Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,
Well,  it is Tuesday but it feels more like a
 Monday to me, and bet it does to you too!!
Hope you are having a good Monday Tuesday
thus far.  It is hot as blue blazes here,  but a truly
beautiful and sunny day,  just as long as I can stay
inside,  that works for me!!  lol
Hubby is out working on our car but fortunately,
it is under a tree and the breeze is blowing so it
isn't too bad.  Hopefully,  it will be an easy fix, 
 it is something with the battery, at least that is
what we think at this point.  So we will see,  it
might mean a new battery.
Then yesterday we noticed a leak under our
sink.  We think it is coming from the disposal.
So we have a bowl under it cause it is just a
tiny leak for now.  We have just learned to
laugh at this stuff because the enemy will
do just about anything to discourage and 
put fear on you!!  He is so unrelenting,  but
greater is He who is in us,  than He who is
in the world!!  God is faithful to sustain us.
We had a very nice weekend.  I am trying
to remember what we did exactly.  I swanee,
I am so forgetful I can hardly remember what
I had for breakfast some days.
Oh yea,  we watched a movie twice,  we are
really doing that a lot lately!! lol  I never used
to watch a movie twice unless it was really
 good, course, I guess we have seen some
really good and heart warming movies lately.
We watched "The secrets of Jonathan Sperry"
and we both just loved it!!  Made me cry,
and reminded me a lot of some things from 
my childhood.  Good memories,  but a
 sad one too!!
The good one was that the house one of the
characters lived in reminded me, of the
 christian neighbors house that I grew up
 next door to, and spent sooo much time 
at their home.  They had a daughter my
 age,  and we became fast friends when
I moved there at age 6  until I was 17 yrs.
old and moved away.  That family made
a huge impact on my life and they are the
reason I am a Christian today!!
I want tell you the sad one,  cause it will
give away some of the movie,  but if you
watch it, come back and ask me and I will
tell you!!
If you haven't seen it I highly recommend
it .........it is very inspirational.
Sunday we went to Sunday School and Church 
as usual,  then got our Chocolate Elvis and
came home and had lunch, read the paper,
took a nappy,  and then read some blogs
and went back to church to hear a Youth
Pastor candidate that is visiting this week
end.  We really liked him a lot and the neat
thing is his wife used to attend our church
when she was a young girl.  It was so great
to see her again,  and her hubby has such
a neat heart and passion for God.
That is always inspiring!!
Monday the whole family came over for
a cookout in the afternoon.  We had the
usual picnic fare,  Hamburgers and hotdogs,
baked beans, potato salad, veggie plate,
pasta salad, watermelon, chips and salsa,
 brownies, choc. chip cookies
and a lemon pound cake.
The food was Nummy Tummy and we all
had a great time together.  Scott and Megan
had given me the game "Cranium" for my
birthday,  but we haven't gotten to play it
yet,  so last night was the night.  
It was a lil slow to start as any new game
is when you first start to play it,  but as
we went on it was a fun game.  It has a
lot of different things you do so it doesn't
get boring like some games. Sometimes
they have you drawing,  sometimes hum-
ming or whistling,  sometimes making 
something from modeling clay,  sometimes
acting like in charades, sometimes draw-
ing with your eyes closed.  Too funny!
A good time was had by all!!
I have to tell you something neat that
happened today.... hubby has been doing
really well already,  but this morning
he said,  it is strange but for some
 reason I just feel like celebrating!!
How cool is that!
God is sooooooooo Good,  cause any
man can tell you that is not a typical
response for a unemployed man who
love love loves his job!!
He just told me, we need a new battery for
the car,  so Walmart here we come!! lol
Just got off the exercise bike an figured
I had better come finish this.
Oh yea,we also got to keep our lil sweetheart
Rosie,  over the weekend,  and Dee let us
 keep her for a few more days.  That is 
always such a joy for us.  lol
Guess that is all our news for today
Hope you all have a lovely and peaceful
evening with your family.
Hugs and Blessings Galore,


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! It's funny, our faucet was leaking back in NOVEMBER. But only when you used the cold water. So hubby turned off the cold water, tried to fix it and then left the country. So I've been dealing with only having hot water in the kitchen for months now. I really need to get someone over to fix it! And my A/C in my car is acting funny. Really need to get that fixed also. Cannot stand driving in the car and the A/C suddenly decides to stop blowing.

Glad your hubby was able to determine what's wrong with your car! Enjoy!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like you had a nice quiet weekend except for yesterday when you had the cook-out, but that was fun busyness! We didn't even do that we just did some more work. Our yard is going to be so awesome soon and then we are taking off for Utah for a few weeks. Kinda dumb really but we have to go and help the kids so we are! Jen needs ramps built for Hazie's little wheelchair so Grampa will be plenty busy with that I am going to let the kids ricochet off of me for awhile so Jen can rest up.

Poor Jim came home feeling like he had received my gift...the cold. We tried to be so careful but you know how it goes.

So neat that your Jim felt like celebrating! s Christians we should be and are the happiest of all people. Even when things get tough we always have that hope in Christ which is so comforting and good.

Well, I must run down to church for a minute so I better fly. Talk to you soon!

♥ B

Jennifer said...

Such a great update - sounds like a great weekend! And the food was Nummy Tummy??or something like that - that's a new one on me?!? So glad things are happy...your posts always make me smile!! Love your spirit! Happy Tuesday to you, too!

Beth said...

Nellie, Sounds like you had a fun holiday weekend. I sure do admire you; you are such a positive, inspirational person! So glad for your walk of faith and testimony!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Nellie, Enjoyed reading about your weekend, and how well you both are taking the mishaps in stride. Just blesses me so much. We had a leak in our hot water a couple of weeks ago and had to have it replaced, I was so thankful I found it before it did some real floor damage.
Thanks for sharing the review on the movie, I will check it out.
Enjoy your day.

Jennifer said...

Its Happy Wednesday, friend! Hope yours is going great:) (PS - I love how in your bio you refer to yourself as a "seasoned wife"...just too cute!) Hugs - Jennifer

Sister Susie said...

Yes, what a great time we had! I'm just getting ready to go and eat some more of that potato salad! You mentioned getting a chocolate Elvis, it reminded me that one of the other kindergartner teacher's has an Asian boy in her class named Elvis. He wears a diamond earring. He is one sweet boy!
I love you all,