Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Part 2 - Scenes from Inside the Holy Land Experience

Hello Sweet Peas,

How is life treating you this week??
Well, I hope................

I have just been busy getting down those wonderful
 Christmas decorations,  and suspect you are doing
the same, course, most of you are probably way ahead
of me, and getting or have your home back together
 already!  Good for you!
I am just a tad slow with it this year for some reason.
Guess I figured it was not going anywhere and the good
fairy has never shown up yet,  so tag I am it!!  lol

Figured I would show you the rest of the Holy Land
Experience pictures from inside the park today. Thursday
I will show you some that are on the way into the park,
 in the parking lot,  which I took on the way out!!  lol

Did that make sense????
Anyway, hope you enjoy them..................

This is a beautiful man-made lake area,  and can you see
the He is Risen design in the bushes???
The pretty white structure is an eating area.

Pretty Fountain,  one TV they said that the fountain was in
all sorts of colors,  but we never saw that,  only done in white
but it was beautiful, just the same!  You can see it at night
time if you click Here!

Beautiful statue of Mary and Jesus!

This manger scene was inside their brand new
auditorium,  it is really beautiful............

This is going out of the Auditorium into the foyer, I guess you would call it,
Shows some of the beautiful gold work, and the whole room and ceiling,
 are all mirrored.

Angel in the mirrored room

This is a room right outside the foyer area,  and they have this
big window with this lovely pool.  I am not sure but I think from
something they said and from the railings on the side of the pool,
that they might do baptism's there!

This is the auditorium from the outside,  see the waterfall
coming down,  that you just saw from inside the bldg.

and the pool...............the sun was getting low in the sky and
some of the bldgs. were blocking it,  so that is why it is so
dark at the bottom of the picture.

This was the nativity scene under the walkway to the auditorium
Absolutely beautiful...

and the statues were very large almost life size!

These roman style chairs, tables and vases were all along
the walk way too!

and they were life size as well.  Anyone could comfortably
sit in the lounge chair!  You can click on any picture to
make it larger just in case you don't already know that!

Thanks for stopping by,  always great to hear from you,

You have a great day with your family, friends or
furry friends!

Love, Blessings,
and Holy Hugs,


If you happened to miss the first pictures from inside the
Holy land Experience and would like to see them
Click here!   They are not the same pics that I linked to
above in this post.


  1. Beautiful!!! I love the brass plate over the door. Very nice!

  2. I have always love the manicured lawns! It makes you want to have your own the same way. I'm not coveting!! Really I'm not! I can only imagine Heaven with beauty even more wonderful! (And we want have to do yard work, ha!) Thanks, Nellie for sharing your pictures!
    Love ya a whole lot,

  3. Hi Nellie

    I am so amazed at this park. You took beautiful photos. I really want to travel and see it sometime.

    Blessing& Love

  4. The outside of the auditorium is really beautiful isn't it? This must have been such a moving experience for you.

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