Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dee's 28th birthday tablescape - lime green & brown

Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,

How are you this fine day??
Hope it is going well...............

Mine is going well, have just been editing pics as a lefty
since my nerve is pinched off again,  so smarting some, 
so will be going to the chiropractor later this afternoon. 
 Thank the Lord for this man..............

Well, below you will see the Birthday girl, this is our daughter
 Dee with our furry blurry grandaughter dog, Rosie.
She decided to turn her head just as I snapped the picture.........

Since her fav color right now is apple green,decided to do a
 table for her in that color. Had planned something different 
using palmetto palm branches,  but they turn brown too fast,
 so hubby saved the day without even knowing it. and wound
 up seeing green flowers in a bouqet mixed with oranges and 
reds, when he went to Sam's  so just decided to grab them just
 for the green flowers, since  he  knew I was doing the table in
 that color.

So here are the chrysanthemums he got and
there are other small ones that are green

 Had planned to put the palm seeds in the glass 
cylinders below,  but again because they turn  
brown so quickly, decided to use limes instead.
as the flowers came with these pretty green
leaves on a stems.

 So got the limes and decided to add some
leaves in with them,  then on Sunday hubby
cut me some palm see branches and I pulled
the seeds off a few hours before and put them
on the table,  that being the lil olive looking things.

 and of course, I also put them in the centerpiece
as well.  Was trying to accomplish a tropical
look as well,  since she loves that too.


Here is the center of the centerpiece and you can
see that I added palmetto seeds to it, and also this
adorable lil turtle my SIL Susan gave me on Friday.

Isn't he adorable...........he is a lil box that opens up
to put jewelry or rings in, but thought he was the
 perfect bling for this table.

Thanks Susan,  I love him!

a look down the table from the birthday girls spot.
I use the egg cups for butter for rolls.

and this was from the other end.

Down the center of the table with the candles as well.

 The girls had fan napkins with a lil vases of flowers

 I just used a stretchy pony tail holder to cinch in the napkin,
that is of course, underneath the flower!

 The guys got folded napkins with these pretty leaves and a
fuzzy type carnation.........they sort of fell apart once I cut the
stems,  so just used pcs. here, and around the limes in the
central centerpiece.  Have never seen anything like it before
nor has my son who is in agriculture, but it defintiely had a
stem that looked just like a carnation stem.  Interesting!

overhead views


Posterized affect!

with Paint Daubs affect

With colored pencil affect!

With Posterized affect!

upclose look at those palmetto seeds, my son says
that is what "Saw Palmetto" is made from.
You know those tablets from the health food store!! lol

colored pencil affect!

Well, bi deb bi deb bi deb, 
 That's all folks!!
as Porky used to say!

and you are probably thinking,
 it's about time,
I am seein' green!!  lol
Sorry but I just can't make up
my mind on which ones to choose,
so before I know it I have used
most of them!  

I am linking up to
 Centerpiece Wednesday
Tablescape Thursday
Let's Dish

Well, I went to the chiropractor and 
my neck and arm are feeling much
better..........that man really knows
what he is doing!  Today was their
last day before Monday too, as they
are going to a convention, so I was
a blessed lady.  Also, we heard that
they think they found the problem
with our car and hopefully it will
be done tomorrow.  That was good
news..............course, we aren't 
counting our chickens before they
hatch, if you know what I mean!! lol

See ya tomorrow.................

Hugs and Pretty
Green Blessings to ya,


Shannon Milholland said...

I love the color scheme and especially the centerpieces. Gorgeous!

Style Sisters said...

Nellie what a fabulous job on your tablescape and I love the fact that your cute hubby helped you! What a darling man...reminds me of my own :) your daughter is stunning by the way! I hope she thoroughly enjoyed your table and All the thought and effort that went into it. All the different colors of green look so beautiful and your dishes are perfect! Thank you for linking up ad sharing your idea with us and thank you for leaving such kind comments on my blog.

BECKY said...

Hey Gal!!
Got back from Cin's last night! Had a great time, even though it rained the entire time!! So glad I made the trip!

You did a lovely job on the tablescape! I know Dee loved it! The limes added just the right touch!!

Hugs to you!
Give you a buzz tomorrow!

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

This is lovely. Last week I did a post on the color green - it is my favorite color. The centerpiece is gorgeous and those flowers are so pretty! Love the little turtle box - a perfect addition to this table. I also like how you set the table a bit different for the men!

Thanks for stopping by Pandora's Box!

Jewel Sauls said...

Pretty- love the green! Happy Birthday to the birthday gal!

Margaret said...

Love your tablescape!! Thanks for coming by moving Forward, your new follower,


Diann said...

Your dishes are so pretty and the lime accents are perfect! Visiting from Let's Dish!

Olive Cooper said...

Love all the green and your lime centerpiece is gorgeous. Visiting from Let's Dish, Olive

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Now I can't get a dish of lime sherbet out of mind :) This table is gorgeous and love how the seeds look like olives. The green is so so pretty!

Alycia Nichols said...

Hey, Nellie! I'm just getting in from a day of running around for an event I'm setting up tomorrow. I am bushed!!! Still have to do the florals, though, so I'd better find that second wind! :-) I love your pretty green, and I am super impressed that your HUSBAND got in on the action! I was just telling my husband last night that a lot of the husbands are knee deep in our blogging efforts along with him. He thinks the guys all need to get together and form a support group! :-) I'm glad you explained that those are palm seeds. Living in the Midwest, I've never seen anything like that before. I really like what you did with the whole centerpiece and how it extends down the length of the table. Neat ideas to use the egg cups for butter and the ponytail holders for the napkins!!! Like the butter, you're on a roll, girl! Get it? On a roll? Butter? Get it? :-) Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier today!!!

Alycia Nichols said...

P.S. - Happy Belated Birthday to your lovely daughter!!!

Marlis said...

Happy Belated bd to your daughter. Love your table. So lucky you have a husband that pays attention to detail. How lucky he found the flowers.. so very pretty. xo marlis

Lois Christensen said...

Glad your pinched nerve is better! The table setting is so beautiful! I love your plates and the colors you chose. I hope your girl had a nice birthday celebration!

Miss Merry said...

Such pretty greens and your napkin flower is divine!

Sister Susie said...

I think this is the prettiest table setting you have done! I didn't even know the colors before hand. I'm so glad your turtle was right at home with your colors! Love to you all, Susan