Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heart Tips Tuesday - a few new products

Hello Sweet Friends,

How is your heart today???
Hope you have a 
Happy Heart this day!!

Have to say mine is very Happy cause I got a full
nights rest last night.  I have slept much better the
last few nights because we started running our
air purifier on Sunday night cause Rosie was
here,  and when she hears noises she isn't used
to, she barks, of course, and it's a very shrill lil bark
 and nearly gives us a heart attack, so hubby said
 think we better turn the A/P on, 
 and you know what???

 I have slept like a baby the last few nights.  I realized
 that I am waking up a lot due to outside noises that
 I hear too, like the blinds on the porch banging from
 the wind, or cats fighting or meowing in the night
 (there is some cat that comes by at times and I
 swanee, (isn't that a great southern word, my 
grandmother used to say it all the time, and I
have only known one other person to use that
who happens to be an old friend)
sorry,  sort of spider webbed there,  back to the
cat now,
 I  have never heard a cat meow so loudly), 
sometimes she or he loves to come by our bed-
room window at night, thankfully not every night,
 and this is also my allergy time of year too. 
 Just love Oak Pollen...................lol
So I have been stuffy too!!

So that was a great discovery in my book!!
Cause it cured all the problems I didn't
even realize were happening.  God is good!!

Thought I would show you a few new
food discoveries you might like to try in
your quest for heart health.

I just love these crackers.........they are very crunchy
and have a great flavor..........
 and these Cocoa roast almonds are a great sweet 
tooth killer and taste awesome,
  but only if splenda doesn't cause you any problems. 
 They are made with Cocoa powder and splenda which
 sounds great calorie wise, but unfortunately splenda
 can have side affects for some people.

I discovered I am one of them...... some years back,
we used to buy these wonderful coffee drinks, that
had sugar free flavored syrups in them,  but I quickly
realized that everytime I had one,  not to long after
I would feel bloated and my stomach would hurt
and it would cause intestinal problems,  so I told
hubby I think it must be something in these drinks,
so googled (good ole google) side affect of
splenda,  and there it all was,  the same affects
I had been experiencing........so needless to say
I  try to stay away from splenda.  
Since these were nuts and we know cocoa
and almonds are heart healthy I never thought
that small amount of splenda would cause me
a problem,  and it doesn't if I only eat a few,
but at first I would eat a hand full,  no can do!!  lol

Just thought I would mention that to you just
in case you might have had some splenda and
had symptoms and didn't know what caused
it,  cause at first I thought I was getting a 
stomach virus or something.  My hubby can
eat it with no problems, so it doesn't affect
everyone that way!!  Thank Goodness!!

Got caught up in the splenda story and forgot
to say I have purchased the crackers and the
chocolate almonds at Sam's and Walmart.

Now these lil babies are our answer to
 Pillsbury's Toaster Streudel,  which we love,
  but  unfortunately,  they have those dreaded
hydrogenated oils which we can no longer eat,
  so quite by accident we came upon these.

  Only thing is they don't have the icing that
 toaster streudel has.......
So we needed to improvise.

I used laughing cow creamy swiss cheese,
(they are in those lil round flat boxes, that
are so cute!) and
then just drizzled a lil sugar on to, as lil or
as much as you want.

All I can say  ...........
a very yummy substitute.

I have only found these Amy Toaster Pops
at Publix Supermarket.

Well, Sweet Friends,

You have a great evening and
 rest of the week! 

See ya tomorrow, 
 thanks for dropping in.....

Love, Hugs,  and 
Sunny Florida Blessings,


Cindy said...

Interesting! Thanks for sharing...have a wonderful week Nellie!

Donnie said...

Thanks for the product reviews. I can't use any artificial sweetners at all. After having the bladder cancer I'm much more careful about what I ingest.

Sue said...

Thanks for the product reviews nellie, I have a sensitive stomach too, but my dh can eat anything lol.
Sorry about the interruptions at night, and yes swannee is a southern slang, and I say it some times. lol
Enjoy your evening.
Nellie I don't know if it is my computer, but I tried three times and your background stayed dark grey. I could barely read your text. I wonder if I need to reset my safari? Has anyone else had the same problem?

Sue said...

Nellie I just reset safari and came back and it is fine, Whew! I am glad that is settled. lol. I love your new design
Hugs, Sue

Sue said...

Nellie I had to come back and tell you that this is so funny, you should have seen me squinting my eyes to read your post. LOLNow that was a funny sight.

BECKY said...

Great ideas, Nellie! Especially the last one! Who knew pop tarts could be so healthy??!!

Randy's sister is in town, and we have been quite busy. Today is party day...so much to do! Better go get busy!

We HAVE to get together next week!! :o)
Love you,

Neabear said...

Hi Nellie! I know it has been awhile, but just had to come by and see what you are up to. The information about the splenda is new to me. The products you reviewed look great. I have been trying to be more careful about what I eat too. Such as including more fiber and that kind of thing.

I just got over being sick. Blech! But I am better now. It is pouring rain these days. It has been such a wet year. It can stop raining for awhile....please.....we are getting water logged here.

Anyway, gotta ready for work pretty soon.

Take care,


Janet said...


Thanks for the heart tips. I have never had problems with splenda but it is good to know what can happen.

I love Amy's organic food. It is a bit spendy but I buy a lot of it.

I finally got a chance to go into a Publix when we were in Georgia since we do not have any here. Marvin was able to find some wheat nuts that he has not been able to find for a long time. They are not really nuts and not really good for you.

It is good to be home and back on schedule all though I do miss the kids. My son Jeremy has a birthday coming up on Saturday (30th) so we have a celebration planned.

Have a good week!
Blessings & Love

Sister Susie said...

Hi, Nellie!

I've had problems sleeping too! My back is doing really well since I've been sleeping in my chair! I know what you mean about the cats, however it is my cat Sarah wondering the house meowing all night long! I'm ready to put her in the back bedroom again, but that would do no good now that I'm sleeping right next to it, ha! Usually it is because her food has run out. She likes to eat at night and sleep in the day!

I, for some time, have been buying the Emerald cashews with black pepper! um um good!

Splenda...FORGET IT! I can't use it because it causes me to have severe gastro intestinal problems! I have heard the best sugar substitute is "Stivia" that you can get from the health food store. It is ALL natural with 0 additives. I think Splenda's additives is what makes it bad for me.

The toaster pops you can make your own icing for. I just use powdered sugar and water or juice. If you use juice, it's better to let it sit for a little to allow the juice flavor to blend. You know, it's like when you put sugar in your coffee. It tastes better after it is in it for a few minutes or so.

I love you all very much,

Bonnie said...

I agree with Susie, the Stevia is really good. I have no problem with the Splenda but the Stevia seems perfect for me right now. Mostly I just use a little regular sugar. I ma doing weight watchers right now though so every point counts and Stevia is really good.

I have also been having sleepless nights from coughing! I am really tired because the minute I lie down it starts in. Making me crazy! I had the cold two weeks ago but cannot get rid of the cough. I have been getting rather grumpy about it so I better get some sleep tonight! I cannot go anywhere without a water bottle. That in itself is tiring! So sweet drams to us all, right?

Hugs, B

P.S. I want to get together with you and Becky! Jealous in CA!