Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - February 17, 2011

Greeting and Salutations
Sweet Friends,

Thought I would sound a lil formal
for a change!!  lol

So....what is life like in your neck
of the woods???

Our neck of the woods, is dismal and dreary, very
overcast and looking very much like Winter, although,
it is really not all that cold out. It's about 62 degrees.
It was suppose to be sunny this week and in the 70's,
well, some days were 70,  but most days have not
been sunny.........Poo..........I was really looking
forward to getting out in the sun and doing some
yard work,  but just have not been motivated to
at all..........
I have to say it has been a very good week 
otherwise,  which leads me to my 
Thankful List.

I am thankful
for 41 great Valentine's days with my sweet
hubby.  They are just as much fun today as
they were back then.

I am thankful
for these beautiful red tulips that you see pictured
 throughout this post,  cause as most of you have
probably figured out I do love me some flowers.

I am thankful
we had a nice visit from our daughter on Tuesday
evening. She was able to come have dinner with us
 as well, and it is always extra special when we
 have her all to ourselves

I am thankful
that she may have found the place where
they can be married and celebrate after,
at a reasonable price.

I am thankful
that I discovered that I can get the Nate Berkus
 show on our TV.  I had heard about it on some
of the blogs, in fact, one of the girls  (I think it
 was Thrifty decor chick) was actually on his 
show.  Have enjoyed watching it a few
 times already.

I am thankful
we have Rosie visiting with us right now.
She is just so cute, and her antics make us laugh.
(she would be our grandaughter dog,  if you
are new to my blog)  lol

I am thankful
for the delicious Veggie Lasagna Dee made for us.
We are so enjoying it,  and the not cooking!!  lol

I am thankful
that our friend who had stomach cancer has been told
he is cancer free.  Praise the Lord!!

(My fav posterized affect)

I am thankful
for all the photographs we have taken of our family
over the years.  Last night hubby and I were trying to
think of something different to do, so we decided to
look at all our old photos.  What fun we had with
our trip down memory lane,  and we have barely
scratched the surface,  so we have plenty more
to keep us busy another or many nights really!!

I am thankful
for this delightful tea my daughter gave me for Christmas.
It is absolutely wonderful,  it is made by a Company
called Teavana,  and it is a Rooibos tea,  called
"Blueberry Bliss",  it truly is delicious,  and think
it will make a wonderful iced tea as well.

Can you tell I am already thinking spring!! 

So trying not to drink it all up before then. lol

I am thankful
the sun came out around noon and we were finally able
to go out and work in the yard for awhile.  So refreshing,
and love seeing the results of cutting away the old dead
stuff, and seeing it look better right away,  but knowing
it's gonna look even better as the days go by.

(This is an affect called Cut out,  thought it looked
rather interesting)

I am thankful
we got so much accomplished in the yard in
 such a short time.  Amazing how fast it goes 
with 2 people, rather than one.

I am thankful
again for all the prayers and well wishes for my hubby
and this job, and even tho, we still haven't heard any
thing.......we feel secure in the fact,  that the Lord has
it all in hand,  and if this isn't the job,  the Lord only
has something better in mind!!

Hope you have enjoyed your visit,  and that you
have a Fab Friday,  and a Westful Weekend!!  
( That dratted elmer fudd) lol

But........before you go.....
I have to show you one more picture of something
that happened that we thought was pretty funny.
When we left on go out on Valentines Day my
Tulips arrangement looked like all the pics you
have seen above,  but now take a look!!

Do you see any changes???
and No....I don't mean the cards.

Don't the tulips now look like they are growing in
a pot from bulbs...........we felt like someone came
in an rearranged them while we were gone.
Guess the tulips were not happy with the way I
arranged them so they took things into
 their own stems !!  lol

Isn't that a hoot!!
I have to say I have never had that
 experience before!

Love,  Hugs and Weekend
Blessings to ya!



Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

So sweet Nellie! Y0u have a fab Friday and westful Weekend too!!!

Donnie said...

Your tulips have a mind of their care and thanks for the sweet thankful post.

sistersusiesays said...

#1. I spent my Valentine's Day (as I have the last 33 years) with my 18 plus students! Chocolate flows through the candy bars, candy roses, little goody bags within their big goody bags; as well as the confetti of cards!
#2. I can't really pick my favorite flower. They are all so beautiful!
#3. Our get together for our grade chair went very well. He was quite surprised! We had publix's sandwich ring, salad, chips, and soda!
#4. I'm so happy DeeAnna and Jerry have found their special place to get married.
#5. I don't know who Nate Berkus is.
#6. She is definately one sweet cutie!
#7. I know what you mean! Michele (at school) surprised me with chili!
#8. Praise Jesus! I have a praise I have been praying for too! Alicia is free of cancer. (She is the wife from one of our school's interns. She is only 23!) Her husband said they are now on a 5 year count down in hoping it doesn't come back.
#9. That's what I did on my passed blogs. I took a quick trip down memory lane with some pictures of our family over the years!
#10. Well, I supposed to have stayed off of all tea, coffee, and chocolate. I did pretty good. Today I went for my stress test (you know, the dreaded tread mill!) They had it going to almost a run! I did well, praise be to GOD! The doctor was, should I say surprised, for me being 59 and overweight! He complemented me on a good job!
#11. Doesn't it feel great to know spring is on its way. Have you noticed the last week or so how the days are getting longer!!
#12. Just the lesson I was teaching with the kinder kiddies today. The job gets done much quicker if the family assists rather than just mom doing it all! It was in one of our whole group sharings.
#13. Prayers ae still being lifted. I have found the LORD has His time (even though I wished He would respond quicker!)
I love you all very much,

Jennifer said...

Blueberry Bliss tea - now that sounds wonderful and like one that I definitely need to check out:) Thanks for the suggestion!

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

What a nice list of thankfuls. I love tulips and strawberries and they are both red my favorite color. LOL

It is great to hear that your daughter found a place to get married. It is so exciting hearing all these wedding plans.

Praise the Lord about your friend that has been healed from Cancer. God is Good!

Have a great weekend!
Love & Blessings

Sue said...

I always love your thankful list. I'm very thrilled that your friend got good news about the cancer. My fingers are still crossed about the job for your husband. Your pictures are fresh and colorful. Tulips sometimes follow the light. They will lean in the position that they can get the most sun...maybe that is what happened?

Debbie said...

I love your incredible self- arranging tulips. I do believe the ones on my table got a little adventurous, too. Unfortunately, it left them with a case of the droops.

Love your thankful list! You'll have much to be thankful for as you near the big wedding day. I haven't done it yet, but all my friends who have walked the MOB walk say to cover every detail in prayer and watch God make the decisions.

As for me? I'm thankful that maybe... maybe... my computer is back to normal after three days of mischief.

Bonnie said...

Hi Nellie!

I am sorry that package is taking so long to get to you. I hope you aren't going to be disappointed after all the waiting! It is funny that your tulips stood at attention when you came home! Probably saluting you two for so many great Valentine's Days together. You must be a bit anxious about the job, but I appreciate your great attitude and knowledge that the Lord has a plan.

I am glad thing are progressing with the wedding and that you can spend so much time with your special girl. I am envious~cherish the moments.

It is always nice to read your Thanksgiving list.

Love you, sweet friend!


Cinderella Moments said...

Hi Nellie!! I see you're still keeping the faith. I like your attitude! Beautiful pictures! We've had gorgeous weather and I love it! It's suppose to be in the 60s this week. But that's so much better than snow and ice. So I love it! Love ya!


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