Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Monday to You!!

Happy Monday Sweet Friends,
So how was your weekend???
Full of good things I hope......
We had a very nice weekend.  We started off
by watching some planet Earth videos for
the 2nd time.  The kids gave them to Jimmy
for this birthday or Father's day last year.
They are so fascinating!!
Saturday we went to a  graduation party and
 saw a lot of people we have known for years but 
don't get to see all that often,  so that was fun! 
 and of course,  there was great food as well.  Yum!!
 Tried to go to another one  for  2 lil gals from our 
church but it was held at a Park and we couldn't
 get in because there was not enough parking
 spaces and there was a long line waiting to go
 in,  so we thought,  oh well,  we tried!!
After we left the party we ran errands and
had a fun rest of the day.  We made a day
out of it,  and it was good to get out of 
house for a while.
Sunday we went to church as usual,  and
then some friends wanted to take us out
to lunch at Chili's.  That was a very
sweet and fun surprise,  and we had a
very nice time. Came home and tried to
read the paper but kept falling asleep,
so gave it up and took a nap. When I 
got up I was able to call my neighbor
 who has the daughter  in the hospital,
that I told you about in Sundays post.  
Was able to find her brothers cell phone
 number,  so got her number from him 
There has been some slight improve-
ment,  but Aly has a long road ahead.
She has already had 3 surgeries, and  
they are suppose to transfer her to the
 Shriner's hospital in Pa. sometime this 
month.  They know no one in Jacksonville
 or in Pa. Deanna is just living at the
 hospital with her,  she has had to give
 up her job as well.
I am gonna see if I can get ahold of
a Pastor from one of our churches up
in that area to maybe see if they can
send someone to visit them at least.
We worked outside bright and early
this morning, from 8- 11:30. Mowing and all,
 cause it has been raining in the afternoons.
So it is all done and looks beautifully green
 and lush because of all the rain lately.
We also did a few other lil projects that
we have been wanting to do,  like drill
a hole in a big pot so we could wrap the
hose in it,  looks so much nicer.
Also, moved a lil tree that is in a pot,
 by our front door,  but had to find a
saucer to put under it first so it didn't
make a big mess on the porch everytime
I water it.  So liked that too.
Put a new hose out we had bought about
a month ago that is guaranteed not to
kink!!  We tried it out and so far so good.
I am so glad the other one finally went,
cause it was a pain in the neck.  lol
Weeded the flower bed around the mailbox
 and cleaned it up so I can paint the post
 tonight or sometime this week.
Then we came in and had a nice lil
lunch of leftover pizza and salad,  cause 
we definitely worked up an appetite!!
Took showers and now we are chilling!!  lol
Hubby said now I know why retired
people's places always look so perfect
and nice!!  lol   and I said yea, they
have plenty of time to do whatever
they want, nice huh!!  He said yea it is!!
Well,  tomorrow I have a Dr. appt. for my
annual physical!!   I just can't wait!!  lol
That was facetious, you know!!  
But we must do these things,  actually,
I would rather be drug behind a bus!! lol
Just Kidding!! 
That is definitely a lil overstated!! lol
Really,  I am thankful I can go, 
  that was my ugly alter ego
Ellie talking!!  lol
Well,  Sweetie Pies,
thanks for praying for Aly and her Mom,
I told her yall were praying and she was
so happy to hear that.
Hope you have a lovely evening and
rest of the day!!
Blessings Galore,


NanaNor's said...

Dear Nellie, As always I am so blessed by your posts(even when I don't comment)-you are certainly one busy girl. You made me tired just reading everything you've been doing lately. What a sweetie you are to try to get some folks in to visit with Aly and her mom...I'll keep them in prayer.
Hugs to you today.

sistersusiesays said...

I don't know if I'm ready to retire from education or not! It seems there's more work around the house and yard than working at school, lol!

One more day. Looking around the school today, I noticed I'm not the only one "dragging from tiredness!" Ha! We had a lot of fun today! Tomorrow is more fun with pizza too!

I'm keeping Aly in my prayers for God's Miracle to be done in her as a testimony of our Almighty God.

I love you all,

Jennifer said...

Happy Monday to you, too - sweet friend. Sounds like a busy weekend....hope your week is just as productive:) Always love your updates!

Janet said...


I am a little behind on my comments so please forgive me.
I am praying for Aly.
Sounds like you are full of energy and get alot done.
I hope all is well with your physical.
Blessings & Hugs