Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 9, 2011

 I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart;
 I will tell of all your wonders.
 I will be glad and rejoice in you;
 I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.
Psalm 9:1-2

Good Evening Sweet Friends,

What's been happening in your
world this week???  Something
good, something interesting,
something fun, something that
blessed your socks off!

Sure hope so!!

Have to say we have had a blessed week,
 with a lil bit of not so good yesterday,
that turned into something great!

So that would bring me 
to my 

I am thankful
for marital conflict - that was our not so good day, 
yesterday, that turned into something great.  None
of us likes conflict, do we???.....unless we are...  how 
shall I say this.... emotionally not,  but conflict
 is inevitable in any relationship and quite necessary for
 building intimacy and passion in a relationship, and if we 
are looking to the Lord to find out what He has to teach
us through it..........we can say we are thankful for the
results of conflict especially!  Sometimes it is like
a purging and just a needing to be really heard by
 each other and understand where each other is
coming from.......that happened last night,  and
all is better than well on the western front,  I am 
happy to report!!

I am thankful for the sweet fellowship we had
with our friends that visited this passed week.
  Truly a Blessing!


I am thankful
for the healing power of God in the life of our friend
that visited this week, who exhibits no signs of a 
stroke whatsoever.
Truly Amazing!

I am thankful
once again for the book Bonnie (over at One Designing
 Woman) gave me.  Jim and I are so enjoying it, and it really
 spoke peace to our hearts on Tuesday, because we were 
a lil disappointed we still haven't heard about the job yet...
 but we were so blessed that the Lord kept this chapter we
read just for that day!  The amazing grace of God's
timely encouragement...priceless!

This really is a great book, so thought
I would post a pic just in case anyone
would like to read it!!  We highly
recommend it!!

I am thankful 
for a fun day out Tuesday to celebrate Jim's Birthday
 and dinner at Cracker Barrel on Jerry,  Dee's fiancee,
 via gift cards for christmas!!

I am thankful
for God's divine appointments and his stretching us
 beyond our comfort zone.....
It Equals Growth!!

I am thankful
we finally got over to the mall to get Jim's tux measurements
done.  I know poor Megan is singing the hallelujah chorus,
as the Wedding is getting closer all the time.

I am thankful
Scott is working on reviving our grass, he has fertiilized twice
now, and will do something else this weekend when he comes,
 and it hasn't cost us a penny!  The yard is getting greener and
longer by the day...... we will need to mow soon!! lol
But what a  precious blessing from our son, and provision
 from our Heavenly Father!

I am thankful
for my daughter's thoughtfulness and practicalness in
 deciding to give her Dad a gift card so he can use it to
 pay for his Tux for the wedding. 
A precious gift from our daughter, and more provision
from our Lord.

I am thankful
for this time, and the other times we have experienced
 lay offs,and all that it has taught us, how it has grown
 our faith in Christ, and all the creative ways the Lord
 has provided for us.  He is so able.
Truly Awesome and Amazing!!

I am thankful
for Cranberry chicken Salad.... pictured above, which we
 had for dinner tonight!  It really is an awesome salad.
and If you would like to try it....... just Click here!

Are you hungry now!!  lol

I am thankful
that our friends (Jessica from Jewels for the Journey,
and her sweet hubby)  arrived safely at their new 
destination and are busily setting up housekeeping
as he starts his new job on Monday.
May God Bless every detail!!  and they will sure
be missed,  but they aren't too far away,  so that
is good!! 

Well,  Sweet Friends
that's my thankful list for today,  Hope you have
much to be thankful for as well.

Why not share a few of your Thankfuls with us!
Would love to hear from you!!

Love, Hugs, and Cool Weather


Donnie said...

That was another lovely post Nellie.

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

What a great list of thankfuls.

I was just think about your hubbys job interview last night when I was praying for you two. I still hope something works out.

I am getting excited for your daughters upcoming wedding. It seems like the day will never come and then 32 laters like Marvin and I here we are. What wonderful memories we have of our special day and the our journey.

You made me really hungry with cranberry salad. Yummy I will be trying it. I just had the best poppy seed dressing too.

I missed your hubbys birthday so please wish him a Happy Belated birthday. Cracker Barrell is a great place to eat too. I spend too much money in the gift shop.

I am going to pick up a copy of that book after I get all my reading caught up. I think I have a stack of 5 books waiting.

Have a great weekend!
Love & Hugs

Bonnie said...

Hi Nellie, I am just now getting to check out your last several posts. Thank you for coming by yesterday and for your long note. That was great. So glad you enjoyed the goblet and candle photo I did for you. It was a fun evening and I really enjoy that kind of entertaining. 7 or 8 people is the perfect number. I just love it.

