Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - January 12, 2012 & rest of pics from Holy Land Experience

All pics in this post are from the Holy land experience parking lot!

Evening Sweet Peas,

Hope you have a had a good week.
Can't believe tomorrow is Friday already!

Well, I am whipped....I had a full day.
My bible study started back up today,
so that would be

I am thankful
that we are back in session again, my 
fav part today was 2 wonderful testimonies
we heard from a couple of our ladies.
Really blessed my heart...........
Would share them, but they are too long
and involved, and I am just too tired! lol

After bible study,  I ran to Target and got
some things,  then got my fav smoothie for
lunch, then ran to Publix supermarket where
I ran into a lady that goes to our church.

I am thankful
for the nice chat we had that lasted over
an hour in the parking lot.  We have always
liked each other, and talk a blue streak on
those ocassions when we see or talk to each
other, as we have a lot in common, and I was
 thinking afterwards we really should have them
 over sometime, cause we are really on the same
wave length.

I am thankful
that I ran into another lady at Publix that was
 a stranger, in a Michaels store back in November,
  She and I got talking while we were looking at
chargers for the table and we spent about an hour
or so trying to figure out what she could do for a 
Thanksgiving table, since she was having company.

  Can't help but think the Lord is up to something cause,
 this is the 3rd time I have just run into her now, at
3 different stores, and we always have a lovely and
usually long conversation for a bit. 
 Very nice older than me,  lady.
Can't just say older lady anymore, cause
I am an older lady


I am thankful
that I didn't break my toes when I hit the rollers
on my gazelle this week,  as I hit them very hard
and did bruise them up,  but thankfully that was all.

I am thankful
that when I hit my toes and threw coffee all over
the couch at the same time,  that we were able
to get it all off the sofa, and there were no spots
or anything.  A miracle as far as I am concerned,
cause it was a mess.

I am very thankful
for our shop vac, cause that is what helped us get the
stains out,  we sort of soaked it with cold water and 
just sucked it is old as the hills but still works
 it's magic,  from sucking up water or dirt to spider webs, 
 to dog wee to coffee or whatever stains.  It has been a
 priceless asset to this household.
and I truly think the Lord is the power behind the
shop vac success story,  since we are usually praying
like crazy that it works........................
and it always does!!

I am thankful
that I finally have all my Christmas decorations
down and packed away till next year,  always
a relief once it is done,  now I can get on with
getting the house prettied up again!!  lol
Didn't get anything done today,  but once
I finish this post I am going to sit down
with some decorating books for inspiration,
and hopefully, have a plan for tomorrow.

I am thankful
that our church office emailed me late Tuesday
afternoon that they had found my watch I lost
 somewhere between home and church 9 days ago!
 It was a favorite too!
 So What a blessing and delight that was.
I picked it up today and it is in great shape.
So happy to have it back.

I am thankful
that the Lord answered prayer about a dear
friends father who was dying with brain cancer,
and that the Lord took him home,  so he will
no longer be suffering,  a huge relief for my


I am thankful
and ecstatic about a young man named, Tim
Tebow who plays football for the Denver Broncos, 
 some of you know who I mean, I am sure! 
He is like a modern day Daniel from the bible,
  and it is absolutely thrilling to see how the Lord
 is using him. It is such a pleasure to see a sports
 figure that has a good walk with the Lord, and 
manifests moral values  like honesty, integrity,and
 he is hardworking,  loving, and a very unselfish
 young man,  someone our young
people can really look up to as a role model.

  I pray for him daily as he has a lot of pressure
and negativism surrounding him in the news
media,  and I am sure that is just the tip of the
iceberg of what he might go through.  Yet
I am happy to report there are tons of people like
 me, who love him, and are saying great things,
and when is the last time you saw the news
media quoting scripture,  John 3:16, to be
exact...................How Wonderful!
Our country can sure use some of that
for sure...........Go Tim!! 
 We hope your team wins on
Saturday, and it just brings the Lord
more honor and glory!!  We know that
is your goal...............

I am thankful
for some old and dear friends of ours that
are now realtors, course, she has been,  since I very
 first met her in a model home 31 yrs ago, when she
 invited me to her church back when we first moved here.
Her hubby is somewhat new to it, but they are a great team
 from what I am hearing, and of course,  I am not surprised.
  They are helping Dee and Jerry find their first home, and as
a parent that is a huge relief to know they are in good hands.

