Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Table Top Tuesday

Morning Sweet Friends,

How are you today???  Hope you 
all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, 
 and you tell us all about it on your post today!!

There is enough sadness and strife and bad
 things to hear about,  Lord knows, we need 
to hear simple and good things like how 
Sweet your Valentine's Day was.
It makes us realize their is still a lot of
good things happening amidst all the
bad.........and there is so much good!!

Thought I would share my mantle here!  Had the wreath
their for Christmas and just changed it from Poinsettias
to roses,  and did a symetrical vignette.  Assymetrical
is usually my fav,  but every once in awhile I like to do
something different!!

This has a posterized affect.  

I got these plates a few years back at Old Time Pottery,
too bad they only had 2,  cause I would have gotten
enough for 8,  cause I absolutely love them, just
love the shape of them.

Love these candles, got them at Target years
back after Christmas 2/$5.00.  Love to buy
things that have a dual purpose.  I knew that
once the candles were used up,  they could
become vases,  not much candle left to go!!  lol

Also got the urns at Target many moons ago,
I really love the housewares in that store,
but dare say I never pay full price for stuff
like that,  once I see something I like but
don't like the price I just keep checking on
 it everytime I go in the store and eventually
it usually goes down enough it's reasonably

Now I am sharing the table top on my serving cart,
cause I figure pretty soon yall are gonna be sick
of all the red!!  lol

Found this pretty box at Michael's about 3 years ago.
I usually get something new every year after Christmas
 as a sort of inspiration piece to get me started redecorating.
It works for me too!!  lol

Loved this potpourri my daughter gave me
for Christmas a few years back,  it has the
aroma of apples!!  UMmmmm!
See the little plaid can there!!  This was
a new inspiration pc., but I didn't buy it.....
hubby gave me a watch for Christmas and
it came in this pretty lil can!

Then my sweet Sil gave me the candle that
is within,  and told you about it before,
it smells wonderful.
Yankee candle, called  "Cranberry Woods"
I highly recommend it.   UMMMM

This small cloche used to have a citronelle
candle in it and was turned up the other way
of course, and in one of those metal stick
things you stick in the ground to put your
drinks in.....remember those!!
It was to keep the mo skeets away!!  lol
but then the pretty stick holder rusted out,
and this was the leftovers.  lol

A friend of many years gave me this for Christmas some
years back,  I simply love it,  it is a candleholder,  forgot
the candle, I see!!  lol,  But love the details it has.

Here from the other side, and if you are
wondering why I put the flowers and ribbon
on it,  it was for medicinal purposes.  lol

It had a lil ball top,(that was so cute I might add)
 and forget how now, but it got broken off,  hubby
 glued it back twice and it looked fine, but because
 of the type of break it wouldn't stay on,  so finally
gave up but since I liked it so much and didn't
want to part with it,  I found a way to imbellish
it, in order to hide that lil detail.

In January we had a real crop of acorns, so I picked 
a bunch up but everytime I did their caps fell off,
so decided to just glue them back on!  Don't know
if you noticed them strewn amongst the potpourri,
and in this lil nest!!
I so love natural things like that,  they fascinate me so!!

We had a fun and simple day yesterday,  had a different
breakfast Amy's Toaster pops with laughing cow swiss
cheese spread on top sprinkled with sugar.  That is our
answer to toaster streudels from Pillsbury.  We used
to love those things but they have hydrogenated oils,
so they are a  heart No No for hubby.  But these
 Amy's brand ones..... taste very similar once we
dolled them all up.

Then we went out to Sam's, Target, Marshall's and
JoAnn's crafts, and spent time looking around or
 getting grocery items, then went for our fav smoothie,
 came home and rested a bit and had dinner.  Made the 
veggie lasagna our daughter made for us,  but after
salad and bread w/ dipping spices and a glass of
 sparkling grape juice to make it festive, we were too
full to eat the lasagna, so will have it tonight,
but with..... no salad.  lol

Then we were gonna watch our fav movie,
which is "you've got mail",  and realized we loaned
it to Scott and Megan,  so we wound up watching
our new netflix movie that came instead.

"Faith like Potatoes",  it was not a 5 star movie,
but it was a very good movie,  we really enjoyed
it and it is a true story,  and you know how we
like true stories.  lol

Then we turned in after midnight and slept
 like a baby!!  A simple but very fun day,
our kinda day!!

Remember I am linking up to Marty over
at a stroll thru life,  so make sure to go over
and pay her a visit and see many more
creative and fun blogs.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for
all your lovely comments,  they really do
 bless my heart!!


BECKY said...

Good Mornin'! Love your little nest and birdy! Too cute! Your new look is so pretty, too! Our Valentine's was our weekend away. So great to enjoy each other sooo much at almost 32 years of marriage!! We are so blessed you and me!! Have a lovely day! Love ya and will be in touch!

Pam said...

I like both your mantel and your table top. The little bird house is very cute.

Donnie said...

Always a great visit with you Nellie and I loved seeing all your pretty reds. Hope you have a fun day today too.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Gorgeous. Everything is beautiful and your vignette is stunning. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Kathleen said...

Love that wreath! I like dual purpose things too! I always put the burned down candle containers in the freezer so I can pop the remains out and use it as a vase or whatever! Sometimes I forget and find one in the freezer! :)
Have a good week, dear!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Your touches are lovely. I too love to watch Target for markdowns. It is so nice to wait and get in on clearance. Thanks for the tip on the Yankee candle. I love candles and always looking for new scents.

sistersusiesays said...

All the reds are so pretty, especially against your white plate. It has an unusual shape. I've been so busy with school stuff and Valentine's Day at school, I didn't even think to check the blogs yesterday! Speaking of movies. Have you been able to see any of the DVD's from the Creation Museum? I'm looking forward to the 3 day weekend!
Love to you all,

Jess said...

Hey Sweetie...where do you store all of your pretty stuff?
As I face packing, I know I have to get rid of lots of stuff. =(
Blessings and Hugs.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Everything looks so HAPPY. I love Target, too.
Mary Ann
PS. Following your Cozy Place.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Super-sweet post, Nellie. Your tablescape is lovely. I have a 3-piece set of that same box you have from Michael's. Mine are in graduated sizes. I, too, picked them for the colors. So clever to reuse your Christmas wreath by changing out the flowers. Glad you had such a nice Valentine's Day.

Radiance and Whimz said...

I love all of your decorating ideas! They are so adorable! Your home looks so COZY-just what I like :) Have a great week!

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