Friday, March 3, 2017

Thankful Thursday March 2, 2017, Golf cart House tour from Charleston

But the fruit of the Spirit is love,
 joy, peace, forbearance, kindness,
 goodness, faithfulness, 
 gentleness and self control.
Galatians 5:22-23

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy,

and enjoying March and the hope
of Spring............

Our March always starts off with
Birthdays, first my Sil the last day
 of Feb., followed by lil darling,
then hubbies just a few days later
 then we get a break until the end of
March when my birthday comes.
So I have been busy planning and
 doing for their birthdays all week,
gotta do shopping today for food
and a few other that
will be my day............

Thought I would show you some
pretty and interesting houses today,
 from Charleston when we took our
 Golf cart
I get a kick out of seeing the 
different style homes in different
 states and their areas has such a 
variety and you will see what I
 mean about it being a picket fence
neighborhood as well....
Think you will enjoy it!

Hope you have a lovely day
and on with my thankfuls.....

I am thankful

that I think I finally figured out why
 I always feel so good physically when
 we go away to our daughters, where-
ever she lives.....I think it is because
 we spend so much time outside in
 the fresh air.  At first I thought it
 was just having time with her and
 the cooler weather, which I think
it is probably a combination of all
3, but we have been spending more
 time outside on the porch, since we 
have been home, as the weather is
 still nice, and I have been feeling
 really great and sleeping really good
too, so we will continue this as long 
as we can and I will also be trying
to air out the house at least once 
week, even when the weather gets
 warmer. Think I am gonna add 
some live houseplants too, as they
help to clean the air too.

for a really fun time over at
Scott and Megans on Saturday
to celebrate my SIL Susan's
birthday.  Was thankful they
offered since we had just gotten
 back in town, and it turned out
 wonderfully well......a great
time had by all.........

that I have figured out a 
theme for hubby and lil darlings
birthday celebration this coming
weekend.  Sorta hard to do a
table that is for both male and happy about that.

for a nice dinner at Longhorns
on Sunday after church. Since
our fav yogurt place closed 
we have been changing things
up a bit, and it has been fun.
A good rut

that I got the first issue from my 
subcription hubby got me for 
Christmas.  It was the "Magnolia
Journal" with Joanna Gaines.
So far, it is the only magazine
I have read cover to cover in
long time.

for the great job President Trump 
did with his speech to Congress
 on Tuesday evening.  

for the joy of little darlings
it is just infectious.......

that we found a fellow who is
very reasonable to help us with
some of our yard work, and he
does work for my SIL Susan,
so now we will have someone
we can call if we need some
extra help,  and he is a really
nice man as well.

that Dee made it safely to Ashe-
ville for an appt. on Friday,
and she got to see 2 of her friends
that she misses.  We also had a 
nice long chat as she drove.......
She got back home safe and 
sound today.

that we found a place to buy 2
beach loungers for our back yard.
We wanted the aluminum ones with 
vinyl straps like they have at condos,
but they are very hard to find, cause
Co's. that carry them usually only
do it commercially. These type of 
loungers last a long time...which is
perfect since ours sit out in the
 elements all the time, so we were 
delighted to finally find them....
 They are our birthday presents to
 ourselves this year......course, it 
will be 5-7 weeks before we get 
them, but we are just thankful 
we can get them!!

for my sweet hubby and lil darling
who both have a Birthday coming
up in this next week.  They both
bless my life so very much.....

that I finally got to go into a fairly new
Fresh Market store that is a bit closer
to us than the old one. haven't been to
 any in a long time and have been want-
ing to go there for ages, but for one
 reason or another it just never happened.
 So today was the day......and it was a lot
of fun!!  Only wish I had longer,  but it
 was sort of a whirlwind shopping tour
 today for hubby's went
 lots of places, but we are gonna go
back soon, as he enjoys that sort of 
thing too........


There you have it.... another week
 at  Cozy Place...........

Thanks for dropping in..............

Maybe you have something you

are particularly Thankful for this
week.....would love for you to
share it with us.

Oh, and how did you like the
houses? There will be lots more
in the coming weeks.

Have a Really Great Weekend!

Love, Hugs and
Pre-Spring Blessings to You!


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  1. #1.'s always great to have others to be with out in the sunshine and fresh air!
    #2. I surely enjoyed it too! It was just what I needed! Thank you all so much!
    #3. I can hardly wait to see it. You always have such a wonderful arrangement. What a nice gift you have in sharing it with all of us!
    #4. We ladies went to Bob Evans after Bible study on Wednesday.
    #5. I bet it has beautiful pictures too! (A "picture book" for ladies, ha!)
    #6. Amen! I applauded him even though I was by myself, lol! I thank the LORD, Trump always
    mentions our GOD in his speeches!
    #7. It surely is! The natural laugh of a child is the greatest innocence in this world! I love to watch "America's Funniest Home Videos" when they have the natural laughter of little babies doing "belly laughs!" It makes me burst out with laughing! Laughter is very catching!
    #8. I am so happy for you and him! He has such a wonderful personality and loves what he does (even though some of the work is very tedious, he enjoys being outside and works to please.)
    #9. Wow! I'm glad I don't have appointments in another state, ha! Thank the LORD for her safe travel there and back.
    #10. Maybe the chairs will make it for your birthday!!!
    #11. I know they do. I am so blessed by all of you! What joy there is in our LORD for family! I praise Him every day for our family!
    #12. That is one way to get the exercise in too! I found that out when I went to several stores yesterday for Lil Darling's birthday goodies. I was bushed the rest of the day, ha!
    I really like the pictures of the houses, but my favorite is Jerry and Dee's house!
    I love you all, Susan

  2. What fun to take the golf cart tour!
    Definitely a little different part of Charleston than what we saw on a brief visit there.....
    Lovely homes.

  3. HI Susan,
    Glad you enjoyed your birthday so much. We all did too.

    Well, was hoping the chairs would come by my birthday, but the lady has still not sent
    me the invoice so that I could make a down payment and I have called 3 times now, so am
    beginning to think she doesn't want our business. They mostly do commercial business but
    said they do it for residential customers too. Guess we will see.....

    Well, thanks for coming by and glad you liked the pictures.......

    Love, Nellie

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Glad you enjoyed the golf cart tour....we sure did...
    They really have such a variety of homes, there are small bungalows, mid size and large
    houses, with all types of styles. Very Interesting to say the least.

    Hope this finds you doing well hon, thanks for stoppin in....

    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Thanks Carol,
    So happy you enjoyed it.
    Thanks for coming by and for being so sweet to leave a comment.


Special thanks to all who take the time to leave comments..........They are very encouraging and very appreciated. I enjoy every one of them so much!!
May the Lord Bless You!!

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