Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Woman's Day Book

Morning Sweetie Peeties,

Welcome to this Simple 
Woman's Day Book!!

I decided to try it, since I never
have before.

Hope you are well and full of joy today!

I am just waking up....... it is 5:21 a.m.,   and
Outside my is pitch black,  no moonlight and a
 chilly 38 degrees.  I feel slept out.........
guess cause we went to bed a lil earlier than usual,  as we were
tired from a very active day.

I am thankful for...... a very good night's sleep, and another
new day.

From the learning room.....I am learning to trust God more, 
and to wait on him, with great anticipation of His goodness and
love for me.  I am finding his grace more and more sufficient
all the time.

I am reading..... a book by Joyce Meyer,  called "Seven things
that steal your joy",  and Karen Kingsbury's, "Miracles" 
devotional, and I love both of them.

From the kitchen.....I need some inspiration,  I have not been
 in a cooking mood lately,  so need to looks up some
new recipes.  lol  That always seems to help.  I go through these
spells of not having an appetite,  and when I do, I have a hard time
trying to come up with something to cook cause nothing appeals
too me.....but once I sit down to eat it's fine!!
but that darn chef never shows up when she is suppose to!! lol

I am wondering.....if hubby will get a call about his job
interview today,  since we heard nothing yesterday!!

I am hearing......the heat running and pretty much complete
silence other than the clicking of the keys as I type,  I love
that sound of silence.  It has a ring all it's own!

Today if I could change one thing.....It would be that 
everyone in the world would love God and follow His ways, 
 because then, it would be one awesome world.....
Course, that is what Heaven is,  so guess I will just have to
wait!! lol  

I am quoting.....Joyce Meyer, "If you are feeling a bit 
depressed, call a friend and ask for prayer, don't wait 
till it takes a truckload of christians to pray you out of it."

I love that.......cause it is really true.  It always reminds
me of a time in my younger christian life when I was going
thru a very hard time due to some information someone
confided in me that I did not know how to handle or what
to do about,  and some dear older ladies came to visit me,
cause I am sure they could tell I was not myself,  but I
thought I was hiding it well,  and they asked me if I was
okay and if there was anything they could pray for me 
about, and I said No, I'm fine!!  lol  I was afraid they 
would think that I wasn't very spiritual............ 
For Years Now..... it is like....... who cares!!  lol
We are human beings, after all!!
That depression lasted about 6 months,  and when I 
came out of it,  I realized if I had humbled myself and 
said yes, please I need prayer.  I didn't have to give
details,  think I was afraid of that too!!  but I probably
would have been out of that depression a whole lot sooner.
God gives grace to the humble!!

I am going..... to be looking for more small churches and
chapels today where Dee might possibly get married,  cause
our church is large and she wants it to be small and intimate.
And yesterday's venture didn't work out, unfortunately.

I am missing.....the sunshine lately, and longing to sit in
it for just a few minutes.

One of my guilty pleasures.....a chocolate Elvis from
planet smoothie.  Yum, Yum!!  We make them at home as
well.......and even tho,  they are good too,  they don't taste
quite the same.

Pet Peeves.....people who don't clean up behind them-
selves and leave it for someone else to take care of, like
they were born with a maid or something!!

One of my favorite spending one on one
time with someone I love..... it just rings my chimes!!

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately.....
"A song from the heart."  it was not a 5 star movie, but
it was enjoyable.  It was about a woman who was blind,
yet, was an incredibly gifted music teacher.  The lady
 was played by Amy Grant, a singer,  and she did a very
 good job of playing the part.

I am curious about.....what life will be like if or when
Jim gets this new job.  We have enjoyed this time of forced
staycation so much,  it has been like retirement, and even
before that his working at home 2 days a week.....
but it will be nice to be able to plan things again, like
projects and vacation and the like.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....
want to make some pink napkins, plan a pretty 
table for a Valentine's dinner, hopefully, see a few
friends, go grocery shopping,  to the chiropractor, 
and church. Maybe work in the yard some.
 All I can think of at this early hour. 

Here are some photos and some thoughts I am
sharing with you.....

Isn't he just adorable!!  I so love God's lil critters,  and he is
 just sitting here eating away!!

He has now spotted me looking out the window and
 taking his picture, so has slowly turned toward me!
Do you see the acorn in his mouth???

He got just a bit braver and turned a lil more as if,  I am
 keeping and eye on her,  then.....

He got scared and quicked  scurried up the tree !!
Such fun to watch them, and even more to capture
them in pictures.

Well, Sweet Folks,
Thanks for dropping in....... 
and for all your sweet comments, 
they are a blessing!!

Have A Wonderful Wednesday,


  1. I've never tried this "prompt" either, Nellie. It probably is really helpful to get started and include a lot of thoughts & personal information in an organized way.

    I like the Joyce Meyer quote you included. SOOOOOOOOO true!

  2. What a beautiful blog post and I love how you wrote it. Have a great day.

  3. Isn't this fun!! I just love Bonnie's! She got me started answering hers like I do your Thankful Thursdays!
    I love you all,

  4. O' Nellie, this reminds of my pet squirrel,Scooter...I miss her so much, you can read about her on my blog if you go back a few months.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nellie you did it. Looks just great, isn't it fun and easy to do? Just think how much your grand kids will love it someday if you do it once a week! What a treasure!

    Sure do hope you get word about the job soon! Praying over here!

    Love, B

  6. I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!! Prayers for job, been there last summer and the Lord was faithful and provided my husband with a GREAT job! More than we could have hoped for:)


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