Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hope you have had a Smilin' Irish Day!!
Even if you aren't Irish it is kinda fun to
 celebrate anyway.

I actually do have some Irish blood in me and I usually
 make Irish Colcannon but not sure if I am going to tonight 
or not, still trying to decide.  It will require a trip to
the store and am feeling rather lazy today..... lol

I usually make it special for my Dee, cause she loves
 it more than anyone else,  course, we like it too. but
since she won't be here just might opt out!!  lol
and make it another day when she will be here.

It has been quite a week hasn't it........

With all the tradgedy going on in Japan 
I have to say my
 I am thankful
for the gift of life, because it truly is a precious gift.

I heard it said, Life is God's gift to you, but what
you do with your life is Your Gift back to God.
I think that is true!!

I am thankful
that we have the ability and heart to pray for those
 in Japan that are going through this devastatingly
horrible time. My heart has certainly been with them,
and I am sure your's has been too!!

I am thankful
for all the rescue workers and people that go
in a place of devastation like that and do what
they do,  they are such heros,  and truly amazing.
May God Bless them so abundantly for all they
do and the ways they put themselves in harms way.
As well, as our military men and women.

I am thankful
they found that 4 mo. old baby amongst the rubble
from the tsunami.........and his parents were still
alive as well.  What a Miracle that is!!
And boy,  do they need to see some miracles
in that place..................


I am thankful
for a lovely compliment I rec'd from my 
son in law to be.  It really touched my heart.
He probably didn't think it was a big deal,
but to me, it was.  When they came for
Jim's birthday on Sunday he walked 
over and looked at the table and said
"You always go the 2nd mile for us"
I never had anyone say that before,
and it was neat that he said us, 
which means he feels like part of
the family already.  Those lil things
mean so much!!

I am thankful
for all the yard work we have been getting
done, it is coming along lil by little.
and I have a sore thumb to prove it!!  lol
Got stuck by a big rose thorn last evening.

I am thankful
Dee came to do my hair on Monday evening,
and so appreciate it,  cause she was very tired,
and went out of her way to do that for me.
She's a sweetie!

I am thankful
for my step-grandpa that I grew up knowing,
till I was 21 yrs. old.  His birthday would have been
 today,  but he passed away 38 yrs. ago. Think if he
 would have been 100 or 102 yrs. old today.

 I have very fond memories of him because he was
 always very kind and good to me.  In fact, he and my 
Grandmother even paid for our Wedding, but  my
 Dad did all the the work on it though.  

I am thankful
that Spring is almost officially here, and that I
can start to Springersize my home,  just got to
get started.  Had planned to start Monday 
but our plans changed.  Remember the adage
"Life is what happens while your making your
plans."  lol       How true that is!!
New Note:  I did my 1st spring change today,
I put a blue gingham tablecloth on my kitchen
table............ Big Change!!  lol

I am thankful
that the Lord gave hubby and I some scriptures yesterday
 that were a confirmation and encouragement to both of us.
  Funny thing is..... we were in separate rooms reading
 Proverbs, we read one every day of the month, since there
are 31,  so it was Proverb 16 and the Lord brought
3 scriptures from their to hubbies mind,  and 2 of those
scriptures really stood out to me as well.
God is so Cool!

I am thankful
that a young Viet Namese friend we have is
coming to visit with us tomorrow.  He used 
to work with my hubby about 15 years back, 
 and he sort of adopted us as 2nd parents
 since he hadn't seen his own parents since
 he was 10 yrs.old,  he was sent out of 
Viet Nam and lived in a refugee camp for a
 while before coming to the United States to 
live with an uncle.

  He is really a wonderful young man and has
 had a very hard life, but worked and went to 
school and became an engineer. He spent
quite a number of holidays with us before
he married a lovely Viet Namese girl, they
now have 2  adorable children and lives about
 an hour away, so we haven't seen him in a long
 time,  but have talked with him.  So it should
be fun catching up.

