Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - February 10, 2011

Evening,  Sweet Friends,

Hope it has been a very pleasant day
for you today!!

Mine has been pleasant,  but it has been a bit
gloomy as it was overcast and rainy again,
but midway through the day we got an
email that put some sunshine in our hearts
for sure...........................
and that would be my
#1 Thankful.

I am thankful
hubby has a regular old  job interview tomorrow
at 11 a.m.!!  So who knows...... by next week, I just
 might have some even better news for you!!
Whoo Hoo!!

I am thankful
for everyone who is praying for us during this
time,  it means so much....and we feel those
prayers.....believe me!!

I am thankful
I live in the United States of America,  even
with all the problems she has,  it is still the 
greatest place in the world to live.

This thankful and most of the rest comes as a result
 of my pondering about things I saw on Sunday Evening
at church from a missionary presentation. 
 It was about people that live in Africa, and or 3rd world
 countries.  All I could think of when I left there was how
 incredibly blessed I am, and how incredibly blessed
 anyone who lives in the United States of America is!

Which leads me to 

I am thankful
for clean drinking water, I was astounded by what
 their drinking water looks like,  it is truly horrific,
 and undescribable,  the closet thing I can
say to describe it..... is it looks like sewage water.
Can you imagine putting that in your babies
bottle,  I sure can't!!

I am thankful
that we have food,  and not just food,  we have
a variety of food to eat.  In many places in Africa
they only eat rice,  and probably about the amount
you would make for one family meal,  and lasts them
all week.  I can hardly believe it!!

I am thankful
that we have nice schools where we were taught to
 read and write and received an education.  About 2/3 of
 the people in the country of Africa have no schools to go to,
 so they never learn to read or write.  And the ones that
are fortunate enough to go, learn in a hut or tent or in 
the open air. 

I am thankful 
that I had parents to take care of me, and shelter me.
Many of these children don't,  there is a lot of aids
in the country and many orphans.  

I am thankful
that I grew up in a country where there was no sex
trafficing.  Most young girls in 3rd world countries
 are sold into that industry,  and service as many
 as 10-30 men a day, I can't even imagine that
 for it is reprehensible and just plain
 uncomprehendable to me!

I am thankful
we live in a country that mostly esteems it's women, 
 not so, in Africa and 3rd world countries. There women
 are just like property and are treated like such and worse.

I am thankful
for missionaries and missions giving  that allows those
 that God calls to go to these people who live in such
 darkness with practical help and the hope of
 the Gospel of Christ.

I am thankful
we have Drs. and Dentists and hosptials where people 
 give us good medical care....again these countries do
 not have that and suffer terribly and most die early.
I think they said the average age span
 was 42 yrs. old.

I am thankful
that we are exposed to these truths every so often
because it keeps us mindful of what is truly important
and makes us realize just how spoiled we really are!

I know this was sort of a heavy post.............
but think these are good every once in a while,
for they are sobering and really put life into
perspective for us.

So hope you don't go away feeling bad.........
but that you go away with a renewed appreciation
for all the blessings that you have.

 We are incredibly blessed my friends,

Thanks so much for coming by,


  1. Hang in, Nellie!
    God never comes too late!

  2. My prayers are with you for your husbands job interview. I know he will do great. It doesn't hurt any of us to be reminded of the gift of Freedom and the blessings we have in America. Thank you for reminding me again.

  3. We all have much to be thankful for. We can even thank the Lord for our stuggles becuase it draws us closer to HIM!

    Thank you for the reminder to be thankful :) I am thankful for God allowing me to be here in Costa Rica to study Spanish. I am thankful for a host family that is willing to house me. I am thankful for all those who are helping me learn spanish, what patience they have.

    Love You.

  4. Nellie - promising to pray for your husband's interview tomorrow!! Keep us posted:)

  5. First, as one who has walked the job interview road with a husband, I hope it went well! Had I had the time to visit blogs earlier, I would have prayed in advance. Today, I can lift your husband for favor.

