Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ideas for styling Trays

Hello and Happy Tuesday to ya!

Has there been any Spring or Easter
 decorating going on at your house???

There has been here, but not finished yet,
waiting on my love seat to arrive, which
is suppose to be this afternoon hopefully.

 So had this post in draft,  and just needed
 to finish it up so thought today was a 
good day for that.  lol

Awhile back I happened to come across
 a post that I had been asked to do for a
 furniture store years back and they asked
 what I would put on their coffee table, 
 so I did several of these trays you will 
see below, which gave me the idea for 
this post, so I pulled in more trays that
 I had done for my home and added them
 in.........they are for Spring and summer,
so hope you will enjoy them and maybe it 
will spark an idea for you as well........

This one was in our guest bedroom,
 but could also be used anywhere really.

This was also used in our quest bedroom
when it had a coastal vibe,  but again could 
be used other places for the summer or
for a room using the coastal look.

This coffee tray was actually used in
 a Tablescape for my son, or hubby,  but 
would look great in the kitchen near
 your coffee area..........


The next 5 trays were ones I made for 
the furniture store post..............

You can never go wrong with Flowers,
books or magazines and candles.

It is always good to have a taller item, 
an item that is half as tall as the largest
piece, and a small item, which helps keep
 your tray or any vignette balanced.
Also flat items, especially when they are
 colorful or nice too, like the magazine.
Notice there are 5 items....that is a rule
of thumb to have odd numbers of any
thing when you are decorating, making
a floral arrangement or creating 
a vignette.  It adds interest!

These next 2 trays are for people who
 really like the neutral look with a lil
bling added.  This one maybe with just
 the right pop of any color, I just used 
blue, but this could go with any color
or pull the napkin out and it is totally
neutral with some bling.  Tray #2
could do the same...............

Here it is totally neutral with a bit of bling.
I liked it so much I used it on my living
 room coffee table for awhile...........

This one was used as a centerpiece in a 
Spring or Summer Tablescape I did,  but
 would look great on a coffee or end
table........or on a kitchen counter even.

This one was used on our living room 
coffee table one Spring..............there
is a candle in that small cup and saucer,
to go along with the flowers and the 
Inspirational book.

Well, there you have it............

So go have some fun  and style 
your tray.............

Thanks for coming by,,,,,,

Love, Hugs,  and 
Spring Styling Blessings
 to you,


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  1. Hi, Nellie.
    Thank you for my e-card! I haven't done any Spring "decorating" but I have done some spring cleaning - not a whole lot, but it's getting there, ha!

    You have some beautiful tray arrangements! My favorite is the tray you have on the bed with a pitcher full of flowers! I love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Susan,
    Your are welcome.........
    I sort of Spring clean along with my decorating.. The decorating gives me the incentive to do the Spring cleaning.........lol It is always a good feeling to have it done.

    Thanks for coming by and for your kind comments. Have a good night!

    Love, Nellie


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