Monday, October 8, 2012

What is a gazelle? Besides an animal, You asked!!

Hello Sweet Friends,

Happy Monday to you!! 
 Hope you had a great weekend
 full of  life's blessings!!

Ours was ....... played a lot of wii tennis, 
watched a movie that turned out to be a play, 
and I like plays... but was expecting a movie, 
 it was okay! Just not what we were expecting,
 and we kept falling asleep anyway!! lol 
Went to a ladies get together at my church on
 Saturday, Sunday School and church on Sunday,
then for Yomii yogurt, tried a new flavor "Mango
Tango",  very refreshing!  took a short nap, and
we went over to Dee and Jerry's in the late
afternoon, and she did my hair as we visited,
and hubbies talked and watched a movie.
It is always a fun time for me anytime I 
get to see my kids.............

Well, I was suppose to post this last Monday
and forgot all about it, but downloaded some
pics a bit ago and realized oh yea, you sort
of forgot about that!  So anyway, Here they
are better late than never.  Just for you

The header picture is our "Gazelle",  and it
is for exercising as I am sure you might
 have guessed but just didn't know what
it looked like or maybe you

Sorry for this really bad pic, 
 but too lazy to take another one!  

These are the peddles for your feet.
It is sort of like an elliptical I guess you could
say, but think it came out way before they did.

so once you put your feet to the peddle
then you put your arms to the metal
Sorry....just couldn't resist!  lol

Anyway, you just put your hands on the
 upper handle bars and start swinging
 those arms and legs.

As hopefully you can tell from my lovely
demonstration, lol, that your legs and arms
are opposite of one another as you swing
back and forth on it.  It really gives a 
pretty good aerobic workout.

We use it about 1 or twice a week, and
we try to vary our routine daily so we don't 
get bored. So one day we will do the gazelle, 
then the next an aerobic video (we have a 
number of those that we rotate as well), then
 a stationary bike, and now we have something 
else called Wii walk it out too.  So all that
keeps us pretty active, and the gazelle and
bike we can do while we watch a movie, which
 makes it go by quickly and painlessly!  lol
and we really like that!!  

We try to exercise 4-5 times a week,for 30 mins,
and if we get behind we will double up and do
a 45 min or 1 hr. session if need be.  Has been
working great for us for almost 7 years now.
Since hubby had his initial heart problems,and
we feel the Lord has really used it to bring a lot
of healing to his heart problems.  Cause he
really feels better than he did years ago.

Well, there you have it folks,  The Gazelle...

It is a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say!
We wore our first one out,  so we are working
on our 2nd one now,  so we highly recommend

Thanks for stoppin' by,
look forward to hearing from ya.

Lord willing will see ya tomorrow
 for TableTop Tuesday!

Hugs and
Sweet Exercise Blessings,


  1. Hey Nellie, Thank you so much for explaining this and the photos. I've never used an elliptical before but have seen them at my gym. I took about 5 mos off because I'd rather exercise outside than in but will be starting back in Dec. so will try it-thanks for demonstrating it.
    Glad you had a great weekend. Have a wonderful warm week dear friend.

  2. Hey, Nellie, you look good on your gazelle! I imagine it is much easier to "ride" than the animal, ha! I wouldn't be able to use it due to my left knee being so bad.

    I had a doctor appt. this morning for my yearly physical. I told him about my knee so he had an x-ray panel done. He said, "You must have a high tolerance for pain!" Long story short, I have a bad case of arthritis in my knee. He was going to recomend me to a doctor, but I said I'd be okay for now. So, he gave me an application for a parking permit which I got this morning.

    I think unconsciously that's why I didn't go out anywhere more than I had to because of my knee. Thank the LORD, it will be easier now!
    Gazelle for me! Susan

  3. Dear Nellie,
    I am new to your blog. I enjoyed the explanation of the gazelle.
    I like the feet in the peddle and the arms to the metal part. I wouldn't be able to resist either.
    It is good to try to keep fit, as much as possible anyway.
    I hope that you will visit my blog too. Thank you and blessings, Catherine xo


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