Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday and TableTop Tuesday

Happy Monday to You!!

Hope you had a swell weekend!!

Ours was good.....did a lil shopping and returning on
 Friday night, then went by Dee and Jerry's and picked
 up Rosie girl and headed home around 11P.M.

I actually slept in till almost 10 a.m., which pretty
much never happens,  cause usually my back gets
me up bright and early, but guess that whole night
of lost sleep caught up to me big time.  So that
was nice.......................

Didn't really do a whole lot on Saturday just had
breakfast and played with Rosie,  and hubby and I
 were looking on line at lounge chairs for the yard.
  We have a lounger and a chair my dad bought for us
 back when I was expecting was
 almost 35 years ago,  and we restrapped them once, 
 and they are in sore need of fixing again, as you could
 well imagine,  and we were trying to decide if we really
 want to go to all that work and expense fixing them or
 just get new ones. The good part is they have aluminum
 frames which have never rusted,  and then given the
sentimental value since my Dad is in heaven now,  and
 the fact that news one are really nice and but pretty 
high priced, and if I was gonna spend that much  I 
would rather have those on my porch rather than out
 in the weather,  think we have pretty much decided on 
another redo.  Cause I just don't want to be bothered
 with having to bring them in all the time to keep them 
nice,  since they have fabric of some kind.
.  So now we
have to find the strapping which I have
already seen online before and get our

Now on with Table Top Tuesday...............
Sorry, to be so long winded but haven't
talked to you in awhile!!

Well,  told you I would share my new look this
week,  so here are the pics,  I will tell you how
I came to get this new look as we go.

All I did here was add the wall words,  have been wanting
a sign or something to go under these shelves for years.
My son made these bistro shelves for us for Christmas
way back when he was in college about 8 yrs. ago
I love them,  and really love them with the wallwords. 

This shelf sits right above the wall to the entrance
to our kitchen.  Really strongly dislike those registers!
but oh
Gotta have that air and heat sometimes!

I bought these wall words a few months back at a great
price from Target, but didn't put them up because I had
plans to paint this year sometime,  but once I got the
black framed pics I just decided to do it now........

We have vaulted ceilings and a wall up top that
runs the length of the family and dining room,
and this is a wall in the center that comes down
to the floor, this vignette is on top of my serving
 cart between the foyer and the livingroom.
So added wall words here as well. 

Added this new picture........happened to find
a set of 4 pictures at Target with black frames,
and I love the french look.
so since Dee and Megan have been rubbing
off on me with all their black and white decor,
as well as some of you bloggy friends,  I got
to wondering if I could add some black touches
and have it look okay with all my oak. so
happened to find these pics and thought think
I will take them home and see if I like it,
and I did....................very much!

this and the one below are just snippets
of the above pic with a posterized affect,
just thought they were pretty!  lol

added a cloche with a faux lavendar
plant to the arrangement.

This lil red box and tin with a candle and a coaster
just for the look!!

Sorry this is bit blurry,  but it's a lil
birdhouse a friend gave me some
years back.

The rest of the wall words here!
This shelf sits on the wall just above the entrance 
to the Livingroom.

I had more pictures of another wall that ties in
 with these,  but since I yakked so much earlier,
 think I will just stop here and show you the other 
tabletop next week............................

Enjoy your evening!!

I am linking up to Marty over at a stroll thru life, 
 so if you would like to see more creative decorating,
  just click here!
and while you are there be sure and Congratulate
her on her 100th post for Tabletop Tuesday.

Thanks for coming by,  always love
hearing from you,

and Remember to Live Well,
Love Much, and Laugh Often!


  1. Hi and thanks for your sweet visit! Your wall stencils are wonderful and so pretty! Great cloche too! Thanks for sharing your vignettes!
    Happy TTT
    Miss Bloomers

  2. My Saturday was relaxing! (You probably laugh saying when are your days not relaxing, Susan, ha!) Sunday, I video taped in church the first service. Alice, 6 other ladies, and I went to the Bob Carr Center and saw the opera, "Les Miserables." I'm so glad it was sung in English! It was really enjoyable. Alice enjoyed it too even though she's got a bad cold!

    I really like the "words" on your wall. How do you do that? I also enjoy your decor. It's like visiting a decor museum! It's always so pretty, yet warm and inviting! The "plants under glass" are really beautiful. I was thinking, "How'd she get those in there?" But then thought there must be no bottom to the glass vase! The bird house is really cute! I was asked to "rescue" a Cherry Headed Conure parrot, but as much as I hated, shared that I had my limit and would not be able to.

    Have a great week, Nellie! I'm waiting for your next post (now that I can again post on your blog! Yeah!)
    I love you all so much,

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I'm happy to discover your blog and am a new follower!

  4. Love your wall stencils. They look really nice!

  5. Hello Nellie, As always enjoyed catching up with what you have been doing,.
    I especially enjoyed the story of your lawn chairs, and think you did well in deciding to redo them, especially since the frames are in such great shape, because I don't think we have the quality in the ones being made today, and the sentimental value cannot be replaced. Good luck in finding the strapping, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.
    Great pictures and the signs so pretty, I found one at Dollar Tree and am enjoying it. I am looking for more, and will check out Target next time i am in there.
    This was such a joy catching up today, enjoy your week, Thank you for coming by and for leaving me such a sweet note.

  6. Love the shelf and the table vignette. Of course the cloche caught my eye. Such beautiful displays and I love the use of the words Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. Wow! Love all your decorating! Looks so pretty! Especially the words! Love how a touch of black makes everything look really fresh, right? Would love to see before and after pictures of your lounge chairs! Enjoy your Tuesday Nellie!

  8. Hi Nellie! Just wanted to let you know that Olivia is doing good! Enjoying her new roommate, she switched at the end of the last semester. She was not getting along with her old roommate! And now she's in a different room that has a suite. There are four bedrooms, with 2 girls each, then a little living room area and a bathroom that has I believe 3 showers and sinks and toilets. She's very happy. She was sick over the weekend which was hard for me since I couldn't get to her, but her friends took care of her and she's much better now. I'm very happy where she is and excited for what God has in store for her! Thanks for asking!

  9. Hi Nellie, I love your decorations and of course the words are precious too. It was fun catching up with you. Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. Is that a Kathryn White picture? I have a huge painting by her above my bed. I love your lavender under the cloche. Great decorating!

  11. Oooh, I love that cloche. How gorgeous is that?

    And a vaulted ceiling? That sounds LOVELY - you lucky thing!!


  12. Nellie

    I love your wall words and your decor. Your son really did a good job making the shelf.

    I am starting to remodel Maxs room for a reading/craft room for me. I am so excited.

    Thanks for sharing
    Love & Blessings


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