Monday, May 3, 2010

We had a productive, fun and relational Weekend!!

(This is the honeysuckle growing in our backyard - It smells like Heaven)
I think it must have really liked the cold weather, cause this is the best
it has ever bloomed before.  Click on the pic cause it is hard to see all
the blooms otherwise)
Happy Monday Sweet Peas,
So what sort of weekend did you have??
Hope whatever you did it was satisfying
 to you and yours!!
Ours was good,  it was productive, fun
and relational!! My favorite kind of weekend!
Friday night we painted woodwork in the
bathroom,  and we made a lot of progress.
1 door casing finished, Yeah!!  1 almost
finished, 2 with 2 coats of paint waiting for
a 3rd coat,  so we are getting closer and
closer and I am getting more and more
excited to be finished!!  lol
After we painted we stayed up late, like dumbo's,
 (I told you staying up late is considered fun in our house)  
 and watched a movie with Hugh Grant called "about a boy".
  It was suppose to be the funniest movie of the year!!
  Whoever rated this movie must have a very sick 
sense of humor is all I have to say!! lol
Not that there weren't some funny scenes but
the comedy of the year,  come on!!
It was an okay movie,  but a comedy...........
Saturday slept in and the got up and had a nice breakfast,
 I made a breakfast casserole on Friday to have on Sat.
 morning,  cause I am tired of bacon and eggs,  so it was 
different and good.  I almost think it could be a dinner 
casserole as well.
Then we read some!!  Hubby bought a book called
 "Christian Athiests",  it talks about how people can be
 Christians but act like God is no where to be found!! 
 We can all do that given different situations,  but some
people live like that in every situation.
Anyway,  it is pretty good book so far.
Then we decided we needed to get out and have 
some fun.  So we got dressed and went out shopping. 
 It was kind of an early 
Mother's Day shopping excursion as well!  
 There are still a few things we have been searching for
 to finish the bathroom, so we went to Marshall's,  and
 found nothing,  well, I found nothing,  Hubby found
 sneakers and  some very inexpensive flashlights that
 he adores (we have given away a ton of them, so he
 was a happy camper!! Then we went to Kirkland's, 
I got tickled at hubby..... he made me drive to
 Kirklands so he could put on his new sneaks!! 
 I told him that was one of his lil boy ways !! 
 He couldn't wait to get those new babies on, 
 I thought it's was so cute!! lol
We did find some pics at Kirklands on sale that we
 might could use,  and they had quite a few so we
 decided to wait and look around a bit more.
By then we were getting hungry again,  so we
 went to the mall to get something from Chick fil-A.
  Have you every had their chicken salad  sand-
wiches???  I just love them!!  
So after lunch,  we checked  out a few stores in
 the mall,  then decided to go to Home goods.
Well, they had nothing,  in toothbrush holders,
 soap pumps, etc. that would work,  but I had
seen these pcs. the last time that I really liked
but they didn't have the pcs. that I needed, so
for some reason I decided to go look in the
clearance area just for grins, and guess what
they still had what I saw before but they were
way less $$!!  So we bought them all and 
decided to try it and see what we thought,
cause you can always take it back!!
Boy.........Do we know that!!
I feel like that is all I buy it and take
it back!!  lol
After that,  we ran to Target to pick up a
grocery type items, and they happened to have
some bathroom accessories in just the right shade
 of green, evidently they are new cause I have been
 there a number of times and never seen them, 
 so we decided to buy them to try too, just in
case the others didn't work out!
Then we called Scott to see if he felt like having visitors 
since it was after 9 by then! He has wanted us to come
 see his apt. since he and his girlfriend decorated it. 
 So we went by his place for about and hour,  and 
Megan was still there too,  so we got to visit with
 both of them.  They did a great job decorating his
place, it is in earth tone colors and looks very 
manly,  but Megan has gotten some nice femine
touches in there too!!  Scott is a quite a good 
decorator himself and has very good taste, but
I think Megan probably did most of the arranging, 
 anyway,  it looks great and so nice and homey!!
  They have very similiar taste which is good.
So we got home pretty late,  but we had
a really fun,  much needed day out!!
And I am exceedingly glad and happy to say that we
 wound up mixing and matching the accessories from
 both places,  and it looks great and adds a touch of
 whimsy to the bathroom.  Cause they have butterflies
and dragonflys on them,  and the colors are turquoise
 and apple green.  so they look perfect!! 
 So very happy with them!!
There was a matching ceramic trash can
and I think I am gonna put a floral arrangement
in it and put it between the sinks and the mirrors
on our vanity.  Just have to figure out what
sort of arrangement to make now!!  Hmmmmm!!
Yesterday,  we went to Sunday School and heard
a young woman in her early 30's who we have 
known most o her life,  who is now a missionary
in Burkino Faso, Africa.  She grew up in our
church.  What a great and gifted speaker she is!!
I was hanging on her every word,  she laughed
when I told her that, and says that's just because
you like me and I said well,  that is true too,
but you really are God gifted as a speaker!!
She showed a video of  what the  life of a 
woman who lives in a village in Africa would
be like!!  They live in a nearby small city, but at
 least they have running water, lights and
 grocery stores.
The video shows this lady getting up before 
daylight,  going out to pick beans or corn or
whatever she is gonna grind up for the day to
make dinner out of.  Then they put the beans
 or corn it in some sort of heavy stone pot,  and 
one lady gets on one side, and one on the other
 and they have large long poles with flat ends,
 not skinny either (probably the size of a mason jar lid)
 or at lil bigger,  and they begin pounding one and
then the other,  and after they have done that
awhile they strain out the bad husk or whatever
and then they go looks for firewood,  and 
sometimes they have to go miles to they find
it and water,  then they start a fire and put a big
 pot on to cook something sort of like grits looking,
cause she ground the beans into a type of
flour,  so she is constantly adding more flour
and stirring the pot constantly as she is cooking
over this open flame,  and mind you this is
all outdoors and it is very hot,  and this lady
is pregnant to boot!!  I mean the poor thing
spent the whole entire day just making dinner,  
and hey, there are no breaks for fast food
 or any kind of food,  cause they
don't even have stores.  I thought oh, Lord,
I should never ever complain about cooking
again as long as I live!!
I tell you stuff like that just gives me so much
perspective on how good we have it in this
country.  They don't even have homes, they
live in huts,  no A/C,  running water or
electric lights.   Pretty much like our pioneer
women I would say!!  It is so amazing to
think that there are people around the world
that still live like pioneer people.  You know
it, but yet when you see it,  it just amazes
you.  They have old wood plows and some
are blessed to have a plow pulled by a
horse or mule.  incredible!!
Anyway, then we went to church and got to
see her hubby speak some too.  Scott and
Megan came to church and afterwards we
got our favorite "Chocolate Elvis",  we have
Megan hooked on them now too!! lol
Scott likes the smoothie with added coffee.
We then came home and had lunch and
visited with the kids awhile till they had to
leave to go visit with some friends.
Oh yea, and we brought Joey home Sat.
night,  and Megan is picking her up today
to take her back to Scott.
So we had a lovely productive and
fun and relational weekend,  my favorite!!
Well, best get myself busy,  think I
might try to paint some,  and I am in the
middle of making meata balls!! lol
Hope you have a Sweet Evening 
with You and Yours,
Blessings n' Hugs,


