
 push or pull anything or pick up anything over 5 lbs,
 and no driving during that time.  So you can just 
imagine how boring that can get for a guy!!

So after a few weeks of recovery it was so great
 for him to be able to do work from home.  It was
 also great as we were learning new habits foodwise
and starting to take small steps everyday towards
new exercise habits.

Also, that was when hubby was able to create
the most significant and most used software
the Company ever used.

Then, 2 years after that, he had to have another
 procedure and again was able to work from home,
 which led to him working permanently at home 2
 days a week, and that was a blessing, but became 
and even greater blessing when his friend had left 
that job and they could no longer carpool.
 His working at home added 4 hrs. to our week, 
and even tho he was working those 2 days,  it
 was nice company for me,  and it gave him
 a nice long weekend, so our Wednesday nights
were our Friday nights!!

  So the job he got laid off from back in May 2010,
turned out to be an awesome blessing to us!!
in the beginning we did not understand a lot of
 things, but God.... knew things we had no idea 
were going to happen to us,  and he went before
 us and prepared the way!!  and I just praise Him
so much for that!!

So we know,  that the Lord knows what is up 
ahead for us, and whatever the new thing the
 Lord will lead us to...... will be for our good, 
 God loves his children and wants the best for
 them, and watches over them, and goes before
 them, even when it doesn't always look like it
 on the front side of things!

This is also a verse we love as well, and my
favorite version of this verse.

For I know the plans I have for you, says 
the Lord.  They are plans for good and not
for evil, to give you a future and a hope.
 Jeremiah 29:11(The Living Bible)

Seriously,  I could give you soooo many more
 examples like the one above, of this scripture 
but you would be here reading all day
 or  for maybe days!!
So I will spare you!!  lol

Hope you find encouragement in this story,
cause seriously,  the Lord is on our side,
even when we don't feel like it or think
it is so............

Stop by next week, when we will be 
talking about being Thankful in times
of trial.

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Thanks so very much for stopping by today,
and hope you have a very good week ahead,

May Sweet Blessings abound to you,


Happy Birthday Susan
(that's my sister-in-law in case you 
are wondering!)

Hope you are feeling

better today................

 and hope you have

 a great day, Hon!!


  1. Lovely post Nellie and we need to remember these things when adversity comes and it comes to all of us. Happy Birthday to your sil Susan too.

  2. Thank you, Donnie!

    Thank you for my birthday dinner! I always enjoy being with you and Jim, Scott and Megan, and DeeAnna and Jerry!

    As I said on Bonnie's blog, it is so easy to look at the minute things that are wrong rather than all of the many blessings we do have!

    I know the LORD knows all things. I just wish He would sometimes let us have that insight, ha!

    I lover you all very much,

  3. Thank you for Sharing these scriptures, and for the encouraging words, Nellie. Wishing your SIL a very happy birthday. I was so blessed in reading of the faithfulness of God, and how he is always working in our lives.

  4. I learn so much from your BLOG. You continue to encourage me on my journey. God is good and I am learning patience and his timing.

    Things are really slowing down at the mill that Marvin works at. The last three weeks they have only worked 32 hours, this week it is 24 hours and next week it is 32 hours for now. I have put it in the Lord's hands because I cannot control it. God has a plan and I need to wait for him to reveal it.

    Hope you had a wonderful Dinner with Susan. She is such a blessing!

    Have a good week!
    Blessings & Love

  5. I appreciate your comments- last week we hit 22 months of unemployment-. We have been able to take care of our needs, mostly through our own savings...and an occasional gift from a family, friend or church. I think we got 4 or 5 hams at Christmas!! We are enjoying them and will save one for Easter! I love the scriptures and the peace they bring as they are God's word to and for us. I just watched a video from Mormon Messages on youtube and they are very faith-filled and comforting and inspiring as well. I'm having a blessed evening~thanks!


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