I am thankful
that she invited me to her church, because a few weeks
later we took her up on the offer,  and have been there
every since.  Only wish they were still there..........
People use to think we were sisters cause we look a
lot a like,  and she and I have similiar personalities,
and we love both of them,  they are great people.
Think we might get to see them soon,  it has been
a long time,  so that would be such fun!!

Well,  that's my list, and I am sticking to it!!  lol

Hope you enjoyed Holy Land Experience's rendition
of Noah's Ark animals,  we thought they were
quite cute ourselves.....................

Have a fantastic weekend full of all the 
People Places and Things you enjoy the most!

Thanks for your visit and comments, 
always encouraged by hearing from you!

Love, Hugs
and Noah's Ark Blessings,


  1. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I enjoyed reading this post and all you are thankful for. I am a huge Tebow fan also. My son spent 35 minutes with his mother on a shuttle to the airport several months ago and said she was amazing. He is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ!


  2. Those photos are great and very colorful. I'm glad your toes are alright! I hear a lot about the Tim guy although I have no interest in football. But I hope God stays with him and keeps him strong. I know the devil is itching to take this man down. Some people are so hateful of Christians, Jesus, God and anything good. It's so sad.
    Glad you've been having a great time meeting up with nice people.

  3. How great is our God said:
    Thanks, Nellie, for doing this for me! I wish I could have my
    back yard looking like the pictures in your blog, ha!
    #1. I know what you mean! My Bible class started back up
    last Wednesday. Isn't the JOY of the LORD great among His
    Christian ladies! I happened to have met one of my moms
    (in Wal-Mart) that I taught her son years ago! He is now
    married and has a child! The great thing about it, was it
    happened during the morning. She said she always looked
    for me (at school) and was told I retired. How wonderful
    for the LORD to have us meet!
    #2. I guess I mentioned this in #1, lol!
    #3. Isn't it amazing how the LORD brings us together without
    us ever expecting it. I now need to think as I go out on my
    errands, "Okay, LORD, who are you going to have me meet
    #4. I'm thankful too! It seems to hurt more when you don't
    break them! Remember when I broke my middle toe when
    I was running to hide from Rookie? Ha!
    #5. I get so mad at myself when I do these things! It seems
    to happen more the older I get! So, now I sloooow down and
    take a little more time to think what I'm doing! I used to be
    able to walk and carry drinks at the same time without having
    to think about it, ha!
    #6. All that, WOW! I'm going to have to get me one! With all
    of the animals I have, my regular vac wants to jam sometimes.
    (Especially when it comes to the bird's room!) The house vac
    in the wall hasn't worked for years. I guess I need to slowly
    start having these things repaired. I wished I knew who I
    could trust.
    #7. Are you going to start on spring things? Or still winter?
    #8. What a blessing from GOD! Usually the longer time goes
    by, you don't have as much of a chance of getting it back! I
    lost one of my favorite earrings about a year ago. I have had
    it since the '80's. I don't know if it had been lost at school, in
    my truck, or here at home! I guess the LORD said it was time
    to change out! It look exactly like one of my blouses!
    #9. The LORD prepares our hearts for this. It was the same
    way with our dads and moms!
    #10. What a testimony for Christ this young man is! I'm sure
    many Christians are praying for him and his testimony for
    others! Go Tebow!
    #11. Aren't they just great! I still received her yearly calendar
    for her business! It's right on the side of my refrigerator!
    #12. May the LORD bring your visit together again!
    Thanks again Nellie for posting my e-mail. I'm sure you know
    what it means to me for you to do so!
    I love you all very much,

  4. Fun post, Nellie! What a clever way to weave your thanks with the pictures. Have a terrific week. (Keep that coffee mug away from the couch!)

  5. Hi Nellie

    What a wonderful list of thankfuls. I love how you see good in everything. I have learned alot from you. I am glad you did not break your toes and your spilled coffee did not stain your sofa.

    We had snow last here, We don't have it very often in the valley. I am on vacation this week so I am glad that I don't have to get out on the road today.

    I am still missing my dog. It is getting a little easier each day.

    Sorry for the last post.

    Hope you have a good week ahead!
    Blessings & Love


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