  1. My! You have been the busy bee; buzz, buzz! I was quite busy myself. Saturday I was up at six to leave by 7:15 to get my truck to Nissan for it's routine check up. I got home at about 10:30 when I realized my headache was because I forgot to eat!! The rest of the day, I was pretty busy cutting out about 100 pieces of things the kids will use to make their Mother's Day cards. Before I knew it, it was about 9:00 p.m. and my stomach was growling! Whoops, I don't know why eating doesn't seem important anymore, ha! So, I ate some fruit and cheese before I went to bed about 10:30. I was up again at 5:30 to get ready for church (I had the sound booth.) I was really looking forward to a restful Sunday afternoon. So much for that! Julian called me about 1:30 asking me to do the sound system for the kids evening program. I was going again at 5:15 and got home about 7:45. Oh, yeah. I did eat while watching the Amazing Race! I'll be glad when this week is over so things slow down a bit. We are FAIR testing, Unit 9 testing, mid-term testing, and testing in math. What in the world happened to the "Old" kindergarten curriculum? It's like everything is going faster and faster and no time for anything! Is that what it means with the saying: The older you get, the faster the time goes! The only problem with that, is the younger teachers are feeling the same, ha! My birds do a great job of relaxing me. They are now in their room yakking up a storm, laughing, whistling. Their joyful "noise" makes me laugh. Jerry's in their "wolf whistling" right now. Cuddles is answering over and over, "You're so sweet!" Max is asking, "Where's Max?" I don't dare answer or he will start squawking! Have a great evening. Mine is one to relax. Nothing to do tonight but rest!
    Love you all,

