Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 6, 2010

(Lantana growing in our backyard)

Greetings Sweet Friends
Welcome to Thankful Thursday
How in the world are you today???
I just came in from spray painting a fan we have on the
 back porch that works well, but was looking a bit shabby
 but not so chic!!  A fresh coat of white paint should do
the trick,  so think it will look more presentable once we
get her all back together,  and we will be a bit cooler
since our winds are slowly starting to die away.
My next project today is to clean our wooden door
from my closet in the dressing room area.  We had
to take it down to paint the woodwork so figured
I would give it a good cleaning while it was down.
Much easier I would think!!   Course, some times
don't work quite the way we think!! lol
I have been trying to do something on the bath
room everyday, no matter how small cause we
are getting so close to finishing and I am ready
to be done,  to say the least!!
Then we will be on to the next project,  the yard!!
Oh..... Fun City!!  We have so much pruning and
cutting that needs to be done,  but once you get
 started it goes pretty fast,  but if I start dwelling 
on how much there is to do out there, I get over-
whelmed before I get started, so I have learned
to just pick a spot and start and slowly work
your way around the yard,  and before you
know it ~ it looks pretty darn good!! lol
Well, guess I had better get on with my 
Thankful list cause I could chat with you
all day since I haven't visited with you in
a few days now.

I thank the Lord
that I was alive and well when I woke up
this morning,  and that He has given me and
 hubby another day to live on His earth.
I thank the Lord
that I saw that missionary film on Sunday about
the day in the life of an African woman,  because
I have been pondering it all week, and I tell you
it has taken my gratefulness meter to a whole
nother level!!
I thank the Lord
I do not live in a 3rd world country or really any
where else besides the United States.  Although
our country does have some major problems I
still can not think of anywhere else in the world
I would rather live,  and feel so priviledged that
the Lord has allowed me to live here.
I thank the Lord
that He has blessed us with a home,  but not just
a home a very nice home,  that looks pretty and
that keeps the elements and critters out and that
will even withstand hurricanes.  Cause I could
be living in a mud or straw hut, or cardboard
box for that matter.
I thank the Lord
that we have running water and plumbing, but
not just water,  clean water to drink and cook
with and that we don't have to haul it from wells
miles from our home.
I thank the Lord
that we have electricity and air conditioning
so that at least when it is too cold or too hot
we can stay comfortable and not be miserable.
Plus we can read anytime of the night or day
and see to do what we have to do.  What a
blessing that is!!

I thank the Lord
we have grocery stores in which we can buy
food,  and we don't have to go out into the
fields and pick or scurry up what we are gonna
make for dinner.
I thank the Lord
we have electric stoves and gas grills to cook on
so that we don't have to walk for miles just to
gather wood to make a fire to cook over in 
the scorching heat.
I thank the Lord
that we have restaurants and that we have the
opportunity to get a break from cooking at 
times,  and just enjoy something different and
we have so many options,  almost too many!
I thank the Lord
that we were finally able to find the accessories
we were looking for to put in the bathroom,  and
I truly believe the Lord was involved in it, because
of the fact,  I had seen them there a few weeks
 before (but didn't buy them cause they didn't have
 the right pcs)but they still had them, and they were
 on clearance, so we just decided to try them and see
 if we could make them work ( if you have ever
 purchased things at a discount store, you know you
 had better grab it when you see it, or it will not be 
there when you go back).  and then we found others
 pcs. at Target( that they didn't carry before that
 matched them ,  and we love how it looks!
Just love how the Lord orchestrates things, 
some people would say it is by coincidence I
say it is divine blessing!
Here's a sneak preview!! 
(These are still my flowers from last week,  I 
had to change the water so decided to put them
in my new (trash can) vase. I am still trying
to decide what sort of silk floral arrangement
 to put in it.  So I am scouring magazines
and books for ideas.  The soap pump
and little cotton ball dish match the vase.
Isn't it so cute and whimsical!!)
 I thank the Lord 
that we have toothbrushes to put in a toothbrush
holder, and soap for our soap dispenser and all 
those toiletry items we so take for granted on
a daily basis.
I thank the Lord
for Jesus and what a wonderful difference and
change He has made in our lives and the lives
of our family.  He is truly the best thing that
every happened to us.
I thank the Lord
that my friend Becky from over at Holiday in the
sun got her tests back and the preliminary tests from 
the MRI do not look like she has MS.  She still has
to do some blood work, but I suspect they will find
the same. Truthfully, for some reason,  I never really
 thought anything would show up.
Well,  Sweet Friends,
That is my Thankful List for Today!!
Hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend!
See ya on Sunday
Thanks for stopping by...........
Love, Hugs and Blessings,

So.......What do you Thank the Lord
for Today......................!!!


  1. I loved your comment on my blog, lol!
    #1. Before I go to sleep at night, I always think, "Maybe tonight, LORD!" When I wake up in the morning I think, "Maybe today, LORD!" Then I start my prayers as I ended them the night before, "LORD, heal my friends who are chronically ill." Thank you, My LORD that you have blessed me with health. May I use my health as a blessing for others not so fortunate.
    #2. Many times when I want to complain about things, I feel ashamed, because the LORD immediately brings to mind those that are so less fortunate than I am. My most "absurb" complaint is nothing when compared to those that could enjoy the least of what I have. I am greatly blessed and have nothing to complain about, but all to praise the LORD for.
    #3. I agree with you 100%. I then think, "The LORD could have just as easily had me and a person in this lifestlye switched." He has His reasons to bless me so much that I want to share what I can with those who have less and they strive to live as the LORD would have them to.
    #4. I have so many times thought about God's blessings on me by allowing me to have a home. Even though it is on "loan," I can hardly wait for the "Place" Christ has gone and prepared for me.
    #5. I thank my LORD every day before I leave for work, that He takes care to not allow any plumbing, electrical problems, or break-ins to my home. I can't believe not having water in the house. I did have an uncle whose family did not have an indoor bathroom! There are still some today in areas that have "outhouses."
    #6. I remember when we lived in Key West and each of us had our own fan sitting beside the bed to keep us cool. Then we "graduated" to the "in-wall" Sears air conditioners. Now to have reverse cycle cooling/heating; what a blessing I have had to enjoy what many do not have.
    #7. We do not wake up with a concern for food, when many in the world have that as their first concern. The LORD is so Good to us in America.
    #8. I thank the LORD for microwave ovens!!!
    #9. Isn't it wonderful to go out to eat and enjoy our loved ones and friends. The last two Fridays, I have been invited to join a group of my teacher friends to go out to eat at different restaurants. What a time of joy we have had. We go again tomorrow!
    #10. Here lately, I've been so thankful the LORD has assisted me in finding the things I have just put down and can't remember where I put it, ha! At school there are so many different things at once going on, I have had to rely on my kindergartners to find where I put something down. They know right away where I have put things, lol!
    #11. Again, I thank the LORD for indoor bathrooms!
    #12. AMEN! Jesus is why we ARE. May He ever be first in my mind in the morning, throughout the day, and when I lay my head on my pillow at night.
    #13. I am thankful your fan and door have turned out well too. I shall see it the next time I visit.
    I love you all,

  2. Pretty pretty pretty.....What a great post. I am thankful for every breathe that the Lord gives me.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. I am thankful for all the things you mentioned as well and mostly that Becky does not have MS!

    I ma leaving ina few minutes for a lvoely Garden Tour with my firend, Maureen, and then we are going to lunch. I'll take some photos!

    whoops, here she is...bye for now. B


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