    I also love your thankful list. I was utterly convicted awhile back about the same things. It was actually during the season that my own husband was out of work. I just could NOT withhold my support, even though our finances were meager, for those people who didn't even have clean WATER.

    The things we take for granted.

    Excellent post.
    I like your cozy corner!

  6. Nellie

    I am so excited that your husband has an interview.

    We have been so blessed living in the USA. When you mentioned Africa and the food they eat it reminded me of our sweet African granddaughter. She said her favorite foods are rice and potatoes. I wonder if that is the only foods that she has to eat. She also helps to get their water. What a job for a 7 year old child.

    We have raining heading in tonight which is good since we haven't had any for a couple of weeks. It will clear the air.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Love you

  7. Blessings to you Nellie, Firstly I will uphold your hubby and his interview. I am so thankful for you my friend! Love the heart at the end of your post-you are so very creative.
    Hugs today,

  8. Love this! I have also been thinking about how blessed we are to live in this country. For some reason the Lord has been laying that on my heart. My problems seem so huge to me in my little safe world while they look like blessings compared to what others are facing in the world around us. My prayer is that I would lift them up in prayer daily and count every single blessing I can! God is good.
    Have a great day!! :)

  9. Yeah for you. Let us know what you won and I hope your hubby gets that job. Positive thoughts coming your way.

  10. #1. I'm waiting to hear!!!
    #2. It surely means so much to know others are praying for you! I have been praying for Jim's job every day!
    #3. America was founded upon the WORD of GOD. Today, more than ever before, this country has turned its back upon GOD. We need to share His WORD more than ever to keep GOD from bringing His wrath upon a nation that calls itself "Christian," but in many cases is everything but Christian.
    #4. America has sent clean water as well as equipment to make clean water, but it doesn't reach the people it needs due to the rebels that "hijack" it and prevent these efforts.
    #5. America has the "abundant waves of grain" to the point that many children enter school now, overweight. (Leaving it up to the teachers to be responsible in assisting the loss of the weight.)
    #6. It is so amazing the abuse by those in this country, who refuse the efforts of teachers to teach them, when there are so many in the world that count this such a priviledge!
    #7. Our mom and dads had true love for us in that they gave up many things so we could have our needs. That is very rare in today's society. The children go wanting while the parents make sure they get what they want first. I see it every day in the kids I teach!
    #8. In our childhood there was not the explosion of pediphiles, criminal influence, and disrespect for everything. Trafficing does occur, but not brought into the main media. There are reports of FBI stings that have found this to be occuring as well as girls that have gone missing have been transported to other countries. There are true stories of several of those girls who have escaped and shared their stories.
    #9. I know there has been talk of legalizing prostitution in America! Can you believe that! I feel so bad for those women in Africa. I always wondered why these women would have children when they themselves were starving. It's because of rape. These countries in Africa don't look upon rape as a severe crime as America does.
    #10. I can't comprehend the darkness of satan in these countries. Death is around every corner. Many books and movies of truth about this has been made where many missionaries have died in sharing Jesus' salvation for all.
    #11. These medical doctors are so few that many travel by walking miles to see them. Some have even died before they could reach the doctors.
    #12. This country is so blessed that even the homeless in America have access to clothing banks, soup kitchens, and emergency rooms. I just pray GOD's judgment isn't about to come upon America due to the majority of the citizens now not even recognizing the Biblical foundation America was built upon. The message is being shared, but is being ignored, denied, and even being made illegal to share the WORD of GOD in places like school.

    I'm just so thankful the LORD knows His Own. I share when I have the opportunity to.

    I love you all so much,

  11. I agree that we are blessed, even if we forget sometimes and need to be reminded. Thank you for this post. I am praying for your Husband :)

  12. Amen to ALL of your gratefulness!
    Truly we are a blessed people and GOD loves it when we thank HIM!
    I love your Valentine rich in color and sweetness. ((HUGS!))


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