Monday, October 29, 2012

Table Top Tuesday- White living room dressed for Fall, Part 2

Happy Monday
Sweet Friends,

Hope your Monday is going well,  
and that you had a nice weekend,
course,  I know some of you live in 
the Hurricane area,  so you are
 probably busy getting ready for 
the storm. Know we are 
concerned and praying for you. 

We had a very nice weekend,  the weather
was wonderful because of the hurricane, off shore
of course, but it gave us nice cool breezy weather
here in Florida.  So we were able to go out walking
and not sweat to death!  lol  This morning we were
 51 degrees............Glory!   Am Loving It!!

Well, I am linking up to Marty over at 
a stroll thru life for Table Top Tuesday,
So if you want to see some inspiration

Well, this is part 2 of our white living room all dressed
up for Fall.   Hope you enjoy it........................

These first pics are all from my double etagere shelves.
The yellow roses in the basket are roses from my bouquet
from  Scott and Megan's wedding.  I added this subway
print over a picture with a pc. of ribbon.  Someone in
blogland made this poster last year for anyone to copy
and use,  and I really like it very much,  but for the life
 of me,  I can't remember who it was............So if it was you 
please let me know, so I can give credit where credit is due.

Have never had Beaureguard (My Rooster) in the living room
before, so this was a fun addition.

Used my new sign here.  

Letters from an old boggle game,  this shelf has
what you see here and pictures of  our Mom's
who are now home with the Lord.

Only got part of this shelf cause it was high and I needed
a chair...........too lazy to get one, so this is all you get!!  lol

Fun lil statue from my daughter I think it was,
and she looks like my neice when she was little,
  so just added some pinecones to make her a bit 
more festive.........

Moved my round table into the family room so had
to find a new replacement,  so used an extra chair
and just swagged it with a tablecloth and added
the other embellishements.

Same pic with Posterized affect

I added a lil starfish here too!

 Which reminds me,  if you missed last
weeks Part l and would like to see it,

 Love these mirror reflections!

They are of the living room, which you
saw some of last week.

This makes the room reversed,  so the white table 
on the left is really on the right.

This is  another shelf across from where the chair sits.

Well, that's all folks,
as porky would say!!

Am also linking up to Becky
for Blissful Whites Wednesday,
if you want to see lots of calming
and pretty whites,  Just click here!

Thanks for stopping by,

Have a Great Day!

Now.... go be light to someone!!

Hugs, and Fall Blessings,


  1. Hi Nellie
    I really like your shelf and the lit candles! I've been lighting them too as the weather has cooled off! Thank you Lord!


  2. I love every pretty detail of it..

    white is such a soothing color.. maybe thats why angels have white wings:)

    the light and love of the Lord is white and I hope it glows brightly on you today and everyday, I hope it beams on all of us..


  3. I'll have to see the pictures of our mom's the next time I come! I just loved your pictures of the mirror reflections! That is great!

    All of the white reminds me of the 3 foot of snow hurrican Sandy brought to the northeast! I pray for them all! I pray there are no more deaths because of it! Love to you all, Susan.

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by!
    I've enjoyed peeking in your home all dressed up for fall ~ love the reflections in the mirror!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Your living room is lovely, Nellie. I like the whites. Nice to see your Thankful Thursday post too - imagine you are at this very moment thinking about what you'll write for tomorrow's T.T. You really do express gratitude for simple pleasures. I appreciate that, and You!

  6. Hi Sweetie! Love your whites...even prettier in person!And love that subway sign too! Great way to hang it!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Blissful Whites Wednesday!

  7. Love the white, and the brown, so pretty. The pic with the pear is like a magazine cover. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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