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A Secret that can change how you view life - The 80/20 Rule

Happy Sunday Morning 
Sweet Friends,

Today, I am sharing a Secret to 

And what is that lil secret that can
 change the way You or I view life,
well, it is something called 

"The 80/20 Rule"

Now I can't take credit for this great
piece of information, as I learned it
from Bishop TD Jakes.
While I have no scientific proof that
 it is true, I do have life experiences
 that have shown me it is true, and I
 have also experienced it in my own
 life, and once I explain it, think you
 might just agree with me..........

Although, we "Perfectionists" would 
like to believe we can make our world
"Perfect", the real truth is we do not 
have that power, no matter how hard
we try.....and the sooner we realize that 
the better off we will the
 Bible says: "You shall know the truth 
and the truth will set you free".

What do I mean??

Well, if nothing this side of Heaven
is perfect....then we can stop expecting
that our spouse, our children, our job,
our home, our friends, family, co-workers,
our church, or anyone we are in relation-
ship with really, or basically anthing is
 going to be a 100%, and you can probably
 agree with me that there are lots of things
you probably love or like about all the
 aforementioned things on my list.....
which would probably add up to about
80%.....but then there are things you would
dont like or would like to change on that
 list as well which would add up to 20%.

What happens to most of us, is that when
 we are getting 80%, we start to take that
for granted, and we start looking at the
 20%, we feel like we aren't getting and 
even worse, we can start focusing all our
 attention on what we are not getting and
as we get tunnel vision, we can completely 
lose sight of the 80% we are getting.......

for example: When the above happens,
and we have seen it happen many times,
and we have actually seen people become 
so obsessed with what they are not getting
 that....that they are totally miserable and
 make everyone around them miserable too.  
We have also seen spouses leave their wife
 or husband for another person because of 
that 20%, and wind up with the 20% they
 wanted from their original spouse only to
 lose the things they were getting from their
original spouse, and wind up miserable
 because now there are things missing in
 the new relationship that they were used
to getting, so know they are looking at
a new 20% deficit, just in another area.
Sometimes it might be a job...they
leave a good job because of one thing
that is happening at work, when every
thing else is good, only to find out now,
they are less than happy in the new job!

Knowing this truth has helped me
many times because I feel like we
should always be changing and get-
ting better, but not everyone you en-
counter feels that way, or is thus mot-
ivated, which is not wrong necessarily,
just different but can lead to frustration
 with whatever the situation might be...
 I typically have had high expectations
 for myself and others.. having them for
 myself is okay, but the problem comes
 when I have high expectations for others
 and they are not met, so knowing this 80/20
 rule over the years, has helped me to have
 less expectations, and to be more thankful
 for what I have and the situations I face,
 and for the people in my life, and to
 focus on the 80% rather than the 20%.....

Now this does not mean I am saying
give a free pass to things that really
need to be addressed, or that there
 are not things worth fighting for, or 
that we should in anyway over
look sinful behavior, like adultery,
 physical or emotional abuse, alcohol
 or drug abuse, and the like but the
 majority of the time the things we
 are focused on are not those type 
of things.

Well, Happy Pondering!!

Have a Lovely Sunday,

Hugs, Nellie

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  1. Hi, Nellie.
    I've also known it as the positive/negative effect, or as Paul spoke of, the flesh warring with the spirit. That's why the Spirit has taught me to be on guard of Satan's coy way of catching me off guard! When I begin to "gripe" about something, I no sooner think or get one word out and the Holy Spirit immediately reminds me! As you say, this life is never going to be perfect, but I now concentrate on all the bountiful blessings the LORD has and continues to bestow upon me as I keep Him as my #1 priority in this life! Praise His Holy Name! Love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Susan,
    Yes, it definitely can be called a postive/negative affect.
    Sure makes a difference in this life for the
    Lord likes his people to be grateful not

    Love, Nellie


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