  2. Yes, your weekend sounds busy but fun!! All that shopping!

    And I often think of what it would be like to live without the luxuries we have and I'm so grateful, truly grateful.

    Maybe you want to share your breakfast casserole? Sounds really yummy and sounds like you have the perfect relationship with your hubby!!!

  3. Nel, I am running out the door but had to read your post. I'll comment when I get home from the Farmers' Mkt and Sam's and Trader Joe's. Love B

  4. Hi Nellie

    I am just catching up. It sounds like you had a great weekend.....
    I am learnng a lot more about Africa too since we have sponsored a child there. I never have considered myself as having a privledged life and in fact I hate that term but the pictures and the stories that I have heard about this 3rd world country Isee that I do indeed have a privledged life.
    I can't wait to see the pictures of your bathroom.

  5. Whew, I am back, dinner is done and Jim is at a youth activity for church. I am going to kick back and find a movie from our collection to watch tonight. Both Jim and I felt so tired all day, maybe we just didn't sleep well or something.

    Well, it sounds like you had a busy and productive weekend. It is nice you and Jimmy like to shop together. Wish I could say the same. My Jim is so funny when shopping...he rarely does it and when he does he gets lost and I spend most of my time tracking him down like a kid in a candy store. He just wanders off to some unknown place. Cell phones have eliminated some of my frustration. But I think I will be doing most shopping alone still.

    He is also funny because he has no idea that things cost so much and he is always flabbergasted that three plastic bags of this and that can be $75.00. I always say, "Welcome to my World!" Still he is a stranger in it! LOL!

    I feel like I got 2 for 1 on your post as I got the blow by blow of Susie's weekend also. How far away does she live from you guys? Thanks for introducing us.

    I have been thinking of Becky day in and day out,have you heard anything yet?

    Well, you should be ready for that photo shoot on that new bathroom soon, huh? Cannot wait to see it all done. And I cannot believe yours has even taken longer than ours and that was six months! The results are always so nice but the price is high. And unlike childbirth the labor pains do not disappear as quickly or completely no matter how much you love the baby.

    Love you...have a great night!

    Hugs, B

  6. Hi Nellie,
    I always enjoy reading of your family times, I enjoy shopping with my dh too, I also enjoy working with him on projects around the house. We are now in the process of redoing our porch(major work).
    I hope you will share the finished photos of your bathroom. I also enjoy Kirklands and have a gift card just burning a hole in my pocket. lol.

    What a wonderful treat for your church to have a visiting missionary, When they come and share, I am always so ashamed of any grumbling I have done. We truly are so blessed in this country.

    I love breakfast casseroles, and hope you will share the recipe. I like to have them for dinner from time to time.

    Well, Nellie I guess I better go, enjoy you week.

  7. Thanks for your vist to our blog. And it sure dose you had a great weekend. Have a good day and and a wonderfull mother's day also...Julian

  8. Hi Nellie,
    Wow, that was a busy weekend! I think the only thing I did productive was go to church, lol. And cook..and grocery shop.
    Sounds like good progress on the bathroom.
    Have a very Happy Mother's Day!


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