Monday, May 9, 2011

Day After Mother's Day

Good Morning,  Good Morning,
 Good Morning,
It's time to rise and shine
Good Morning, Good Morning, 
Good Morning
I hope your feeling fine!
(It really was morning when I started this post!  lol)

That greeting.....
 is a song from a record we used to have for my
 children when they were little, called "Bull Frogs and
 Butterflies" I think, it was!  Anyone remember that????
Don't know why but this lil song is running through my
 head this morning.  Must be leftovers from
 Mother's day memories!!  lol

I sang it to them, many times in the morning to get them
 out of bed.  When they were little they really liked it..........
 not so much as teenagers!!  but I sang it  anyway!!  lol
I am who I am!!  Like it or not!!

Actually,  I felt they were pretty blessed to get out of
bed with a singing Mom,  certainly beats getting out
of bed with a Grandmother screaming at you!
That was my reality as a kid!!

And they do remember it..... something came up 
about it not too long ago and my daughter laughed
and said I was just telling someone (at work)
about that the other day!! 
I am hoping that was a good Memory, it was 
certainly intended that way!!  lol

Well,  enough of my stroll down memory lane!!

How was your Mother's Day????

I truly hope it was a day full of love
 and joy or better
yet, a weekend full of love and joy!!  

Have to say mine was a very Sweet Weekend.
Scott and Megan couldn't come Sunday,  and
Dee and Jerry couldn't come Saturday,  so I had
 2 separate Mother's Day Celebrations,  and
they were both delightful!!

Saturday Scott and Megan brought me lunch.
Subway had these new orchard chicken salad
sandwiches I had been wanting to try,  so they
got those,  and Scott made this wonderful
pasta salad to go with it.  I have to say I am
impressed with his culinary skills,  he really
did an awesome job,  and we have been
able to enjoy it a few more times since he
made plenty.  Um Um!
(Wish I had thought to take a pic of it - it was not
only tasty it was pretty too)

They spent the afternoon with us,  and they
bought me a sweet card and a  new game, 
 called "Apples to Apples", 
 so we spent some of the time
trying out the new game,  it was really quite
fun,  and it is a game that doesn't require
a lot of thinking,  so you can talk in between
if you want......I have to say I enjoy games
like that......cause If I have to put so much
thought into it that you can't converse while
you are doing it,  I will lose everytime!!  lol

Then we had some frozen yogurt with honey
cinnamon and nuts on top,  and Scott was 
odd man out with chocolate and caramel.
That would be my usual pick too!

Then Sunday Dee and Jerry came over
around 2:30,  so we got to spend some 
one on one time with them as well,  then
my SIL came over at 5,  and we all had
a lovely dinner of London broil,  baked
potatoes,  salad and rolls.

(Quick shot of table just before I sat down)

Then I got to open my lovely cards with
a gift certificate to Kohl's from Dee and Jerry,
  and  some $$$ from my sister-in-law, very I could use something new
for summer!  So that will be fun!!

Hubby also bought me a lovely card, and this
pretty topiary when we were at Sam's
last week.  It is made from a dwarf azalea.
Isn't it gorgeous. I just love it!!

(I did several vignettes with my new topiary,
and had it in my kitchen till Sat., then as you can
see in the pic above moved it to the dining room.
If time allows, I will probably do tabletop Tuesday
with them tomorrow) 

and I even got a sweet card from Dee's
roommate, certainly an unexpected
surprise.  She is a sweetie too!
Just like the rest of the kids!!

  We also, played a few rounds of "Apples to 
Apples", and  they all enjoyed the game as
well,  as we had some peanut butter cookies
and coffee for dessert.  We are trying to
go easy on the desserts as we want to
be able to fit in our dresses by the end
of the week!!  lol

So what an enjoyable, sweet and blessed
Mother's Day,  I had............

These guys really know how to bring
joy to a woman's heart!!

Please tell me about your Mother's day,
would love to hear!!

Well, just 4 more days.......................
can hardly believe it!!

Thanks for visiting,  love hearing from you!!

Love, Hugs,  and
May your Blessings Be Many!!



Rebecca said...

I had a similarly lovely day. "Filled and Fulfilled" is the way I titled the post about it :)

I DO remember Bullfrogs and Butterflies and another one about the Fruit of the Spirit. For the life of me I can't remember the title of it right now, but I can sing most of the songs still - "Be patient. Be patient. Don't be in such a hurry. When you get impatient you only start to worry..."

Was it Music Machine? Or is that yet another?

Well, this is your big week. I don't have to tell you to enjoy it. I'll look forward to hearing the details. God bless you, EVERYone!

sistersusiesays said...

I had a great Mother's Day too!!! It is always so great to spend time with you and Jim and the family!! I'm so glad you had two Mother's Days!! I know your weekend was great!
Love you all,

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

It is so funny because my mom used to say every morning "rise and shine" to us kids in the morning. It really brings back memories.

And then I had a Orchard chicken salad sandwich today at subway. They had it last year too and it was a favorite of mine.

We served in Church yesterday morning and then Holly fixed us lunch. Jeremy called the night before since he was working on Sunday and Jennifer called on Sunday afternoon. I am so very blessed that I have three kids that call me mom.

I am very excited for the wedding. I can't wait to hear all about.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me the sweetest comments.

Blessings & Love

Scripture Sunday

Have a Wonderful Sunday, Hugs and Blessings, Nellie