Monday, March 13, 2017

Winter.... or...early Spring Table

Good Monday Morning
Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a fun, yet restful weekend!!

Our weekend was both of those. I don't
 typically post on Monday but came across
 these pics of a table I did in late Jan. or 
early Feb., and said I was going to post
more of my daughters home tour on Tues.,
So thought now would be a good time.....

 I was playing when I did the table, and
 thinking we would have an opportunity
 to use it, but due to circumstances beyond
our control we never did, but thought
oh well, it will make for a nice blog post, 
since it could be a early Spring table 
as well.

This was the original Winter Centerpiece
as you might remember!

So since I already had the green tablecloth
on as part of my Winter decor.....I had been 
wanting to see how my Wedding china would
 look with it and the new flatware I got for
 Christmas! and the tablecloth was a
 Christmas gift as well.

So decided on a green, white,
gold and silver color scheme.

As you can see I used parts of the
 original centerpiece in both vignettes
 here, as well as adding some candles
and sugared fruit.  I use 2 vignettes
when the whole table is not set or
it just looks too bare.

I wanted the centerpiece in the center to
 be raised some, and I loved this cookie tin
 we got with cookies for Christmas, 
 so thought it fit the bill, rather than a
cake stand for a change.

Typically have candy at each place,  but
 didn't have any the right color, so decided
 to use cookies on coasters instead.

The vignette at the end of the table.
With lights out......

The other side of the table.

I had pomegrantes and pears in the
 gold faux sugared used
 those just to add some more gold 
touches to tie in with the gold mercury
 glass votives.

an nice overview

With a soft omni affect

This table could easily be changed
 into a Spring table by taking the gold 
out and adding a nice Spring color 
like pink, yellow or blue.


Thanks for dropping by for a visit,
It was nice to have you.

Hope you have a really nice week!


  1. You're always SO intentional about your table's appearance! I'm sure your family appreciates your special touches.

    Have a productive & joy-filled week, Nellie♥

  2. Hi, Nellie.
    Your arrangements are beautiful as ever! I had some time getting into my blog account.
    It's like I had to get another password! I never use gmail and it had to do with signing
    into it. I hope it doesn't happen again. I won't use the gmail. Oh well, such is the internet, ha! Have a great day! Susan

  3. Thanks Rebecca,
    It's something I really enjoy doing in hopes that it makes others feel special. I know
    when people go out of their way for me, it makes me feel quite special, especially since I know how much time and energy it takes.......

    I am hoping to have a productive week....but feel like my head is in the clouds today and
    someone needs to slap me around to keep me and I slept really well too, so go figure!
    I had great plans for today, but so far, haven't seemed to get anywhere with not like days like this!! lol but I do still have JOY........and have spent a lot of time
    praying for Pres. Trump and his cabinet, so guess I really have accomplished way better things in the long run..........

    Thanks for coming by hon, Hope you have a Sweet and Joy-filled week as well.
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. What a lovely table! The color scheme is warm and friendly, and I love your glasses. The bell shape? is really attractive! A nice table, ready for a nice meal. When shall I arrive? lol

  5. Thanks Susan,
    appreciate your sweet comment.....and hope you have gotta your computer issues worked out
    by now......some days you never know what will happen on these things....they are great
    when they work right, but not so great when they don't! lol

    Hope you are having a lovely day. Nice and cool....
    Love, Nellie

  6. Hi Tammy,
    Loved your kind comments on my table........and appreciate your cute
    Thanks so much for coming by and taking the time to comment.

    Hope you have a really blessed day hon,

  7. Nellie I have been so busy and so TIRED, that I haven't stopped in a while to say hi. So HI! I've missed you! I hope you are well. Gosh, sometimes blogging and technical stuff is mind boggling, I know. Hope it's all settled. My darling girl is in her final year of high school, so it's crazy time here. I don't know who I am some! Lovely to see what you're up to, and gorgeous table as always. Love, Mimi xxx

  8. Hi Mimi,
    So great to hear from you. I came over this afternoon and read your blog, but didn't have
    time to leave a comment but will come back. Love your pretty curls, and have been enjoying
    your posts. I have really missed hearing from you too, but know what that SR. year of High School is like, and you really need to spend all the time you can with her because you never know how long till they will be moving out and on with life. You will really be wondering
    who you are and what you are suppose to do with yourself once you're hit with the empty nest. It is a good but strange time, I have to say....but we learn, love and live thru
    It was a real treat to hear from you hon, and thanks for always leaving such sweet comments.
    Congratulations early to your dear daughter and to you and hubby, graduation will be here before you know it.
    Take good care,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie


Special thanks to all who take the time to leave comments..........They are very encouraging and very appreciated. I enjoy every one of them so much!!
May the Lord Bless You!!

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