Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - Belated Valentine's Day Table

 Hello Sweet Friends,

How is the world treating you today??
Very Well,  I hope!!

It started out to be a dreary day,very overcast
 but by around 11:00, the sun came out. 
 So we came out, as well!!

Worked in yard for a lil bit and made another
 couple of areas look mucho better!
Course, some of the bushes are bare, but
that will change very quickly,  I saw all 
those lil buds on the branches.

I think Spring has to be the most exciting
Season,  I just love watching all the new
life bursting everywhere, and all the dead
grass and plants coming back to life, every
day our grass has more green peeking thru
here and there!  Just love witnessing all
that...........I think Spring is all about
resurrecting the dead......and we know
 who it is suppose to remind us of...........
Jesus, Of Course!!

Thought I would make today a fun day.
I wound up doing a late Valentine's Day
table, ............for Scott and Megan on
 Sunday.  Had all the stuff and had been
playing with the napkins cause I had
some Valentines ribbons and other
things so thought hey, why not!!

Do you by any chance recognize what
the napkins are???

These white hearts are made of foam
and are glittered, can't tell too much in
this pic tho!

The lil pink hearts are made of plastic,
for scattering!  I think they are so sweet!
You can see the glitter more on the white 
hearts here!

These candies are white chocolate raspberry
Hersey's kisses!  and boy,  are they good!
I highly recommend them,  altho if you
have heart problems don't eat many!! lol

Have you figured out what the napkins are

They are bath clothes, never used before!
So figured why not try them,  that is why
they are all different cause I got to playing!!

This has my fav photoshop affect on it!!
Can you tell??

Another way to do the napkin

Always needs some candlelight!!

and another way to do the napkin,

and another way!!
Believe it or not,  I have 5 more
ways I didn't show here!!

You'll see them in another
Tablescape some time I'm sure!!

A little Glitz

Some sweet Glamour
to remind you Spring is a coming!!

Thanks so much for coming by to visit,
hope you enjoyed your time with me!

Always good to hear from you!!

Don't forget to go over to Susan's
for her weekly tablescape party
at between naps on the porch
So you can see all the lovely
 tablescapes she has there!

Have a Wonderful Day!!

Love, Hugs, and
 Sweet Pink Blessings!!



  1. Everything looked really beautiful. I like the wash cloth idea for napkins. Very pretty.

  2. The little pink hearts are really pretty!
    I can't write too much, I have spasms grabbing me in my left back hip area. I felt something slip and can hardly move or walk. I'll have to go to the chiropractor tomorrow.

  3. I love the little pink glass hearts. They seem to be dancing up and down the table.. The napkins, well those are just most clever.

  4. Very clever, Nellie! What a special treat - to decorate the table so specially. (For some reason, I just never really get into it. Wish I were more creative with the table!)

  5. What a sweet tablescape! The pink hearts scattered add a lot! Cute napkins! After you eat you can really wash up!!

  6. Love your tablescape Nellie, so soft and sweet. I know your family felt so special.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I haven't put a followers gadget on my blog, still praying about that. Thank you for all of your sweet comments.
    Hugs, Sue

  7. Your wash cloth/napkins are darling. They would also be cute bundled together in two or three layers to make a "Cake" could be so cute for a bridal shower gift. Thank you for sharing your delightful design. Cherry Kay

  8. What a gorgeous table setting! I love the tablecloth and all the pink.

    I hope you will stop by and visit the linky party I am hosting. There are prizes!

  9. Nellie, I can tell you had FUN putting this pretty table together! I love the washcloths wrapped in valentine ribbon -- cute idea! And all the heart-shaped additions to your table really carry out the theme. I know your family enjoyed dining here!

  10. Hi Nellie.....your table looks so festive and ready for a party!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving those kind comments about the Baby Shower. Isn't it fun to decorate:)?!

  11. I guess I missed this post so I am glad I found it. What a very pretty tablescape. I love your creativity.

    Your family is so lucky that you set a beautiful table. I hope they let you know how much.

    Blessings & Love

  12. Just beautiful, as always! Love the idea of using baby washclothes. Wouldn't that be cute for a baby shower as well?
    You are so creative Nellie!

  13. What a pretty table, Nellie! I can tell you had a great time putting it together and it looks very sweet!
    Blessings, Beth


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