Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 31, 2011

(Some Springs Scenes from my Living Room from last year)

I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart;
 I will tell of all your wonders.
Psalm 9:1

Hello Sweet Friends,

How are you this fine day??
Hope your weather is better than ours.

It has been raining like crazy all day
with lots of thunder and lightning to go along
with it.  Hubby said this day was for 
a duck.........

Which brings me to my first thankful


I am thankful
that hubby had a job interview today with
 another Company....... that is why he said
 it was a day for a duck.....

to interview that is!! lol

He had to leave in the pouring rain, so
fortunately, we have a beach umbrella,
so I was able to walk him to the car
with that and kept him fairly dry, the
when he arrived there it started pouring 
again, but fortunately, he arrived a lil
early so he was able to wait a few mins.,
and it did let up some, and was able
to park right in front, and he also has one
 of those shirts with the new fabric that
is fairly water repellent, the water just
 beads up on the outside,  so that was good!!
We didn't even realize that!!  

 The interview was just a wee bit disappointing
 as he only got to speak with someone in HR,
 but no techie folks, and then they gave him
 some sort of brain teaser type test!  Always
something new to look forward

Have to say tho, it was almost amazing the
way he got the interview so quickly or at
all really!!
Because he applied on Tuesday, got a
call first thing Wednesday and went in
for the interview today,  and it came
thru career builder, I think, and he has
never gotten one interview from the
online services, this time or the last
time he was laid off.
But, hey, we are thankful for it any
way you slice it, cause it is progress!!
and we know who is in control of
doling out his jobs!!

Update: They just called and said
they want him to come back for an
another interview on Monday and he
passed the silly test with flying colors!!
Whoo Hoo!!

I am thankful
for a sweet visit from the wife
of a young couple we were counseling
back in the fall. She was saying they had
planned on coming back after the baby came,
  but they are doing so well, they don't need to.

Isn't that Great!!

Just what we love to hear!!
The Lord gave him a new job that was more 
family friendly too and I really think that took 
care of a lot of the problems, and they were
very excellent students!! 

She brought us a very lovely thank you card
along with a Target Gift card!!

How Precious!!
The Card and the Fact that they are doing
so well... is Thanks enough for us, but it
was so appreciated.

I am thankful
for my wonderful family. 
  They spoiled this lady royally, and
it meant the world to me.

I am thankful
for all the facebook wishes, ecards,
 emails, comments from bloggy friends,
 phone calls, and cards I rec'd
for my birthday,
It was truly overwhelming..... but in
very good way!

My love tank is beyond overflowing!!
and My week has been a lil heaven on earth.

I am thankful
that hubby just got more work from
his old company.  Something crashed....
unfortunately for them......  but they need
him to fix it, so that is good news for us!!

I am thankful
for the rain we got this week,  cause
our yard really needed it and really
liked it....much greener, kicking in that
slow release fertilizer Scott put down.

I am thankful
for the sweet time I had with Dee
while we were getting our pedicures
 together,  it was a lot of fun and very
 relaxing, and I love getting my feet in
 great shape for spring especially now that 
everyone wears sandal type shoes for
 casual or dress!!

  I was introduced to my first pedicure 5 years
 ago, by Dee who took me for my birthday, 
 and it is a gift I love,  so we do it almost
 every year now.  One year we got facials,
but to be honest...I prefer the pedicure.

I am thankful
that we got to keep Joey our
 grandaughter dog this week.

(This has a photoshop affect on it, probably paint daubs)

I am thankful
for the new book Jimmy got me for
my birthday called "Heaven is for
real".  It is truly an awesome book.
we are 3 quarters of the way done thru
it and we just started on Monday.
It is easy reading tho I have to admit,
 but we are so enjoying it!!

I am thankful
that hubby now enjoys reading 
books a lot more now.  Some years
back while on vacation I started
reading to him,  and he really liked
it and we have been doing that for
years now, and he even reads to me
now too!  How cool is that!!

I am thankful
for the Lord's incredible faithfulness
to us, he just never ceases to amaze.

I am thankful
for the sweet smelling aroma in my 
backyard ruminating from our honey
suckle vines, they truly smell divine.
Course, after all the rain, they aren't
looking to swell now!!  lol

Did you ever pull the stamen out of
one of their petals and eat the nectar??

It tastes sweet,  we used to do that all
the time as kids, and once in awhile
I still have to go out and do it!!  lol

Well, Sweet Friends......
That is my list of joy gifts
 for this week,
Hope you have some too!

