Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - June 10, 2010

Greetings Sweet Encouragers,
How has your week been going??
Hope today finds you well, 
hopeful, and thankful!!
Can't believe it is Thursday again 
already!  I am telling you these days
 are just clicking off at a rapid pace.
Do you feel that way too?? 
 or is it just me??
Welcome to Thankful Thursday!
We have been spending a lot of time working
in the yard this week so guess my 

I am thankful
 would be for all the work we are getting done
around here in the yard.  It is looking better
all the time and we are enjoying working
out there together.

I am thankful 
for the pastor that I found in Jacksonville that was
 more than happy to go see my neighbor Deanna
 and her daughter Aly at the hospital.  What a sweet,
warm and friendly man he is,  and it was interesting
 that he has actually been in that same Rehab hospital.
The Lord knew just what Pastor to pick.
I am thankful
for my Drs. and for all the medical community
that takes care of us and help us.  I do not 
know how they do what they do sometimes,
but I am so thankful they do.  I think so many
times of our emergency workers and the 
awful things they have to see and deal with
and my hat is so off to them,  they are truly
unsung heros.
I am thankful
our daughter Dee came by unexpectedly
just to hang out and talk awhile.
She really cracks us up sometimes.
She is also the reason my post is so late,
it was pretty much ready, but forgot
 to post it before she came.
Her visit trumped my #4 thankful I
had before!! lol

(Lil cardinal sitting on our lattice fence)
I am thankful
that God is keeping our minds stayed
on Him,  which like the bible says
keeps us in perfect peace,  so that
we are able to really enjoy this time.
I am thankful
to have heard from my friend Diane that I
 have been friends with for over 38 years.
 It has been about a year since we have
 been in touch. She used to email from work
 but went home to babysit her grandchildren
 and hasn't had email until now,  so what a
sweet surprise to find an email from her.

(If you click on the pic and look closely you will see the
 hubby watching vigil over his wifey as she is bathing)
I am thankful
that I know who holds my future.  I have
no idea what the future holds,  but I do 
know that God holds my future and that 
He is trustworthy!
I am thankful
for Tilapia,  a mild fish that is reasonably priced.
  I am really not a big fish eater and it is not the best
 fish to eat heart healthy wise (heart healthy fish is
 salmon, sardines and anchovies,  of which I like none)
 but it beats eating beef and I can say
 I really like it!!  lol
I am thankful
for these delicious crackers we found at Sams
on Tuesday.  Our friends told us about them
last Sunday,  and they are absolutely delish.
And Heather if you are reading they are
gluten free. 

I am thankful
for all our lil woodland friends that visit
our backyard as they bring us so much
enjoyment and fun watching them.

(Sweet lil squirrel eating something, probably a mushroom)
I am thankful
that I don't go to bed every night  wondering 
if I will have food to eat tomorrow.  There are
 many in our world who do.........I am reminded 
of a story I read about starving children that
were put into an orphanage and were having
 trouble sleeping until someone had the idea
to give them a piece of bread to hold before
 they went to sleep,  and that cured their
sleeping  problem. They could  finally go
 to sleep without worry of having no food
 the next day. We are all so blessed!!
 I am thankful
for our cars that get us to where ever we
need to go.  We could have to walk, ride
a bike or the bus, or find a ride with 
someone. Again I repeat .....
we are all so blessed!!
Being grateful has a way
 of keeping us Happy!!
Please Bless us all
by sharing something you
are thankful for this day!!
Love, blessings and hugs


Jennifer said...

Great list - doesn't it just feel good to "stop and count our many blessings...and name them one by one"!??! Thankful Thursday is a blessing. Hope your Friday is just as nice:)

Jacquelyn Stager said...

