Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crepe Myrtle and Bunny Love

Hello Sweetie Peeties,
And how are you today???
Having a good day I hope.
We are fine.........went for my physical,  so far,
 so good, but still gotta get bloodwork done.
Then we ran to Sam's and look what we
 saw in Sam's Parking lot.  Would love
to be able to take one of these trees
home with me!! lol

I just love crepe myrtle trees.

I just  love this shot!

Not to much exciting going on here today. 
 Someone was suppose to come over but they
got a call and have to go to work real
 early.  Oh Well!!
We saw this lil brown bunny in our back yard
 tonight, for the first time in over 10 years, I'd 
say.We used to have them all the time then they
 just quit coming,  so that was a fun
sighting for us!
Oh the magic of zoom photography - Isn't he
the cutest lil thing!!  He had a white cotton tail
as he hopped away!!

Just wanted to say Hi
and Wish you a Great Evening!
Loves and Hugs,


Kathy said...

Hi Nellie...
Crepe Myrtle is so pretty...wish we could grow it here.
Your shot is beautiful and your little bunny !
Hope your evening was wonderful too,xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

BECKY said...

Hi Gal!

Just love the Crepe Myrtle and the bunny! That is the color of the one in our yard! We haven't seen bunnies around here since we cleaned out the overgrowth out back. :o( But I put out one of those bird seed bells and we have all kinds of birds out there now. Just have to do some planting and make it look pretty, too!

Love you and hope everything went well tonight! Catch you tomorrow!!
Lots of love,

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

wow Nellie, thats almost like looking in my own backyard.. My white crepes are blooming, just had a brand new RED planted and I have the twin to your tiny bunny.. I keep trying to get a picture of him but he's a shy bunny:)
I hope all is well in your world. You and yours are still in my prayers..
Have the happiest of days and please know I am thinking of you..


Jennifer said...

Oh I love those trees as well - and that close up shot...and the beautiful sky in the background...is great! I wonder if there is a spot where I could add one of those to my yard?!?! Just wondering.

Thanks so much for your encouragment on my post today. I certainly did not want to be understood - or to sound gripey - but I am glad you understood my heart.

Always so glad when you stop by:)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a pretty tree! And we have TONS of bunnies in our yard this year! Well, every year. One year, this is horrible, but Olivia must have run over a baby when she was driving the lawn mower. We all felt so bad, but it was hidden in the grass and of course she couldn't see it and I'm so glad my neighbor was home and able to help us clean it up. I felt so bad for the momma because you could just see her watching.

Glad you were taken out to dinner!!! Chilli's is a favorite of ours!

Bonnie said...

Oh, beautiful blossoms! Our Sam's always has pretty trees blooming too this time of year. And one thing I always notice when I walk by is that there must be hundred of birds in each tree. They chirp so loudly, especially at Sam's in CA Not sure why but it is neat? You cannot see them but you sure can hear them.

We have lots of wild life here but I must say I have not seen a bunny in 30 years. We use to have them when we first moved back from Las Vegas. Jen was about three so 35 years ago. I wonder now where they have gone?

I am off to get my hair colored in about an hour so have to get busy! Saw an excellent movie last night I think you guys would like it. It is called Shadows in the Sun. It is from 2006, got it on Netflix. It is a nice combination of comedy, drama, and a lesson to be learned. And it is filmed in Italy. Really good! I am adding it to our DVD collection ASAP.

Talk to you later. Love, B