Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Part 3 of Lets tour my Daughters home.....

Hello Sweet Friends,

Know some of you might be buried in
 snow if you are in the area where the
 Noreaster hit.  Praying you have power
and everything you need, and some of
us just might be having a bit cooler

That would be us, it is a nice breezy
65 degrees here.  Was gonna start my
Spring decorating yesterday, but just
could not decide where to start so
never did....now I am glad since it
feels like a Winter day here again! 

Just finished making potato soup
for din din tonight, our last Winter
meal I would presume.......guess
we will see.........

Well, told you last week that I
would post "The Kitchen" which
is part 3 of 
 Let's tour my Daughters  home.
So without further adieu.....
here we go!!

Don't forget to click on any
pic to enlarge them all for
better viewing pleasure.

Love the white farm house cabinets
and the marble counter tops. All 
very pretty.

The kitchen is smaller but very efficient.

A peek at the view out the
kitchen window.

The other end of the kitchen, 
with her stove and hood.  They
 have beautiful glass like light 
grey subway tile,  and of course,
looks great with stainless steel
It is just beautiful

 farmhousy - for sure!!  lol

She has a nice gas stove, which she likes
now that she has learned to use it.  She 
was sort of afraid of it at first as some-
times when she would turn it on, she
 would only get the smell of gas, and she 
was afraid to light it, and so was I, as I 
had that experience with her while 
we were there.
Anyway, they got someone to come out
and look at it and explain how to use it..
thank heavens! and that made all the

Notice their Island has shiplap
 and the same marble as well.
  Love her cute lil farmhouse
 stools in my fav color.  lol

See her Beach House sign up there!!
and the cute pendant style lights......
On the other side of the island, they
have a place for their microwave so it
 is kind of tucked away from view, and 
then there are drawers and a cabinet 
for storage.

Too bad this pic is so dark, but it was
 sort of an overcast day when I took 
some of these and her kitchen really
doesn't look this dark in real life.
Course, it could be.....
 the photographer as well!!  lol

These are the flowers she chose for
Valentines day, and we thought
 they looked perfect in this beautiful 
vase that used to belong to her late
 paternal grandmother, and it was
 not being used, so her Aunt Susan
let me have it for her. 
 She loved it!!
and it was the perfect color and 
style for her home.

Thanks Susan!

This is the view from when you walk
 in the front door and shows you the
whole kitchen.


Thanks for coming by and hope you
enjoyed your visit.

If you missed Part 2, and would 
like to see it,  just click here.

Up Next Week........
will be the hallway.....

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