I just love your thankful heart, Nellie! I will be thinking of things today to be thankful for as well. At the top of the list is my precious grandchildren. I just continue to be so amazed at how much joy they bring to my life. Just when gravity starts to take over our formerly youthful looking bodies, aches and pains seem like a daily companion, and energy wanes, God blessed me in such an unexpected way with these four grandchildren, all 4 & under. It's the little moments ("Grandma, I can pray all by myself now") that just delight me over and over. Your turn is coming!! -- sorry to go on and on ... How is the job search coming along? I'm praying for you guys. Also continuing to hold your former neighbor and her daughter in my prayers. How wonderful you found a pastor to visit them!

Janet said...


What a great post. It helps to remind me to focus on the Lord.
Thanks for visiting my BLOG and all the encouragement you give me.
Have a good weekend!

Diana said...

What a great "thankful" list. I so enjoyed reading it. Have a good weekend.

Sister Susie said...

Sorry, I haven't been around as often as I usually am. I've been "wiped out" by my "gift" of the flu from the kids on the last day; coupled with my body crashing from letting go of the "stress train," ha!

#1. Should I dare say I'm thankful for the yard work I have to do, ha. As well as the house work so I can call West Pest to come and do their check, along with Mid-Florida to do their AC check.
#2. I am so thankful Aly has spiritual guidance from this pastor. I have been in prayer for her daily.
#3. I am so thankful for Dr. Quinn. I don't know what I'd do if he retires! I have to make an appointment with him for my yearly exam.
#4. Mom made it easy for me to visit with her, ha!
#5. I have my mind on my LORD every second I can. I'm so thankful the Holy Spirit prompts me throughout the day all day long!
#6. I know what you mean. Crystal Sutton (now married) e-mails me all of the time, as I do her. I've known her since 1967! Praise the LORD she and her husband are strong Christians.
#7. I believe this time in my life as I grow older, the LORD draws nearer to me than ever before. I can't thank the Holy Spirit enough for this awesome experience in my life. The Lord does have a personal relationship in my heart and mind. There is no explanation to those who do not know God, they can't understand until they come to His Wonderful Salvation!
#8. I had Publix bake my catfish and cook my shrimp yesterday! I will have some more of it today. I also cooked up a big pot of turnip greens yesterday. So I will get my greens for the next 5 days, ha!
#9. Is "CrunchMaster" Sam's brand?
#10. I have been seeing rabbits when I leave in the mornings. I hope one of them is my "little Bunny." Since he/she was a wild baby, I let him/her go in the winter after he/she had grown some.
#11. "Worry not what ye shall eat, drink, where you shall sleep" God's Word tells us. Full trust, God I give you my full trust.
#12. All of what we have is given to us from the LORD. I can't thank Him enough for the abundance He has given to me.
I love you all very much,

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I'm thankful for the storm we're having this afternoon.. It is after all just Rain. For me theres a major lesson in Rain that I am so grateful for. If it rains on our outdoor party we're upset, but if it rains on our garden, we're Happy.. Its all our perscpective , isn it? becuase its always just Rain and only our feeling about it changes..
I;m grateful to be able to come here to your blog and fins you've written words that assure me you are ok. Its odd how being here makes me feel AT HOME sorta and Safe.. Maybe its all the love you give so freely in your words and through your spirit.. as always , I am grateful for you , my friend...

Have a wonderful weekend.. I am sending you and yours love and light and all good thoughts.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love your thankful posts! Always makes me see my day as it should be, thankful for everything. I love laying in bed at night and just thanking the Lord for everything He has blessed us with! Love your garden pictures, especially the little red cardinal!

And most importantly I'm thankful for your friendship!!! Thank you for always leaving me wonderful comments that inspire me to just take one day at a time!!!

Bonnie said...

What a great list. I am glad your neighbor has been put in touch with a pastor who can empathize having been there. How is Ali doing now?

I love that we are getting all our outside stuff done too. It is a good feeling.

When I saw that photo of your bird watching his wife bathing my first thought was..."Ah a peeping peeper." I am so weird, I know! Hopefully all of your normal friends will not be coming back to read this comment!

Love you...B