Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - late Christmas table

Hi Sweet Friends,

This is sort of a late Christmas table and I wasn't going
to share it but then I saw the pictures and thought......
why not!!  With a few changes it could look like
a Valentines or any dinner table really.

I wanted you to see this shot because this is the
actual color of the tablecloth,  for some strange
reason this tablecloth will just not photograph well,
as you will see in the other pictures.

These were actually paper goods that were
left over from my daughters Graduation
Party 2 yrs. ago,  so thought I might as well
use them,  so did for an improptu family dinner.

I love Amarillo's anyway,  but these were the only
 Plates I could find that would look nice with our
Christmas decorations as well.  Since her Graduation
was about 4-5 days before Christmas.
They were sold at Target as Christmas Ware.

They probably would not have been my choice,
but I actually wound up loving them!!

Had to come up with a quick centerpc,  so pulled thes
Amarillos out of an arrangement I have in the computer room,
and wrapped some ribbon around it,  then happened to have
just upwrapped a gift from a friend so stuck this glittery
tissue paper with one of the decorative napkins under it 
cause it looked better than on the green. then threw in
a few +mas bulbs and candles and was good to go!!

Unfortunately,  the glitter paper doesn't show up all
that well in the picutres.

I love the napkins.  I like that look of writing 
in the background, and if you look closely
you can see the french  word Joyeux.

A shot from above!

 A candle shot!!

 From the end of the table

With a posterized affect!

Just goes to show you can have a pretty table 
even if you don't have china,  and it is nice
and easy clean up as well!
Which is really nice every now and then!

 I thought it still looked elegant enough to use stemware.

This has a posterized affect as well.

From the other end of the table.

 This has a lighting affect!

I think this could make a nice Valentines Days table
if you got rid of the Christmas balls,  and the green 
tablecloth.  You could use red hearts instead,
and a red, white or creme tablecloth.  No one
 takes the time to read the writing on the napkin 
anyway!!  Accept Me as I am decorating!!  lol
 And you could use a Love sign instead of the
Joy sign!  but the Joy sign could work too!

Well,  those are my humble opinions!!  lol

Hope you enjoyed your visit.... 

Thank for coming by...................
and for all your sweet comments.

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Blessings and Hugs,


  1. I love it when a tablescape comes from items you have around the house, pulled together in an interesting way! That last picture is really caught just the right shot!

  2. Wonderful colors, and I could be beautifully adapted for Valentines Day. The Amaryllis are such a treasure. I love them! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  3. Nellie, this was such a pretty Christmas table, and you are absolutely right... it could easily be ussed for Valentine's Day. I, too, love the French napkins. They were so pretty. And the flowers are the perfect winter flower, too.

    I hope you will join me in a drawing I'm having on my blog. I forgot to mention it in the linky, but I think it will be fun and hope you'll join in.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  4. I love your table and isn't it great when it is time to clean up. Everything matches so well and love your quick idea of the centerpiece. Now a days there are so incredible paper plates out there, on Christmas morning I used Spode Christmas tree paper plates. The table looked so pretty.

  5. That is just lovely. So creative. I happen to have a love of paper plates that are different so I really enjoyed seeing your setting.

  6. Ahhhh...I love to celebrate as well.
    Here's to the many surprises GOD must have in store for us!
    Blessings and HUGS~

  7. Your table turned out great. I love the centerpiece you came up with. This table would work for Valentine's or even for any other occasion. Great that you could use what you had.

  8. Nellie

    Very pretty table. I can see where you could use it for Valentines day too which is right around the corner. I love the centerpiece...very creative.

    Have a great week!

    Blessings & Hugs

  9. I just love the plates and napkins and coasters and flowers and mints...It's great! Soooo pretty!
    I love you all so very much,

  10. Love that pretty pattern -- I used paper plates in my tablescape this week as well.

  11. It's taking me a while to get around to all those pretty tables on the porch.

    I love the pattern that you used to inspire this. I like to go to a local party/paper supply store and look at all the wonderful patterns. You are SO RIGHT that it doesn't require china to make a lovely table.

    So pretty!!!


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