I am thankful
that I get to share life with my hubby, and children,
 their fiancee's,  and our grandaughter dogs,  and all
 those I hold dear as relatives and friends,............
  and you too,  sweet bloggy buddies .

I am thankful
we decided on a whim,  to go out to Sam's and
Target,  walk in the mall,  finish off our gift 
certificate to Cracker Barrel for din din, and go to
 a late movie compliments of another gift card at
Christmas from Scott and Megan.  That is why
it is after midnight as I publish this post!!  
We had a fun evening!

Guess you could say I am a day late and a 
dollar short!!  lol  Sorry bout that!!

So glad you stopped by,  
Looking forward to seeing what you have to say!

Have a Super Duper Friday
and Weekend!!

Love, Hugs and Irish Blessings to ya,


Rebecca said...

*Amen to so many of your "thanks-givings".
*Isn't it nice when the "second miles" are recognized?
*Happy to hear of your evening out.
*Ground is too soggy here to work outdoors much yet.
*And I, too, am SO thankful for the Word! God's Word IS powerful and mighty.

Donnie said...

Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for as do all of us. Have a great visit and a wonderful weekend.

Janet said...


You have such wonderful thankfuls. I never get tired of reading them and they have encouraged me.

I have been working like crazy to update my BLOG everyday since I had so much happening in Georgia. I miss my Georgia family so much but I have memories that could last a lifetime. I do thank the Lord for that.

I am looking forward for our raining to stop and have some spring weather.

Have a good weekend!
Blessings & Love

Sister Susie said...

#1. How true! I'm now seeking the LORD's guidance for my future!
#2. I am still in shock and awe of this tragedy in Japan! Natural disaster is so
devastating! I just hope many were Christians or will be brought to Christ by this calamity.
It really concerns me about Florida having 3 of these neuclear plants. We may not have the earthquakes to cause such ruin, but it wouldn't take but one terrorist in an ultra-light plane with a suitcase mini-nuke dropping it in a "critical area" to bring even more distruction than that of Japan.
#3. I am thankful for a company here in Florida that has made new hazardeous suits that cuts back on radiation by 90%. They have sent many of these suits to Japan. I just hope it's not too late for those who have already put themselves in "harm's way!" The news has just now said the danger level has just been raised to #7 (the worst.)
#4. GOD continues His Miracles as a witness to His Power!
#5. He does have a kindness that is very loving.
#6. Yes, I have to go cut back my one orange trees today. It has many dead branches I need to remove so it will allow the new growth.
#7. It's great! I remember when I use to roll mom's hair on curlers for her.
#8. I only knew dad's mom, my grandmother. I only got to see her a few times in my life. My other grandparents had already passed away.
#9. I need to give you your birthday gift. You may want to use it with your decor. I'm so excited, I can't wait until your birthday to give it to you!
#10. The LORD has also given me scriptures that came out very strong to me this week, "Have in faith in the LORD your GOD and you will be upheld" II Chron. 20:21. "See these times as an opportunity for you to claim GOD's help." II Chron. 28:22 commentary.
#11. It is such a blessing from our LORD when we can have friends for so many years!!
#12. The LORD's Spirit mulitiplies where 2 or 3 are gathered in His Name. Your (our) get togethers are just this kind of Love.
#13. Don't you think sometimes our "whims" are Holy Spirit led! Yesterday, Alice and Boddy (on a whim) ask me to join them at Long Horns! Um, Um Good! (The Holy Spirit, not the food!!)

I love you all very much,

Through My Red Door said...

Your Thankful Thursday is very thought provoking. Reminds us we all have something to be thankful for even when life gets tough. And that God's got better things for us to look forward to if we just trust Him.

I haven't visited here much, but am going to go back through your posts and see what I've been missing.

Thank you for stopping by to visit me and showing me the way to your blog!


Patti said...

You always have such a fabulous thanksgiving list each week. And I so agree with you, with all that is going on in the world (Japan, Libya, Afganistan), I am thankful for life and safety.

I don't doubt that you go the second mile for EVERYONE. How nice of your sweet son-in-law to be to let you know that he notices.

Love and hugs,