Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Thankful Thursday March 30, 2016, Part 5 of Golf Cart Home Tour

I love the LORD, for he heard my voice;
 he heard my cry for mercy. 

 Because he turned his ear to me,
 I will call on him as long as I live.
Psalm 116:1-2

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are you these last few days
of March?  Can't believe April
1st is just around the corner.  Are 
you thinking about an April Fool's
 joke to play on someone?

  I have to get thinking cause I 
usually like to get my
It has been a good week here as I have
 been celebrating my birthday most of
 the week. We do birthday weeks around
here... hey, you only get one day a year,
 and we believe in milking it for all it's
 shew....just came in from sitting in the
 sun........and it is hot out there. 92...
I lasted all of 10 mins. lol

Pictures today are from part 5
 of the golf cart tour of Charleston.  
If you missed Part 4, and would
 like to see ,  just click here.

Well, on with my thankfuls for
 the week.

I am thankful......

for a heart warming and cry worthy
(good tears, of course) early Birthday
 card last Friday. My girl is one of the
 best card picker outers there is.......
seriously... and then she always writes
 something special in every card as well.
 Defintely warms this Mother's heart
and her Dads  too.

same house different views.

that hubby and I are feeling better
as we were both feeling like we
were coming down with colds on
Saturday, but were praying we would
 be okay for Sunday, as he had to teach,
 and we had the family coming over 
for an early Birthday celebration
 for me, and we have been feeling
great every since.   PTL

for a really wonderful time with the
Scott, Megan, Brooklyn and Susan.
  Great food and Great fun.......
No confetti poppers this time.....
we are still finding confetti from
 the last
Only thing missing was Dee, Jerry
and Rosie.....but they would have
been here if they could.

for all the lovely cards, and gifts
my family showered me with on
Sunday.....and especially for taking
 time out of their busy schedules to 
help hubby with the details and to
celebrate with me......
So sweet and so thoughtful and 
so appreciated. 

that our new loungers and our love
seat came in on Tuesday and every
thing was in good shape, and the
love seat went together well as 
hubby put it together, and we are
so pleased that everything is very 
comfortable as well.  So we are 
very happy and grateful for all of it.
Now we just have to get rid of the
 existing sofa.

that everything worked out fine
for our nephew and his family,
so they will should (Lord willing)
be coming the first part of July.
It will be so good to see them.

for a lovely Easter Printable
 that I got from Jenn over @
It is such a beautiful printable,
and looks great in my living
room. Jenn's blog is a new
 discovery for me, and she is 
a very talented gal. So go
 check her out when you can.

for all the sweet facebook
Birthday wishes I recieved
all day on Wed.  I think I rec'd
upwards of 50 b-day wishes. I
tell you...Facebook.....can make 
you feel like a real celebrity on 
Thanks everyone!

that my son was in town this
week and was able to come help
 us move our old sofa, and some 
other items out to the curb to be 
picked up by the refuse service 
today.  Didn't expect it to be so
 quickly, but I am thrilled it is......
it is all....gone!

for a nice steak birthday dinner
from Texas Roadhouse on Wed
my real birthday. Yummy as
 always........a long chat with my
 daughter as I opened a few gifts
 that she had sent. Catching a few
 rays on our new outdoor loungers.
  It  turned out to be a quiet day, as
 I didn't have lil darling cause her
 Mom took her to the beach, and
hubby had to work, but it was a
very good day.........and a really
good  and fun week............

for the Presidential Prayer Team
and the information and prayer
requests that they put out every
day so that as Americans we can
know how to pray in very specific
ways for our President and his
 cabinet and administration.........
I have to say I love getting this
every morning and it is really a
 great encouragement to know what 
is going on in Washington, and to
have the opportunity to pray in an
intelligent and informed way for
 our new Presidential Administration.
I would highly recommend every 
get this very valueable tool.....
If you are interested
 just click here or type 

for another heart warming good
news story about a young black
man who broke up a fight between
2 young teenage boys.  He was
honored by public officials and
what he said was really heart
Click here if you would like
to see it, or type it in yourself 


Well, there you have it another
 week at Cozy Place.....

Thanks for dropping by today.....

Hope you have a delight day
and weekend.

cute garage

Love, Hugs and 
Last Days of March Blessings,


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  1. #1. Moms are SPECIAL as you know with your mom too! I think you are my very special sister-in-law! GOD is so good!
    #2. Yes indeed, praise our LORD! I woke up Tuesday with s sore throb in my throat, but by the time I got up and moving around, it went away!
    #3. Yes, it was a wonderful time and always is!!! I did miss Jerry and DeeAnna too!
    #4. I can hardly wait for next time when I can see your birthday gift from hubby, your new couch!
    #5. I'm so glad he had no problems putting it together!
    #6. Wonderful! I know you are looking forward to seeing them! It will be here before you know it! I can't believe three months of 2017 have already gone!
    #7. I surely will!
    #8. I'm no longer on Facebook. I didn't stay on it long. I couldn't keep up with it and my blog too!
    #9. I am so glad he can help you out so much! Surely helps to have two men around to do such things as that, ha! I'm sure hubby appreciated it too!
    #10. You had the day to yourself with all your new goodies!!!
    #11. As soon as I finish with your blog, I'm going to sign up for their prayer site.
    #12. It is so heart warming to hear of such stories. I pray the news media would share more of these kind of stories than all the negative stories.
    I love you all, Susan

  2. Beautiful images Nellie! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a beautiful weekend! Hugs, Biljana

  3. Hi Susan,
    Finally getting around to answering comments today. lol

    I see you signed up for the prayer team, isn't it such a good source of information. I really love getting each morning and knowing what needs prayer for the day.

    Thanks for coming by and for all your sweet comments Have a good day.
    LOve, Nellie

  4. Thanks Bijana
    and thanks for coming by hon,
    You have a lovely week,
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Beautiful! I love all the big porches on most of the houses!

  6. Thanks Pam,

    I know I love that too. Would love to sit on one and visit with friends and drink some

    So nice to have you stop by and nice to meet you here in blogland.


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May the Lord Bless You!!

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