Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Warm Fuzzy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday 
Sweet Friends,

How are ya???
Have a nice long weekend??

This was the first time ever
hubby had off for MLK day,
so that was new.....So 
we had a nice long weekend.

Welcome to Warm Fuzzy Tuesday.
I came across a list I made a long time
ago and had forgotten about,  and it
was the idea of sharing what gives
us a warm fuzzy feeling.  I will share
one a week,  and hope you will join
me by leaving a comment with your
warm fuzzy as well.

So here goes:
I would have to say that this probably
really does top my list..........
That is having a deep conversation 
with my hubby, children, good friend,
 other believer, or even an acquaintance,
 where you feel like you just so connected 
with that person on an emotional level or
 that you were just so much on the same
page about something.

It is probably because one of my love
 languages, according to a Gary Hartman book,
 called "The 5 love languages", is Quality time.
 It makes me feel very loved........and 
definitely gives me the warm fuzzies!!

So......how bout you,  what gives you a
warm fuzzy feeling????

Hugs and 
Warm Fuzzy Blessings
Of course!!


P.S.  If you have been having trouble
 leaving a comment would you please
 let me know, by going to my right side bar,
where it says contact me,  and/or you can 
leave a comment there too, if you so desire.
  A few others have said they are having 
difficulties, and I keep hoping it will 
straighten itself out since I don't know
 how to correct the problem.


  1. Hi Nellie..
    Happy Tuesday to you and your sweetie.
    I'm checking to see if I can leave a comment now.
    My leg gives little fits off and on but by golly I'm walking- so I wont whine about it lol.. Its all good and just being alive is a joy.. I hope all is going well with ya'll..
    big hugs

  2. yeaaaaaaa it worked.. see ya soon

  3. No problems commenting (some have said they have problems commenting on mine, too.) Warm fuzzies for me include sitting under an afghan with a good book and a candle burning with NO pressing responsibilities to make me feel guilty....

  4. Warm fuzzies for me are watching a movie with my hubby and a fire in the fire place going and it's snowing outside and I just made some homemade pizza! Commenting works! Hope you had a nice day!

  5. Hello Nellie! I love your little home on the web. It's my first time here - I saw you visiting Aimee and came over to visit - glad I did. :) Warm fuzzies for me are morning quiet times with hubby ... but especially on Saturday when we don't have to watch the clock. Come on over and visit me anytime!

  6. My warm fuzzy of choice is very similar. Love connecting with people that I feel think similarly enough that I don't have to continually explain what I mean. I love that natural friendship that develops with a friend like that...almost effortlessly. I like people that are feeling free to express how they feel. People that are afraid to say they love someone have always baffled me. I got the immediate warm fuzzies with you, Miss Nellie 2 peas in a pod we are, eh? Love, Bon

  7. So True Bonnie, we have so much in common it still amazes me.............
    Thanks for your sweet comments, and I am once again baffled by the same thing you are......lol
    and I love you too.

  8. Warm fuzzy for me is time to snuggle with a good book. But also time for myself is another warm fuzzy. Seems I don't get much of that lately.



Special thanks to all who take the time to leave comments..........They are very encouraging and very appreciated. I enjoy every one of them so much!!
May the Lord Bless You!!

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