Glad you stopped by.....
don't forget to say Hellooooo!!

Hope more of you are experiencing
the joy of spring by now!!

Hugs.....and Spring blessings,



  1. So many things to be thankful for...Love reading yours Nellie! Blessings, Cindy

  2. Dear Nellie, I'm so glad you got so many blessings this week-me too! In fact, an old friend(who didn't know it was my birthday)mailed me the book and I got it Monday. I'm reading it at night so a bit slower than you. I also got many wonderful presents. Continue on with many blessings this week.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. #1. I pray this is the job the LORD has for him!
    #2. It can also be a thanks from the LORD saying, "Well done thy good and faithul servants."
    #3. It's always a joy when you get spoiled!
    #4. I'm not sure how to use Facebook that much or I would do so as well.
    #5. He is definately great at fixing crashes! I can testify to that concerning my own computer!!
    #6. I really like the rain. It's just the lightening and wind storms I don't like, especially when I'm at school with 18 Kindergartners going from lunch back to the room. We really has some crashing thunder and lightening. There were some screaming with laughter and others crying to get back fast! The rain was also blowing up a literal gale!
    #7. My feet are so ugly, ha! I wouldn't want anyone to see them. I guess that's what I get for going barefooted every chance I have, lol!
    #8. I think Joey just needs stability. That's why she does so well with you!
    #9. I know what you mean. When I get a book that so intrigues me, I can't put it down until I finish it! That's why I don't usually read any until I'm home for the summer.
    #10. The only ones I have read to are the 900 or so children I've had over the last 34 years!
    #11. "Great is Thy Faithful, LORD unto me."
    #12. My night jasmine is coming back. I probably won't get the aroma until summer.
    I love you all,

  4. Your thankful spirit is SO contagious. I thank God for YOU, Nellie!

  5. Hi Nellie

    Another job interview. I hope all works out.

    I hope your storms clear up. I can't imagine Susan at school with all those little ones and the thunder and lightening. Funny I can't remember it storming when I was little in school.

    I get such joy out of reading your thankfuls. I wanted to start my yesterday but had a brain block. But all of a sudden this morning they came flying out so fast I could barely write them down. I think it was a gentle reminder from the Lord of all mu blessings.

    Our daughter Holly and SIL Ricky invited us to go with them to Victoria BC the first of May. I am so excited. We actually can drive and then ferry over. I have been there once but it was work related. I can't wait.

    Blessings & Love

  6. Nellie you are a joy and I am thankful for you! God bless both you and Jim as he goes through this process. We know the Lord's will will prevail. Best wishes that you will love the outcome. Love, B

  7. Rejoicing with you over sooooooo many things to be thankful for!
    Up here as well!
    Praising our Faithful Heavenly Father for His provision and protection. Great and Mighty is HE!

  8. Lovely post and it looks like you all have so many things going on. You are always in my prayers and I love how you are waiting for His will to be done. That was something that hubby's old job called him to fix what they couldn't. Maybe they should hire him back.

  9. What a great thanks list, Nellie!! I always love your Thankful Thursday posts.

    Oh, I hope that is the job for Jim. I'll be praying!! Glad to know he passed the brain teaser test!!

    I have never had a pedicure...though I do paint my own toenails all the time. I would love to have the foot massage and all that goes with a pedicure, though.

    And I know what you mean about the time with your daughter. Gabrielle and I did a mother/daughter massage and makeover day back in February. It was our "milestsone" birthday treat, and I loved it...not just the massage, but the time with my sweet girl.

    I didn't know you were on Facebook. I must be honest and tell you that your name has come up on my "suggested friends" section several times, as we have many friends in common. But I didn't think you were using FB, so I have never sent the friend request. I enjoy FB alot...great for short updates.

    Well, have a wonderful day.


    PS Hoping to see you in May or June!!

  10. Hi Nellie!
    I hope you had a great birthday:) Your dinner table looked lovely! I have just started back to blogging regularly, I got so busy that I had to cut back on all of the things I was doing and take a break...sometimes blogging every day can become overwhelming! It is so great to hear from you, I enjoyed your "thankfuls" this week-praying for your hubby to find a job! Have a blessed weekend:)

  11. It always brightens my day to read your gratitude list. You remind me to appreciate the small things (and the big ones). I'm excited for your sounds promising that he has a call back. My husband and I are both avid readers...but, we don't read to each other. He tends to love to read Westerns and he thinks what I read is "fluff"!


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