Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Part 3 - of our 41st Anniversary Trip

Hello Sweet Friends,

How are you today....doing well and staying 
warm too............I hope.
I have just been working on redecorating the
house for Winter.  Having fun......and glad to
 see the last of the Christmas things tucked
 away in the attic tonight.  Also made some
Southwestern white bean chili,  it is easy
and delicious.  If you are interested in trying is a Kraft recipe,  so just click here.

Spent some time with Dee on the phone (Tuesday)
 today as she was telling me about the snow in
 Asheville. She was so excited cause this is her
 first time to actually see it on the happened 
once back in Nov. but it was while she was here. 
 They have had snow flurries but not much stuck to
 the ground, but she isn't disappointed this time.  lol
She has sent me some really cool pics,  I am
gonna use one as a Winter scene in a frame
for my white living room.  It will be much more
meaningful  than the one I was gonna use.
Well, here is more pics of the Wyndham
grand hotel at Bonnet Creek.  It really is such
a beautiful hotel.  Hope you enjoy the tour.

The header picture and these next 3 shots
are of the hotel lobby.

I just love these chairs,  they are so cute, and
looks like they should be at the Mad Hatter's
Tea Party!

 Just had to see what it would be like.....

We were gonna have dinner here,  but they didn't open for 
another 2 hours and we were starving,  so we went off
property to another restaurant............

This was inside the elevator if I remember correctly.

Thought it was funny that I happened to capture a pic of  
the back of my hubby in this shot! 
 See the guy in the peach shirt??'

Think this is the actual color of the walls in this shot.
I really liked all their wall decor.............

I used to sell wall decor over 30 years ago,  so maybe 
that is why I always notice these

Really loved this scarved piece.
Very pretty!

Cute lil sitting place.............

This staircase was right beside that
cute lil sitting place..............

 and here we are sitting on it.........a nice lady asked us if
 we were honeymooning and we said No,   but we are 
celebrating our 41st anniversary,  and she said yall sure
look happy....would you like me to take a picture for you
and we said yea, that would be great,  so she stopped
and took a couple of pics.............they were just arriving
 at the hotel themselves...........we thought that was so
 sweet and thoughtful of her.................isn't it so neat how
 people can be such a blessing by just saying and doing
 something that probably to most people might seem
 very insignificant.  It was sure a blessing to us, other
wise we would not have had any pics together. and
it is always nice to get a glimpse of how other 
people see you,  cause none of us really know
how we come across to others.  I always hope it
is in a good way,  but you just never know!  lol

and here's the other picture in front of this big 
huge wall mural of a queen I think it is.......
 It wasn't my fav part of the decor,  let's just say!

This decorator really liked

Actually took these last 2  pics to show Scott .....
since he works in Agriculture I am always taking
shots of plants and things I think he would like 
to see............and thought these were pretty
cool looking.

Now I am wondering if I ever showed these

Glad you came by and hope you enjoyed your
tour.  If you missed Part one - just click here
or part 2 - just click here........if you would
like to see them. There will also be a part
4, probably next week.

Just can't believe we are only a few days away

from February.........Amazing!

Thanks for your visit and look forward to hearing

from you.

Hugs and last of January Blessings,



  1. A very Happy 41st Anniversary Nellie, What a wonderful place to stay at, I especially loved the high wing back chairs in this post., so stunning.You look so healthy and happy , just like a newly wed, you have such a glow about you,, I might add your dh husband looks just as happy, love the smiles! I also visited your other posts on this fabulous place, I am so glad you both had a wonderful celebration., wishing you both many more years of marriage celebrations, thanks for sharing.

  2. Yay for 41 years!! So awesome! God is good!! Love the pics, and so glad you had a lovely time! You just don't age at all Nellie!! Seriously!!!

    So much going on here with my MIL, and trying to get the shop back open. Hope we can have some time soon!
    Love ya bunches,

  3. I went back and looked at all 3 posts about your trip. You know I love hotels and particularly seeing ones in Orlando, since I spend so much time there. I thought this was a recent trip but I see it was a while ago. It looks like an interesting place and I just love staying in a hotel that is new...everything feels fresh and cleaner!

    We are still stuck in winter. We had sub-zero temps this week again and we are balmy in the 20's today with snow coming the next 3 days. Ugh. I am just a slug, going nowhere and doing very little!

  4. The picture you showed me today of Rosy looking out at the snow was adorable!

    The Wyndham is surely a Grand Hotel! The chairs are just as you say, but gorgeous! You look very "delicate" seated in it! The mirrors are really unique! It's just amazing the design ideas people come up with! With my knees, I'm glad I didn't have to go up those stairs, ha! I just love the picture of you and Jim. The joy in your souls pour out in your smiles!

    Yes, February is near, so the cold weather should be moving on out, ha! Love you all, Susan.

  5. Those tea party chairs are wild! You two do look very happy. You are the kind of people everyone wants to see in public. If the world was filled with just people like you it would be an incredible world. Love your pictures. Thanks for sharing them.


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