I guess I have about finished my decorating for Easter as somehow our Easter box is missing from the attic or at least Jim could not find it. I am OK with it. I have added some spring and I feel like my house is finally back together after the Halloween transformation to Fall to Christmas to Valentine's is constant. I like spring and summer when things settle down a little.

I am sorry that you still have not heard anything about that job. Honestly, why do they do that to people? No wonder you were a little edgy! It is so interesting though how your kids just seem to fill in the gaps exactly where you need it. I am glad you got to go to Cracker Barrel for Jim's BD. We love that place. They make the best pancakes in the world I think! There are no CBs in CA but there is one in Utah right near Jen and Lowell so we always go there when we are visiting.

It is also nice that the birthday dinner was a treat from Jerry, and that Scott gave the gift card for the tux and is taking care of your lawn's needs. Awesome. We are having a wedding here at our house on June 18th for a young girl whose parents are out of work too. The church is helping them do the whole thing. My friend is doing all their flowers, other friends are working on the food. She is a darling girl and their only daughter so everyone is thrilled to make it nice for her and to ease their burdens some.

I am so thankful that you and Jim are enjoying the book. Isn't she just an amazing poetess? She is such a darling young lady and I love her Mennonite ways. Seeking for simplicity in this crazy world and she does a great job of it.

I wonder if you can write so much in a comment that it will just cut you right off at a certain point? I better not push my luck!

Jim is gone and I am missing him. Teh hosue is so quiet but I have been getting a lot done. He will be back on Sunday afternoon. I have been blessed with pretty nice weather so at least it is not depressing out.

To see my things I'm thankful for just go to my blog where I have started a "Gifts List" as Ann is doing. It is on the side bar near the top.

Love you, Bonnie

Rebecca said...

Nellie, there is instruction and encouragement in every single expression of your personal "thanksgivings" here... God bless you; keep you strong in faith; and supply ALL your needs according to His riches in Jesus...♥

Patti said...

You always have a lovely thanksgiving list each week. Having a thankful heart is such an amazing thing!!

Sure hope the job works out. I really believe it's okay to ask for it. Jesus asked the blind man, "What do you want me to do for you?" The man didn't say, "Oh, it really doesn't matter." he said, "I want to see."

So, we will continue to ask God for what you employment door for Jim.

Love and hugs to you,

Sister Susie said...

#1. Being single doesn't bring the blessings of such experiences. I thank our LORD that He intervenes to make weakness stronger.
#2. I enjoyed it too. It kind of brought some sorrow by bringing back memories of mom's stroke and that GOD didn't bless her with recovery. I am so overjoyed that he received full recovery from our LORD.
#3. Isn't it awesome! The LORD asnwered prayer in a young couple's life at school where his wife was healed of her cancer!
#4. I read, but would rather watch the story on T.V. or DVD!
#5. Gift cards are just great! I used mine from my birthday to go to Cracker Barrel and a movie with Alice!
#6. I feel the same way with continuing to stay in this public school system. I think my "rubber band" is just about to snap! Ha!
#7. I bet she is too!
#8. I need his to come and cut back my one orange tree! I think it would revive if I could get the main "dead" limbs trimmed off!
#9. Isn't it great to have surprises! Alice has oftened done that to me when I leased expected it. She and Boddy have been such a blessing in my life!
#10. I'm just the opposite! I've worked straight for 43 years and I'm ready to rest before it becomes my end, ha!
#11. I just used my "Applebys" card today and got their Fried Chicken Salad! It was hum hum good!
#12.Oh! I thought they went to work a few days after they left us (the Sunday he preached!)
I love you all very much,

Cinderella Moments said...

I'm happy to hear that you resolved your argument. Making up is so much fun!
I'm so thankful God is willing to show me time after time(cause I'm so stubborn!) that he is totally in charge and will perform unbelievable miracles for me. What I thought was going to be a unpleasant challenge, has instead turned into a lesson of God's love. Thank you God!
I hope your hubby finds a job. But maybe you need to think outside the box. Maybe he's suppose to be doing something else or maybe it's time for him to make a long life dream come true.
Love ya!

Radiance and Whimz said...

Hey Nellie-
Today at church our pastor asked us if we have ever felt like we were just happy and thankful for our life. Quickly following that question he said...I mean when you have a bad day when everything just goes wrong and you can still say: Thank you Lord! I love you Lord! Thats when you know that you are putting God first and being truly happy and thankful for what He has given you.
Your Thankful #10 reminded me of that:) I admire your walk with God-it is inspirational to me!
Have a great week!

Jenny said...

It is interesting how marital conflict can either push or pull you further together...based on trust, conversation and respect.

That salad looks perfect for dinner. I'm going to flit over there right now.