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Tablescape Thursday - Tuscan birthday table for my son

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So what cha up to today???

Not much going on here today,  just getting ready to go
work on my bible study lesson and taking care of the 
usual household tasks,  and of course, blogging!!  lol
Well, mostly downloading or uploading which ever they
call it!!  lol

Thought I would share the Tuscan neutral themed table
 I did for my son back in November for his 
34th birthday celebration.

I had seen an idea somewhere on TV, where they did a
Tuscan theme and it got me inspired,  so here is my
rendition of it........................

It turned out a lil differently than what I thought it would , when
 I started planning it, but that was before I even knew that I was
 going to be doing a reception for Dee and Jerry. 
I had some many things left over from their Fall reception:
  plates, napkins, candle holders, coasters and fluted glasses.

So decided I might as well use them up.....
So I started  playing with setting the table
 like this and the picture above it,
  but then
for some reason, can't remember why now,
  I decided to not put the plates on the table 
and just use the napkins there instead.

I remember was because I didn't have
enough of the large napkins,  so had to come
up with plan B.

So I used a large one at some places,

Then 3 smaller ones at other places in order to balance
out the table.

Since I always put candy at each place setting and
 my son loves these rolo pretzel candles and I had
these gold dipping dishes,  I decided to put one
between each place setting so each couple could
share them.

Notice the bread sticks in they clay pots!  

These were all herbs I transplanted into clay pots, basil,
 parsley, and I had cilantro in one and it died,  so had to
 go get another one and it was in the golden yellow pot,
  Rosemary.  Since my son is a grower in the agriculture
field I thought this was a table he would appreciate.

I used my smokey green goblets from my Wedding dishes
over 40 years ago.  they are called Glamour by Fostoria.

Just stuck a small napkin in the clay
pot and added the bread sticks,  they
used really long ones,  but I could not
find any,  but thankfully,  I was able
to find these smaller ones and they
were absolutely delish.  Just like the
ones I got from you Bonnie!!

These glass cylinders were used at the wedding reception
too,  but have found quite a few nice uses for them since.
They had potpourri in the bottom with the candle on top.

and this raffia I bought Christmas before last, has
come in handy many times this past year for just
that extra added touch needed.

Had to do some photoshop affects too!!  lol
You know how much I enjoy that............
This has a paint daubs affect

Just some looks down the table from the
opposite end!  I have to say I love these
coasters,  that I got  from Michaels.
a 6pk. of them for $1.00.
Can't beat that,  and they add such
a nice touch!

 with colored pencil affect.

 with a posterized affect!

Put a gold mercury glass candleholder at
each place setting.

With water color and palette knife affect!

Also used the candleholders to put butter in,
  but didn't take a picture......

with cutout affect!

Posterized affect

Equalized affect

This pic and the following pic below are the vignette
 I left on the table after the party,  for a few days.

Posterized affect!

Love the candle light!!  Ablaze!!

was still playing, so 
Decided to add the coasters, lol 

Am linking up to Susan over at between naps
on the porch,  if you want to see more creative
ideas from others. Just click here!

Thanks so much for your visit, and come again

Also thanks for your encouraging comments, they
are very appreciated it.  Love getting them!!

Love, Hugs,
and Tuscan Blessings.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Son.. It isnt easy to do a more masculine table but you pulled it off..

  2. I love the mercury glass. It adds so much sophisticated warmth. The table is fabulous. The monochromatic theme is really working. You can't go wrong when Tuscany is your inspiration. Great table!

  3. I like how you make the herbs as the centerpiece. I could only smell the aroma of them. Thanks for sharing!

    Thursday Tablescape

  4. Your table for your son's birthday celebration turned out wonderful. I could tell you were having fun with the arrangements and the photo effects! We just started going to a Thursday night bible study last week. Just today I was reading the assignment for tomorrow night. Came home early from work not feeling well. Took a nap and watched some TV. I ate some toast, but still kind of queasy. Will be staying home tomorrow from work just to make sure I am not coming down with anything specific. Have to be careful with the field I work in and not go in when I may be sick with something that could be passed on. Blech! I think my body just needed a day of rest again. Otherwise I don't have a stay at home day until Saturday the 28th. Wears me out just thinking about that.

  5. Clearly table settings are "your THING". No matter how hard I tried, I'm sure I couldn't come up with so many variations as you do, Nellie!

  6. What a great color scheme for a "manly" birthday celebration! The herbs in pots were perfect for this table. I really admire your smoky green stemware!

  7. How cool!!! It really does have a great masculine tone to it without being all "Brawny paper towel man"/Hulk Hogan/Grizzly Adams" about it! :-)

  8. What a great looking table and the colors are just perfect for a man's birthday and belated birthday to your dear son too! I love this tablescape, just perfect. Thank again for coming and my dining room set is Italian, style and all and the buffet has bronze angels on the doors, yeah, it was my hubby's birthday present on my 40th. as I fell in love with it! Hugs,

  9. Sorry I've been away so long, Nellie, but "life" you know! Your table is great, and I especially like the potted herbs used in the tablescape. I bet they smelled wonderful.


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