Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - June 3, 2010

Good Evening Sweet Friends,
Hope your Thursday has been a good one.
I really can't believe it is Thursday already,
course,  guess that is because of the short
 work week.
Our day is going well...........and hubbies day
is going really well!  He is doing some consulting
work for his old Company as I write,  he is 
working away over there with gusto!  lol
So guess that would be my
I am thankful 
for the fact,  he is getting some consulting
work already.  He is already a happy man
but this just adds icing to the cake!!  If you
know what I mean!!
I am thankful
for a number of the men in our church 
that have been so sweet and supportive to
Jimmy by calling and praying with him,  and
just letting him know they are sorry about
his lay off and that they are praying.  One
fellow even told us the Lord had been
waking him up at night to pray for him.
How neat is that!!
I am thankful
that Dee is coming to do my hair tonight,
and to have dinner and  hang out awhile since
 Jimmy has a meeting tonight at church.
  It will be a fun girls night!! lol
I am thankful
for the great time we had with the family
on Memorial Day.  That is always such
a blessing,  and one I never want to take
for granted,  cause you never know how
long everyone will be living in the same area.
I am thankful
that we have had Rosie all week,  it has
added a lot of fun to our week.  She has
to go home tonight!!  Poo!!  lol

(Rosie our lil furry grandaughter dog)

I am thankful
that Scott's girlfriend's MRI came out all
clear,  since she has been having awful
Migraine headaches,  and especially since
Brain Aneurysm's run in the family.
That is truly a relief to all of us,  she is
such a sweetie.  
If you feel so lead please pray the Dr.
will be able to find a way to help her 
with these Migraine headaches.
I am thankful
for the nice emails that Jimmy has
gotten from people at work,  particularly
one from the fellow that had to lay him off.
It was very supportive, encouraging, 
heartfelt,  and reassuring.  I know it had
to make him feel great!
I am thankful
that he was able to get the car fixed
and that it was just the battery,  and
that we had the $$ to buy the battery.
I am thankful
that Dee was not hurt in anyway 
yesterday morning because someone
rear-ended her car for the 6th or 7th time.
Seriously,  it has been that many times 
maybe even more.  It is like this girl has
a bulleyes on her car!!
Fortunately,  he just tapped her, cause
he was in a big Ford F-10.  Hate to think
if he had been going any rate of speed
what could have happened.
Thank the Lord for his protection.
I am thankful
for all the rain we have been getting
 this week.  We have been praying for a dear 
 friend  who lives in an area where the water is
 terribly expensive and her lawn is dying from 
lack of water,  and they are on water restrictions
 and she could get a ticket if she waters more.
She is no longer married,  and has just been 
thru such a horrible time in the last 4 years, and
 has redone that area of her yard at least 3 times
 now, and it has been doing so well, up until now.
Can't imagine how frustrated she must be.
  Yea! It is getting ready to pour again,  I can 
hear it blowing and see the dark clouds.  
Actually it is now pouring,  sure hope it is
 raining at her house too!!
I am thankful
for new, fast and easy recipes.  They get my
creative juices flowing and get me in the mood 
to cook,  when I need some inspiration.

We are having one tonight.  You take an egg-
plant and cut it into slices, then marinate it
 in light Italian salad dressing and then grill
 Since it is still raining I will probably  need to
roast mine in the oven,  but I have decided I will 
add some panko crumbs to the top and broil
 them.  Am hoping for the taste of eggplant
parm,  since I will be serving it with 
spaghetti pie!  Ummm I can hardly wait.
I will let you know how it turns out!!
I am thankful
 that the police have finally got the guy in
custody that was involved in the disappearance 
of that 18 yrs old, christian girl from
 Alabama, that was in Aruba for her grad trip, 
Natalie Holloway.  Maybe we will
 soon see justice served!!  
Well Folks,  that would be my list
for this week.
Hope you have a great Friday!

Blessings and Hugs,

So what are you thankful for???


Bonnie said...

I am so thankful that Jimmy is getting work and that there are such good feelings between him and his past employer. I am thankful your family is close by and that your car repair was so gentle on your budget. I am thankful that Becky has three other daughters at home while Sam is getting settled in TN. Oh I do so feel the pain for her. It is so hard and I am thankful for her abiding faith in the Savior. She will survive!

I am thankful that I have most of today to get my Sunday lesson in order. I am thankful for only 25 more days of getting up at 4:00 am. We have been living on Eastern Time for 10 years. I could go on and on about my gratitude to a Father in Heaven that hears and answers our prayers. It is an endless list of blessings for which we should all be thankful!

Have a great rainy day, Nel! I hope you get everything you pray for today!

Love, B

BECKY said...

Hi Gal! I am thankful for Sam's safe arrival in Tennessee! I'm thankful that the Lord has blessed me with JOY as I have sought Him!
I am thankful for the rain, too!

I am sooo thankful that Jim has work and the Lord is providing!! I am thankful that Jim has YOU!! I know you are a constant source of strength and encouragement for him! He is a blessed man indeed!

Love you! Have a great day, my dear friend!!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Nellie, As always I so enjoy reading all of your Thankful Thursday post. I am thrilled that things are so looking up for your dh, God is so great. And to have such a supportive group of men, makes it even better. We will continue to pray for God to have the right position and place for him.
Thank you for coming by today and for your sweet thoughts about blogging, I am truly thankful for you and for your testimony here in blogland.
Enjoy your weekend, Lauren goes home tomorrow, please pray as we will have to get adjusted to not having her here.

Sister Susie said...

I am so thankful for our Almighty God. It is so humbling to me that He lets me call Him Father!

#1. Thank You, Father that Jim has a group of men he may consult with!
#2. Thank You, Father that Your Holy Spirit is so much Greater when Your people come together to pray in Your Holy Name.
#3. Thank You, Father for such a wonderful, loving niece who loves her mom!
#4. Thank You, Father for family!!!!
#5. Thank You, Father for your gift of animals that you have blessed each individual person with. You created them just for us!
#6. Thank You, Father we may ask You, believeing and it will be answered. I ask in Your Holy Name to bless Scott's sweetheart to not have the genetics to bring about any brain aneurysms.
#7. Thank You, Father that Your Spirit moves others to share their deep concerns of friendship with Jim.
#8. Thank You, Father that You keep Jim and Nellie's cars going without expensive upkeep.
#9. Thank You, Father that You guide, protect, and lead us to You in things that happen. I pray for DeeAnna to see the LORD's protection on her in every event in her day.
#10. Thank You, Father that You bless our hearts so much to pray and see Your blessings come to pass. May we always be in prayer for others and be blessed at Your answers for them.
#11. Thank You, Father for your provision of what we eat, drink, and where we are to lay our heads! You have promised us Your blessings in these areas when we put You first in our lives.
#12. Thank You, Father for Your guidance on our polce. Thank You, Father that many are given another chance to see the Truth You bring in the Commandments You have given to man. I pray this young man will realize You and Your Holiness and realize Your punishment of rejecting Salvation is worse than anything man can do to another; and Your judgment is Everlasting!

Thank You, Father that a thousand years is as a day in Your timing. How fast the seconds must be fleeting!!!

I love you all, Nellie!